Transform Supply Chain Operations with Mobile Device Management for Logistics

  • December 29, 2017
Manage devices in supply chain & logistics
Mobile Device Management in Logistics

The supply chain & logistics industry involves continuous mobility. Every day, this industry witnessed a massive movement of people and packages by air, sea, and road- from one location to another. Thus, for an industry that is on a constant move, mobile devices and apps are an obvious choice with the potential to play an impactful role in ensuring consistent, real-time, and seamless information flow and collaboration.

It is highly apparent that the entry of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices has brought about a revolutionary change in the operational efficiency of the logistics industry. On top of that, with the help of Mobile Device Management for logistics solutions, different types of mobile devices and technologies like Mobile Warehouse Management Solutions, Mobile Asset Tracking Solutions, and Mobile Fleet Management Solutions are helping logistics companies perform every small job from tracking assets and shipments to the execution of processes and dealing with vendors. The solutions for mobile device management for logistics assure to maximize the ROI and bring in an exponential increase in the productivity and growth of the logistics and supply chain enterprises.

It is important to note that the need for effective mobile device management in Supply Chain & Logistics applications is different from that in other sectors like sales force management or market research. There needs to be a high level of standardization in the solution to ensure consistent user and operational experience across multiple locations, offices, and a large workforce

Need for an MDM in logistics and supply chain management

One of the core uses of MDM solutions is to monitor a mobile device and its activities. It also needs to support ELDs and other Logbook Apps which are highly critical for the logistics industry in order to stay compliant with the regulatory requirements.

  • Effective Warehouse Management

The different types of mobile devices that are used in warehouses are a key factor in keeping the employees in the warehouse active and well informed. Be its handheld devices, barcode printers or scanners, or vehicle-mounted devices. With the use of the latest technologies, mobile solutions encompass the entire warehouse-based processes providing stakeholders with information, anytime, anywhere, in any format. For managing these devices by and large, an MDM solution is imperative. 

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  • Efficient Value Chain

The entire device inventory can be tracked and monitored with high efficiency using an MDM solution. The supply chain and logistics companies can leverage the capabilities of MDM for logistics and ensure optimum profitability. This contributes to the entire enterprise in raising the value chain right from the worker to the management.

  • Faster Transit Time

With a comprehensive kiosk lockdown solution, each functional process can be sped up. With direct communication between departments and tracking of vehicles, thorough planning of end-to-end activities is possible with the instant availability of information to quicken the overall transit time.

  • Cost Optimization

By ensuring that the devices are used strictly for business purposes, enterprises can save on data costs, improve operational efficiency and reduce employee distractions which helps in saving the overall costs. With stringent policies, complying with regulations and mandates can be easy and any costs and liabilities towards the same can also be eliminated.

Scalefusion MDM for Logistics: Key Benefits

Scalefusion mobile device management for logistics monitors and secures thousands of mobile devices, provides insightful data facilitating companies to more effectively manage applications, secure content, enables content management to keep the remote workforce informed and engaged, tracks device usage by geo-location, and ensures access to authorized users only. Using Scalefusion mobile device management for logistics will help you manage, monitor, secure your mobile devices remotely.

Let’s learn about the key offerings of Scalefusion MDM for logistics

  • Remote Management & Support

IT admins can remotely monitor, manage, and diverse devices such as Android phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones, Windows 10 tablets, rugged devices, and custom devices of all the fleet drivers and remote workforce.

  • Restricted usage

IT admins can restrict the use of mobile devices to reduce driver distraction and by whitelisting websites and restricting downloads of irrelevant apps like games, music, social media, movies, videos, etc. This also helps in saving excess data costs.

  • Location & Geofencing

Using the location tracking feature of Sclefusion, IT teams can always stay on top of their device location. Further, IT admins can create geofences to set virtual boundaries on actual physical locations. Every time a device enters or leaves a geofence, the IT admin is notified. 

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  • Monitoring & Alerts

Scalefusion DeepDive helps in delivering real-time alerts on data usage, storage usage, and battery status, device health, security incidents like SIM card swap, locking & unlocking out of Scalefusion. IT admins can automate and schedule compliance checks and security alerts to stay on top of the remote device inventory. 

  • Application Management

Scalefusion App Management enables IT admins to publish business-related apps on logistic devices- from Playstore and App Store. Further, IT admins can also push private apps using the Scalefusion enterprise store.

  • Content Management

Scalefusion content management enables paperless transactions and the exchange of important documentation with the drivers and other workforces in real-time. Also, the IT admin can update, delete the files remotely and also prevent the copy and sharing of files with enhanced security settings. 

  • Security Settings

Scalefusion offers extensive security settings for DLP including restricting access to non-trusted apps and websites and enforcing a passcode policy.

  • Seamless communication

With Scalefusion Eva Communication Suite, IT admins can ensure communication, collaboration and engagement within remotely operating logistic teams. The Eva communication suite restricts the communication within the corporate network, facilitates connection over voice calls, VoIP calls, text messages, and group chats along with encrypted file sharing. 

Scalefusion intends to optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices provided to all the logistic employees while minimizing cost and downtime to improve the utilization of work resources, driving engagement and productivity while ensuring the security of corporate data and devices.

Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops, laptops and other endpoints

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.
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