EVA – A Smart Monitoring App to Manage Enterprise Mobile Devices

  • December 21, 2017

Businesses are evolving to adopt new workplace trends, such as flexible working powered by emerging technologies such as the cloud. Work is not confined to the physical boundaries of offices. Today, ‘workplace’ is redefined, as people work from home, during transit and from a location that is located far away from the office. And we all know that people love communicating through instant messaging on mobile devices. Then why not let employees communicate at work in the same way as they do in their personal lives? Mobile messengers have transformed the way of communication among the masses and hence it makes sense to adopt instant messaging on the work front as well to bring in speed, efficiency coupled with security.

With EVA Communication Suite powered by Scalefusion MDM, teams can seamlessly communicate and collaborate while the device administrators can get all the device-relevant information inside the Eva messenger.

With EVA – a team communication app, teams can communicate with each other, irrespective of their location and time-zone. It simplifies the way you communicate with your remote managers, field-force & coworkers, who are using mobile devices that are locked with Scalefusion, by removing the barrier of time & place.

Manager can manage their team even when they are on the other side of the world. EVA Communication Suite provides a secure platform to interact, communicate or connect with a remote team anytime, anywhere. The managers can not only communicate, but can also supervise the team with the help of notification about their whereabouts, status (active or inactive), real-time alerts whenever employee locks device in or out of Scalefusion, and even when the SIM card is tried to be removed or replaced…

There are many business messengers and team communication software available in the market, but EVA is different.

Communication restricted to business

Unlike other business messengers, Eva does not allow your users to add/connect with people who are not part of your organization. IT admins can publish business contact lists on the devices and block the rest by taking control of the dialer. It provides seamless communication within the existing hierarchy (Groups, Admins, and devices) which is also available in EVA. This makes it effortless to initiate a conversation between team members and makes EVA a different chat messenger from any other chat apps.

Real-time notifications

  • When managed devices are locked in or locked out of Scalefusion
  • When devices enter or exit a geofence
  • When any SIM inserted, removed or swapped
  • When incidents of device theft occur by the failed attempt of unlocking
  • Whether the devices are active or inactive

A creative interaction channel

  • Users can have your own profile image.
  • Users/admins can record and send audio notes
  • Admins/users can attach any business files such as images, documents, PDF files
  • Users/admins can insert emojis in the conversation to express yourself better

Group collaboration with Eva Channels

With Eva Channel Management, Admins can initiate group discussions with group chats and channels.
Types of Eva Channels includes:

  • Open Channel: Administrators can create any number of open channels and invite all devices to it, the device users can subscribe or unsubscribe to the channel anytime
  • Closed Channel: Administrators can create closed groups and invite unique device users to subscribe. The device users cannot unsubscribe to the channel.
  • Device Groups: The exiting device groups on the Scalefusion dashboard can subscribe or unsubscribe to the auto-created device group channels.

Using Scalefusion Eva Communication Suite, it is possible to remotely manage and monitor the devices as well as the workforce which maximizes the productivity of the entire team. Well, it is truly difficult to do justice in a blog post about how EVA can be useful to your organization, it’s potential can best be known by trying and experiencing it.

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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