How To Automate Alerts for IT Events Using Scalefusion

  • August 30, 2019
automate alerts for IT
Automate Alerts for IT

Enterprise IT teams are under a constant burden of effectively mitigating device, connectivity and security issues taking place in the organization. The larger the device inventory, the more pressure on the IT teams to manually keep a close eye on the various events that might hamper device operation, compromise data security and ultimately impact the business. 

In IT terms, an event is an incident for which an alert is triggered. If the IT team receives timely and regular alerts on IT events that can jeopardize device sanity or posses a security threat, they can take quick actions and protect the device and data security and maintain device performance.

It is important to generate receive alerts on IT events. Manually conducting compliance checks for a huge device inventory can be cumbersome. With Scalefusion, IT can not only receive prompt alerts but can also automate & schedule regular compliance checks to maintain device sanity while significantly improve IT productivity. 

Let’s see which events trigger alerts on Scalefusion and how IT teams can receive prompt alerts to handle them: 

1. Device unlocked from MDM

IT admins can configure stringent corporate policies on managed devices to ensure that they do are not able to unlock the device out of the MDM and the device is strictly used for intended purposes only. If the end-user exits the MDM profile on a managed device by cracking the password, the IT team is immediately alerted on the dashboard via Eva Notifications.

automate alerts for IT

2. Failed passcode attempts & SIM swaps

One of the major security incidents on a managed device is exiting the management. As mentioned in the first point, if the end-user attempts to exit Scalefusion management with a correct passcode, the IT team is immediately notified. But if the end-user is opting for trial and error method to exit the management profile and enters incorrect passcodes, IT teams can is instantly alerted on Eva notifications.

First, IT admins have to enable security incidents settings in the Enterprise section of the dashboard.

automate alerts for IT

Now, if there’s an attempt to exit the management with a wrong passcode, IT admin receives an instant alert on Eva Notifications.

automate alerts for IT

Furthermore, IT can see the details on the security incident. If the device has a front camera, it is activated after 3 failed passcode attempts and an image is captured along with the location of the device.

automate alerts for IT

If an intruder removes, inserts or replaces the SIM card in a managed device, a similar alert is generated in Eva notifications and the details of the security incident can be found in the Security Incident section of the dashboard.

IT admins can also automate workflow to periodically check the device groups for security incidents using Scalefusion Workflows.

3. Geo-fence entry and exit

With Scalefusion MDM, IT admins can apply geo-fences, which are virtual borders for actual geographical locations. With Eva notifications, IT admins also receive a notification whenever a device leaves or enters a geo-fence.
First, IT admins need to create geofences on the Scalefusion dashboard in the Locations & Geofencing section. Apply it on the Devices/Device Groups. 

automate alerts for IT

Every time a device enters or leaves the geofence, the IT admin is notified via Eva Notifications.

automate alerts for IT

To automate the reports of geofence compliance, IT can also automate a check using Scalefusion Workflows

4. Device Inactivity

When the managed device is connected to the internet, Scalefusion pings the device every 5 minutes to check for its activity status. This status is offered in the devices section of the dashboard and the last seen status of the device can be observed.

automate alerts for IT

With Scalefusion Workflows, IT admins can schedule a device inactivity compliance alert. The alert period can be defined while scheduling the inactivity alert.

Navigate to the Reports & Workflows section of the Scalefusion dashboard. Click on create a flow and select the inactivity duration and apply it on device groups. Every time a device is inactive for a period more than specified, an alert is sent to the IT admin on email.

automate alerts for IT

5. Device Parameters

Having a low battery on a device can affect business operations, especially if a managed device is deployed as an unattended kiosk. IT admins can schedule a battery compliance alert where in the event of device battery falling below the prescribed threshold, the device is alerted and an email is sent to the IT admin reporting the same. 

automate alerts for IT

Similarly, IT admins can schedule a compliance alert for excess data usage. IT can define a threshold value for data consumption and whenever a device uses more data than the threshold, the device, as well as the IT, is alerted.

automate alerts for IT

IT can also automate an alert for excess storage usage. Whenever a device uses more storage space than specified, the IT admin and the device receive an alert regarding the same.

automate alerts for IT

Using the capabilities of Scalefusion, IT can be alerted for any event on managed devices, helping them to drive faster actions for device security and performance. 

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Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.


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