Scalefusion Reviews – Here’s what our valuable customers have to say…

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    Customer satisfaction is one of our topmost priority and we focus on customer experience before and after the sale with excellent product features and support service. In this digital age, as we cater to different clients to different industry verticals, all customer reviews are very important. They tell us a story about each customer’s experience with our product. Other prospects who are on the lookout for a Mobile Device Management Solution, can refer to these Scalefusion reviews in their purchase decision-making process.

    Scalefusion Reviews – Here’s what our valuable customers have to say…
    Partners love Scalefusion more than us and here is why!

    Every Scalefusion review is considered prime as, some reviews motivate us, and others lead to improvement and stay competitive by continuous innovation.

    Scalefusion is trusted by 3000 plus clients, spread across 102 countries and it is continuously increasing. We take reviews on third-party websites – Capterra, G2 Crowd, Playstore to name a few.

    Here are a few of many Scalefusion reviews from our satisfied as well as encouraging clients…

    “Great service, using it as device manager for more than a year and the Scalefusion guys always help out”

    Stefanie, Operations Manager with a Food & Beverages industry is using Scalefusion for almost 2 years, she adds that customer service and the Scalefusion team’s prompt cooperation is the most winning part. “Guys from Scalefusion not only resolve all my questions immediately after asking but also go the extra mile to develop new features for us, upload things from their side for us within a specific time frame when we are in a rush and need to resolve something immediately.”

    Stefanie also writes that they are using Scalefusion for nearly 120 partners right now and they are more than satisfied, by the way, it has helped us in solving our business problem. Scalefusion is crucial for its daily operations. They are able to track the devices with their partners daily several times from the Scalefusion dashboard and get LIVE information as well as technical info which they need for any changes.

    “Scalefusion is easy to use and understand. Easy to set up. Support is great and very helpful.”

    That’s what Peter, Company owner/Administrator has to say. He also shares with us that with Scalefusion he can have full control of the devices and the possibility to push new apps to the users, broadcast messages, remote control, and publish documents. This makes Scalefusion a very flexible solution. Their company had tested a few KIOSK apps before they took the decision of going for Scalefusion. He found features & functionality excellent and carefully planned to cater to specific requirements.

    “Great Company – Great Service- Great Product”

    David uses Scalefusion for the past 2+ years and using it to lock down their tablets, over 90 in number, which is used for their payroll time clock software. “Scalefusion has worked seamlessly and never had an issue. Again, the customer service department is very prompt in addressing any issues. I sincerely recommend Scalefusion for all those businesses who are looking for a simple solution to lock down their company-owned tablets”

    “Provides highly personalized customer support, probably the best in the industry.”

    Gwen W. writes that Scalefusion is very easy to use, we receive unparalleled customer support, and makes the management of the kiosk devices extremely easy. It is the perfect solution for healthcare providers with nursing staff in field locations.

    “Incredible All-In-One Device Management Solution”

    Paul K. admires the ability of Scalefusion to continuously improve it by taking all the feedbacks constructively when the product was in its nascent stage. He further adds that “I would recommend Scalefusion to businesses who are looking forward to managing devices in a way that, honestly, nobody else does”

    Scalefusion solved their various business problems. They are now enabled to manage multiple device profiles, multiple security settings, GPS location, Geo-fencing directly from the Dashboard to any device, anywhere, any time. He says that “Having Scalefusion is not a benefit to a company that deploys devices, it’s a necessity!”

    “Reliable product with great support”

    Felix B. pens that, they are using MLP in kiosk mode on a few thousand business tablets. They could apply their own branding to the tablets, lock each one of them for exclusive use with their business apps and force these apps into the foreground. In addition to that, prevent misuse of mobile data, and get device performance metrics, such as battery levels, device location, connectivity.

    • What Felix found best in Scalefusion is that it has provided
    • An easy to use solution with enough flexibility to customize to their needs
    • Great customer support
    • Personalized account management, which has allowed them to find solutions to problems quickly and collaboratively.

    “Finally! An easy-to-use MDM Tool that WORKS!”

    Hiilei K. expressed their satisfaction by giving us an awesome review, that finally, they found an MDM tool that works for them and is easy to use. Scalefusion enabled them to

    • Track devices in real-time
    • Secure devices by restricting the devices to perform specific functions only
    • Company branding

    He has been using Scalefusion for few years and finds it very user-friendly and very impressed by our support team which is always available to assist them with any issues.

    “As an Android Lockdown Kiosk, it’s a great product”

    Ross uses Scalefusion for almost 2 years now to turn the Android devices into kiosks that are deployed remotely. It has ensured them that only the selected apps run on remote devices. They are equipped with other features as well which helps them to better manage all the devices remotely.

    “Very good MDM software for an even better price”

    For Roger A., Scalefusion offers

    • Great price
    • Easy to use dashboard
    • Good support
    • Very simple setup on the devices.
    • Locks the devices complete with a very simple procedure
    • File/Content Management is super handy

    For their Android tablet deployment, he was looking for a kiosk-type lockdown mode. He writes that he has got more than that with the software and did exactly what he needed, including not only the lockdown, but a browser-level whitelist, robust tracking features, and a very intuitive and easy-to-use management software. Since Scalefusion is cloud-based, it’s convenient even on a mobile platform gave him the flexibility to manage their devices from anywhere.

    Roger finds Scalefusion dashboard the best out of the bunch! Even less tech-savvy people in his office were able to navigate it easily, and he had the peace of mind knowing they could not alter anything.

    He further adds that the Scalefusion team has always been right there when he needed support and has helped him make this the best deployment he can.

    In his recommendations to other buyers, he tells that anyone who is competent enough to do a multiple-device deployment can easily use and configure Scalefusion software. He found it like a breeze. There’s not much advice needed.

    “Scalefusion is a cost-effective Kiosk software and more”

    Ingo D., VP – IT operations & security says that Scalefusion has helped us to lock down the Android-based tablets at our retail shops and improved the productivity of the sales staff by minimizing distractions and problems resulting from access to unnecessary websites and apps. It’s also good for security to prevent the installation of any unwanted apps. It has a clear and easy-to-learn GUI with good performance. Support in case of the few problems we encountered has been fast and efficient. The capabilities of the software are also consistently enhanced and expanded.

    To conclude, Scalefusion reviews are important for us to not only help us know the requirements of our customers but also get a deeper insight into our services. They have established trust between us. Scalefusion is a SaaS product and in the case of cloud-based products and services, one can only see the features and reviews. Based on existing clients’ Scalefusion reviews helps our new leads in making the decision.

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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