What is iOS Supervised Mode? What are its Benefits?

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    The blog describes the definition and significance of iOS supervised mode or Apple supervised mode and how organizations can use it to gain better control over enterprise iOS devices. If you don’t already have a Scalefusion account, start your free trial today.

    The supervised mode in iOS devices enables to differentiate institution/company-owned devices from personal devices. The iOS supervised mode gives institutions and businesses better control over the iOS devices which they own.

    By default, the devices are not supervised, it can be set when you set up a new device. Organizations can then install a profile to control what all features can be accessed on that device.

    With the growing enterprise market for Apple iOS, supervision was introduced in iOS 5 as the enterprise market was growing and introducing supervised mode was a way for the organization to gain more control over corporate-owned devices. And ever since then, it has been progressively adding and refining restriction with every release.

    Watch how to make an Apple iOS device supervised …

    Benefits of iOS Supervised Mode or Apple Supervised Mode

    • Single App Mode/ Kiosk Mode/Autonomous Single App Mode
    • Whitelisting/blacklisting apps
    • Whitelisting websites
    • App-level restrictions

    Unsupervised iOS devices pose a bigger risk to the organizations due to the issues that arise with activation lock. Supervised devices offer more granular management, particularly for MDM platforms.

    Scalefusion Mobile Device Management for iOS facilitates the enterprise to granularly control the company-owned iOS devices in supervised mode.

    Whitelisting OR Blacklisting of Applications – The control by which device either allows strictly the whitelisted applications or allows all applications except the blacklisted ones.

    Whitelisting Websites/URLs – The control which allows only the given set of URLs to be opened in Safari.

    Branding –You can choose a Lock screen message for your devices and apply a Home screen and Lock Screen wallpaper.

    Home Screen Layout – You can create multiple pages and/or order the icons on the iOS Home Screen.

    iOS Device restrictions

    • Single App Mode – From the list of applications that you have allowed, choose one application run all the time.
    • Network Settings – You can create a Wi-Fi configuration and enforce it to on your iOS devices.
    • Safari Settings – You can control the settings related to Safari.
    • iCloud & SIRI Settings –You can control the basic iCloud Sync and Siri related settings.
    • Lock Screen Settings – Control the Lock screen experience by configuring these settings.
    • App Settings – You can configure the Application level settings by allowing or restricting them.
    • Remotely View the 3rd party applications installed on the device.
    • Remotely Reboot the device.
    • Remotely Factory resets the device.
    • Mark the device as Lost, plays a sound when in Lost mode and see the location of the device in lost mode.

    Know in detail, how to make an Apple iOS device supervised. You can find out more on Scalefusion Help as to how you can set different features available in supervised mode and enforce better management of the iOS devices in your organization.

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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