How to Hide Status and Notification Bar in Android Devices

  • August 7, 2019

Android devices are the most popular kiosk devices deployed for a variety of operations across diverse industries. In fact, anywhere we look around, the digital devices deployed all around us for day-to-day purposes are Android devices. Be it as way-finders in malls, mPOS systems in retail stores to digital signage displaying eye-catching ads of the latest products, Android kiosks are popular.

They are easy to use, have excellent operational efficiency and are highly cost-efficient. But as these Android devices are used for multiple business benefits, it’s essential to manage them with a dependable MDM solution that can ensure the security of the device and its data and also enforce policies to make sure that the device is used only for the intended purpose.

Hide Status & Notification bar on Android
Hide Status & Notification Bar on Android

Need for granular control on Android devices in Enterprise Environment:

Now imagine this, if your business has Android devices deployed as mPOS systems but the end-user accidentally hits any other button by dragging the notification bar. Or, your Android device is locked into a single-app mode to fill up a form for business and your device notifications keep on buzzing on the display. Not only does it potentially impact your end-users experience but might also directly cause a hindrance to a transaction.

Hence, managing your Android devices for business with an end-to-end Android MDM solution is the right choice to optimize the benefits reaped out of the digitization of your business.

With Scalefusion, you can not only manage your Android devices effectively but also gain granular control over your devices to enhance your end-user experience, ultimately creating a positive impact on your business.


What is a Notification bar/ Notification center?

A notification bar gives your end-users access to settings such as network and connectivity, applications that are currently in use, and quick settings such as location, brightness, and screen orientation. Any changes to the settings and your business flow might be impacted, not to mention the threat to device security as well as user experience.

What is a Status bar?

A status bar is a collection of notification icons and system icons. It displays the network the device is connected to and icons of the applications with unread notifications. While you can hide status bar programmatically, it is easier to do so using Scalefusion.

In this article, we will be discussing the step-by-step procedure to hide status and notification bars in Android devices. You can hide status bar without any scripting or coding and also hide notification bar to avoid unauthorized access or change in settings.

Before you begin:

1. Sign up on Scalefusion. Make sure you use a non-G-Suite account. You can also sign up using your Office 365 account on Scalefusion.

how to hide status bar android

2. Enroll your devices using any of the multiple enrollment methods. The easiest way to enroll bulk Android devices is by using the Android for Work setup.

hide notification bar android

3. Now, start configuring the policies in the Device Management section. Navigate to the Device Profiles. A Device Profile is a set of policies that are applied to the enrolled devices.

how to hide status bar android

4. Create a new device policy or start editing an existing one.

notification bar android

How to hide Status and Notifications bar in Android EMM devices in Agent Mode:

1. Make sure the Device Profile is configured in Agent Mode.

hide status bar android

2. Navigate to the Restrictions section. And select the EMM settings. Here, you can configure the Agent settings to block apps on Android devices. Disable the system status bar with the toggle button.

hide status bar & notification bar on Android

3. To disable the notifications from apps, navigate to the General Settings in the Restrictions tab. Disable the app notifications on the device to prevent the device from receiving notifications.

what is a notification bar

How to hide notifications in Android Devices in Kiosk Mode

1. Make sure the Device Profile is configured in Kiosk Mode. In Kiosk mode, you can run the lock the Android device into single-app mode.

auto hide status bar android

2. Navigate to the Kiosk/Launcher settings and click on the Notification centre. Here, you can configure the notification center. Disable the notification bar settings to prevent the users from dragging the notifications bar.

hide status bar & notification bar on Android

3. To disable the notifications from apps, navigate to the General Settings in the Restrictions tab. Disable the app notifications on the device to prevent the device from receiving notifications. This will be the same as the setting for Android EMM devices.

How to hide app notifications on Android devices without policy configuration

If you have devices enrolled on Scalefusion with no Device Profiles applied to them, you can still restrict the app notifications on Android devices by configuring Android utilities. Navigate to the Android utility section of the dashboard and disable the app notifications.

hide notification bar android

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily hide the status bar on Android devices without any program or code, using Scalefusion. You can hide notification bar on managed devices using Scalefusion Android Kiosk Software. Hiding app notifications is also streamlined, and the experience of your end-user remains intact while enforcing security restrictions.

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