A Pervasive Guide to Chainway Handheld Device Management

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    Shenzhen Chainway Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 to build an intelligent future and be a leading IoT company. The brand Chainway is an industry leader in providing automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) products and solutions. 

    Chainway emphasizes R&D, investing significantly in technological innovation. It has a strong team of engineers and experts dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions and staying at the forefront of AIDC technology advancements. This focus on innovation has allowed Chainway to offer high-quality handheld devices that meet the evolving needs of its diverse customer base across industries.

    Chainway handheld device management

    Organizations that leverage Chainway handheld devices need a mobile device management (MDM) solution to ensure a holistic and seamless Chainway handheld device management experience. Therefore, Chainway partners with top MDM providers like Scalefusion to provide Chainway OEMConfig for IT admins to manage Chainway device fleets.

    This blog is all about Chainway handheld devices and how Scalefusion helps in their efficient and streamlined management.

    What are Chainway Handheld Devices

    Chainway handheld devices include mobile computers, handheld RFID readers, rugged tablets, biometric readers, and vehicle computers. These devices are designed to cater to various industries that operate under harsh environments and extreme weather conditions. They are widely adopted across multiple industries globally, contributing to the optimization of processes, inventory management, asset tracking, and more. 

    Chainway handheld devices are known for their durability, efficiency, and advanced features that enable seamless data collection and real-time information management.

    Handheld Mobile Computers: Chainway offers rugged handheld mobile computers that combine the functionality of a smartphone with advanced data capture capabilities. These devices feature robust construction, ergonomic design, and high-performance specifications. They are equipped with integrated barcode scanners, RFID readers, cameras, wireless connectivity options, and various software applications.

    Rugged Tablets: Chainway’s rugged industrial tablets are built to withstand demanding environments and are suitable for applications that require larger screens and extended functionality. These tablets feature durable construction, touchscreens, built-in barcode scanners, RFID and biometric readers, and other data capture capabilities. They offer enhanced processing power, connectivity options, and long battery life.

    Handheld RFID Readers: Chainway provides handheld RFID readers that enable quick and accurate identification and tracking of RFID tags and labels. These devices support various RFID standards, including UHF, HF, and LF, and offer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS/GNSS options for seamless data communication and location tracking. 

    Biometric Readers: Some of the Chainway mobile computers and rugged tablets running on Android OS also serve as biometric readers with fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities.

    Vehicle Computers: Chainway vehicle computers are equipped with a versatile array of external cameras, OBD data acquisition, RFID technology, biometric sensors, and GPS capabilities. These devices can execute seamless data transfer utilizing Bluetooth connectivity and 4G networks.

    What are Chainway Devices Used For

    Chainway handheld devices form the backbone of operations for many organizations across a wide range of industries. The flexibility, durability, and advanced features of Chainway handheld devices make them suitable for various industries where accurate data collection, efficient workflows, and real-time visibility are essential.

    Let’s have a quick look!


    • Inventory Tracking
    • Picking
    • Put-away
    • Warehouse Inspection and Management
    • Fleet Management
    • Distribution Center Management
    • Delivery


    • In-Store Fulfillment
    • Cross-store Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Picking
    • Put-away
    • Equipment Inspection and Maintenance
    • Fleet Tracking
    • Delivery


    • Patient Admission
    • Medication Administration
    • Vital Sign Collection
    • Access Information
    • Blood Bag Management
    • Pharmacy Management
    • Specimen Collection
    • Laboratory Management
    • Equipment Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Medical Waste Management
    • Staff Communication


    • Cashbox Management
    • Identity Verification


    • Farm Management
    • Process Supervision
    • Delivery Management


    • Meter Reading
    • Routine Inspection

    Fleet Management

    • Taxi Management
    • Truck Management
    • City Bus Management
    • School Bus Management
    • Travelling Bus Management
    • Dangerous Goods Transport

    What is Chainway Handheld Device Management and its Challenges

    Chainway handheld device management is the process of effectively managing and maintaining Chainway handheld and portable data assistant (PDA) devices used within an organization. However, managing handheld devices can present certain challenges that organizations must address. Some of the common challenges associated with Chainway handheld device management include:

    • Device Provisioning
    • Software and OS Updates
    • Data Synchronization
    • Security Management
    • Device Tracking and Monitoring
    • User Support and Troubleshooting

    Organizations can overcome these challenges by implementing an MDM solution like Scalefusion that supports Chainway OEMConfig for centralized management and control of Chainway handheld devices. 

    Managing Chainway Handheld Devices Using Scalefusion

    Seamless Device Enrollment and App Management: Empowering Effortless Configuration

    Scalefusion introduces a hassle-free device enrollment and app management process through its innovative use of Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) capabilities. By automating policy application, wireless app installations, and firmware updates without requiring user intervention, Scalefusion ensures a seamless and efficient device setup right out of the box. With the power of remote administration, administrators can effortlessly manage public apps, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), and enterprise applications, guaranteeing seamless updates for all essential business apps on Chainway handheld devices.

    Unwavering Security Measures: Safeguarding Your Business

    Security remains a paramount concern for enterprises deploying Chainway handheld devices, and Scalefusion delivers robust security features to combat potential threats. The implementation of data loss prevention (DLP) policies, peripheral access restrictions, media sharing control, and password enforcement effectively mitigates unauthorized access risks. In addition, comprehensive device lockdown, Factory Reset Protection (FRP), and VPN support add layers of protection, ensuring corporate information is shielded from potential vulnerabilities.

    Kiosk Mode: Enhanced Device Operations & Employee Productivity

    Scalefusion MDM’s kiosk lockdown elevates device security by converting Chainway handheld devices into focused workstations. Only pre-approved apps are allowed to operate, minimizing distractions, preventing unauthorized app downloads, and ultimately enhancing overall device security.

    Remote Cast and Control: Troubleshoot with Ease

    Troubleshooting Chainway handheld devices is made easy with Scalefusion’s remote cast and control feature. This powerful functionality enables administrators to create support tickets on integrated ITSM platforms, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools. Capturing screenshots, recording screen sessions, and real-time device monitoring significantly reduce downtime and the necessity for on-site visits.

    Streamlined Content Management: Empowering Productivity

    Scalefusion simplifies content management by granting administrators the ability to remotely push, upload, edit, publish, and delete business-related documents and data on Chainway handheld devices. This streamlined content management ensures employees have seamless access to relevant information, promoting productivity and focus.

    DeepDive Device Analytics: Unveiling Insights for Informed Decisions

    Scalefusion’s DeepDive Analytics offers comprehensive visibility into your Chainway handheld device inventory. Administrators can monitor device health, generate real-time reports, and analyze data usage, facilitating informed decision-making and optimizing operations.

    Scalefusion MDM Empowers Organizations to:

    • Maintain full control over corporate Chainway handheld devices, ensuring access only to authorized applications and websites.
    • Monitor employees’ live locations for effective management and compliance.
    • Analyze device data to develop effective strategies, boost productivity, and manage costs.
    • Protect corporate data with remote wipe capabilities in case of device loss or compromise.
    • Ensure devices are automatically updated with over-the-air updates, minimizing security risks and standardizing operations.

    Choose Scalefusion MDM for Chainway Devices

    Scalefusion MDM provides a powerful and comprehensive solution, tailor-made to manage Chainway handheld devices effectively. Its scalability, robust security measures, and extensive functionalities make it the preferred choice for businesses across various industries. 

    Embark on a 14-day free trial now and discover how Scalefusion can simplify the management of your Chainway handheld device fleets. Contact our team of experts today for a seamless and secure device management experience!

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
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