Top 4 Benefits of Rugged Device in Manufacturing Industry

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    Ruggedized mobile devices are proving to be increasingly favourable for certain industrial fields and manufacturing is certainly one of those. The top benefits of rugged devices in a myriad of usage scenarios have been realized by companies employing field forces who work under tough work and weather conditions. These devices do not only streamline operations seamlessly but also facilitate managed mobility without impacting productivity or work quality. Here, in this blog, we will take a close look at how rugged devices are driving enterprise efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

    The Business Value Created by Rugged Devices in Manufacturing and Similar Industry

    The manufacturing sector involves a notably broad supply value chain that in turn depends upon several operations driven by executives at different levels. Now, these frontline executives work along with end-to-end integration of multiple tools and techniques that store and collect real-time data and information. In these complex manufacturing scenarios across the value chain, executives are helped by technology-based smart devices and platforms like RFID, AI, IoT, cloud-based manufacturing software access, management dashboards and so on. Here, the handheld rugged devices assist them to access and distribute data in real-time from these technologies. Being sturdy in nature, one of the top benefits of rugged devices lies in the fact that they work seamlessly even in the harshest of environments. And are almost indestructible.  

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    The durability of the mobile device is one of the key areas of concern for the majority of manufacturing sectors as most of the field forces follow routine operations under severely harsh conditions. Hence, it is imperative to run certain strict testing, demonstration and certifications to confirm their required features, build and capacity, before deploying these rugged devices for industrial use. For instance, in sectors like manufacturing, oil & gas and mining, it is a mandate to ensure that the rugged devices are built with longevity to endure harsh environmental pressures, so they can be used for a long time without the need for retest or redesign. The importance of rugged devices in driving operational efficiency in a cost-effective way is immeasurable.

    The Key Advantages and Top Benefits of Rugged Devices

    1. Device Longevity:

    In the manufacturing industry, rugged devices play a pivotal role across the entire value chain starting from material gathering, inbound and outbound logistics, procurement, demand management, order fulfillment, manufacturing flow management, to product development, commercialization and last-mile delivery. Every executive working at all these operational levels is equipped with ruggedized handheld devices to perform a wide set of functions like record keeping, inventory management, communication, customer interaction, payment processing and so on. So, the very first benefit of a rugged device that comes to mind is its extremely durable and tested built that enables the devices to operate under extreme climatic and work conditions and their resistance to physical shock, moisture, water, heat and even sandstorms.

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    2. Inventory Management:

    Factory and warehouse management is essential for manufacturers. These warehouses store a variety of valuable items, parts and raw materials, which can be used for multiple manufacturing processes, machine maintenance and distribution. These along with the finished goods are meant to be kept in an organized order with proper accountability at all times. It is obvious that keeping paper records has become totally inappropriate to maintain accuracy and efficiency. One of the top benefits of ruggedized devices powered with the right set of apps is that they can be used without any fear of being mishandled, to maintain all records and reports with no hassle at all. They seamlessly help executives to share, access and upload real time data with immediate updates and communication.

    Did you know? RFID-based ruggedized devices help significantly in improving inventory management by extending real-time information on the goods moving in and out of the warehouse without having to unbox? 

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    3. Maintenance of Machinery:

    The success of a manufacturing unit depends upon smooth operations of all machineries to maintain the required levels of efficiency in the production processes. Engineers can definitely not keep constant track of the required maintenance work and machinery repair schedules and replacements of parts, using mere pen and paper. Usage of handheld rugged devices proves to be immensely beneficial for engineers as they allow them to seamlessly update accurate information records, share and access data in real-time with managers and team and interact with customers and stakeholders with ease. Overall, rugged devices drive improved communication, coherence, synchronicity, reduced downtime, faster decision making and enhanced productivity.

    4. Improved Process Visibility:

    The manufacturing supply chain is a colossal realm where complex activities take place across different levels involving varied stakeholders responsible for certain tasks and deliverables. Now, they all work need to work in sync with each other, which means they require to be always informed about which operations need attention, which items are available and which need to be replaced or refilled, which orders are waiting for delivery and so on. This means they need to communicate with each other at various touchpoints with real-time data, updates, and information. Here, they leverage the benefits of rugged devices, which allow them to effortlessly communicate between each other with immediacy and most importantly provide complete visibility of the entire manufacturing process from beginning to end.

    To make the most of your rugged devices and to drive total workforce productivity it is a must to purchase a robust and powerful MDM solution that will enable your IT admin to manage, monitor, secure and troubleshoot your rugged devices remotely with little assistance. Try Scalefusion MDM for ultimate rugged device management and explore its unique management and security features and capabilities.

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