How to Automate Tasks in Android Device Management for Your Business?

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    Android devices are being preferred by businesses all over the world due to their reasonable pricing, flexibility, and wide variety. With the increasing adoption of Android devices for diverse business use cases, it is the need of the hour for enterprises to implement solutions that simplify and automate Android device management for greater efficiency.

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for Android play a vital role in helping businesses streamline their Android device management and reduce costs and IT efforts spent in managing tens, hundreds, and thousands of devices.

    Automate Tasks in Android Device Management
    Automating Android Device Management

    What is Android Device Management?

    Android device management is the process of securing and managing all your company-owned and BYO Android devices. It is a systematic approach with which enterprise IT admins remotely push business resources on their employees’ Android devices, configure security and compliance policies, and monitor device health to ensure that employees don’t face any hurdles while working remotely and corporate data remains safe.

    Provisioning, securing, and managing a large number of Android devices is a humongous IT task if done manually. MDM solutions for Android provide IT admins with a platform that can help them simplify remote management of their devices and save time on repetitive tasks.

    Why Automation?

    With a surge in enterprise mobility, businesses worldwide are allowing employees to work from anywhere using their personal devices. Although this presents benefits for both  business and employees, it creates an immense burden on enterprise IT teams.

    Managing multiple devices, provisioning them with business resources and policies remotely, and constantly keeping a track of compliance statuses can be overwhelming. This creates a need for a solution that can simplify remote management of thousands of Android devices and automate mundane IT tasks.

    Powerful Android device management solutions like Scalefusion empower enterprise IT admins to simplify their Android lifecycle management right from the time of onboarding the devices to the time of retirement of the devices.

    5 Ways to Automate Your Android Device Management with Scalefusion MDM

    Scalefusion MDM offers enterprise IT admins an easy-to-use platform to secure, manage, and monitor their Android devices. You can create strict security policies, monitor compliance, and provision devices with the right set of apps and tools.

    Here’s how Scalefusion helps automate various aspects of your Android device management:

    1. Zero-Touch Enrollment

    Scalefusion empowers you to enroll your Android devices over-the-air (OTA) with Google’s Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE). With this, you can skip tedious procedures and hours spent in manually configuring devices and enable an out-of-the-box experience for your employees. Besides ZTE, you can also leverage bulk device enrollment using OR-code-based enrollment and IMEI or serial number-based enrollment, and enroll company-owned fresh or factory reset Android devices with minimal end-user intervention.

    2. Block Unsecure Websites & Apps

    Although allowing or blocking websites or apps does not involve automation, it plays a vital role in reducing IT efforts spent on ensuring a safe browsing experience for employees and minimizing support tickets. With Scalefusion, you can either allow a specific list of websites and apps that can be used on your Android devices or block selective websites and apps. Either way, it helps prevent your employees from browsing unsafe websites or downloading unsafe apps which can eventually lead to malware infiltration.

    Learn More: How to Block Apps on Android Devices?

    3. Pre-scheduling of IT Tasks with Scalefusion Workflows

    As an IT admin, you are responsible for a plethora of tasks, many of which are extremely time-consuming such as ensuring timely device reboots and OS updates. These tasks, although prosaic, are crucial to ensure operational efficiency. Scalefusion allows you to partially automate routine IT tasks by scheduling them for a particular date and time.  Switching profiles, publishing apps, rebooting devices, clearing app data, and OS updates can be scheduled from the Scalefusion dashboard in the form of workflows that auto-execute themselves on end-user devices at a pre-selected date and time.

    You can also schedule extensive device-level reports to be pulled out and sent to selected users at set intervals. These reports help you analyze device usage patterns, compliance violations, and device health, among others.

    4. Using Scalefusion Workflows for Automated Compliance Alerts

    Scalefusion Workflows also generate automated alerts on your managed devices. You can set alerts for various device vitals such as battery usage, data consumption, and storage space, as well as identify compliance violations such as geofence breaches and security incidents.

    5. Dynamic Policy Application

    You can easily manage multiple Android devices by creating specific device groups. Creating such groups allows you to reboot all the devices in bulk, refresh and reapply policies, or change profiles applied on the devices in groups. You can also assign, re-assign, or remove admins for various groups. Scalefusion lets you simplify your Android device management further by configuring dynamic groups.

    Dynamic groups are created when your Android devices meet certain predefined conditions. For example, if your Android devices satisfy specific make and model, build version, and storage type, they are automatically grouped together, making the overall management and policy application effortless for IT admins.

    Closing Lines

    Efficient Android device management helps your business streamline remote operations and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Automating your Android device management can be a breezy process if you have the right solution. With Scalefusion MDM, you can free up your time spent on tedious, manual IT tasks and focus on other crucial tasks that need your attention.

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