How to Manage Multiple Android Devices Remotely from PC

  • January 21, 2020

Android launched 10 years ago. In a decade, the popularity surged so much that there are more than 2.5 billion active Android devices in the world. Android’s modular approach, cost-effectiveness, and customization make it one of the most popular operating systems in the world. These Android devices are used in personal as well as the corporate environment. This is why more, managing the host of Android devices used in enterprise environments comes forth as a key challenge for enterprise IT teams. Manage Multiple Android Devices is critical since they not only impact the productivity of the workforce but can also cause serious security repercussions.

control multiple android devices from pc
Control Multiple Android Devices from PC

In modern enterprises, the workforce is spread across multiple geographical locations. This is why it is imperative for enterprises to manage multiple Android devices using remote control apps from a centralized console. Mobile device management is hence, a solution that can help mitigate the IT challenges while managing a large Android device inventory.

Scalefusion Android MDM fastens IT processes including device provisioning and policy enforcement. Furthermore, its web-based console- the Scalefusion dashboard enables the enterprise IT teams to manage multiple Android devices remotely from a PC.

In this article, we shall discuss how enterprise IT teams can manage multiple Android devices remotely from a PC using Scalefusion MDM

Manage Multiple Android Devices fleet remotely

1. Enrollment in Bulk

For enterprises having large device inventories, one of the most critical and time-consuming elements in digital transformation is provisioning the devices and enrolling them into the MDM. With Scalefusion, bulk enrollment is eased out using various enroll multiple Android devices at one go. IT administrators can create comprehensive device policies, known as ‘Device Profiles’ and apply it to multiple devices in one go.

You can enroll multiple Android devices in Scalefusion MDM in the following ways:

  • Android Zero-touch
  • IMEI-based enrollment- upload a CSV of IMEI numbers of devices to the Scalefusion dashboard and apply policies.
  • Serial number-based enrollment- upload a CSV of serial-number based devices and apply policies in bulk
control android from pc

2. Configuring devices in Android kiosk mode to Manage Multiple Android Devices

If the enterprise Android devices have to be locked down into Android Kiosk mode, Scalefusion MDM offers single and multi-app modes. This ensures that only one or more business-specific applications are allowed on the devices. Android kiosk mode enables enterprises to lock devices for business purposes.

With Scalefusion, multiple Android devices can be configured to run into kiosk mode via the Scalefusion dashboard. Using Scalefusion Device management, Android kiosk mode policy configurations can be enforced on multiple enrolled devices from the dashboard.

remote control android from pc

3. Application distribution and management

The IT teams have to provision multiple Android devices with business apps to ensure a consistent flow of business resources to the employees. Individually distributing applications on the devices is not possible in such cases and this is where Scalefusion application management comes into play. Using Scalefusion Android Device Management Software, IT teams can do the following:

  • Publish apps from the Google Play store on multiple devices
  • Remotely uninstall or delete the app
  • Remotely update the app or configure the app for personalization
  • Upload APK file of private apps and push it to the device inventory
how to manage multiple home devices

4. Content management

The enterprise Android devices need to be provisioned with business content. For devices configured in Android kiosk mode or deployed as digital signage in multiple locations, the business IT teams need to update the content including images, videos and presentations remotely. Using Scalefusion, IT teams can push documents, audio files, images, and videos remotely from a PC. IT teams can also create and publish presentations on device groups having multiple devices added to them.

control multiple android devices from pc

5. Location and Geofencing

Keeping a track of large device inventory is laborious. If Android devices are deployed in various locations or are distributed among last-mile delivery guys or used by frontline workers, the IT teams need to keep a constant check on the location of the device inventory. With Scalefusion, IT teams can keep real-time location tracking of Android devices and also set geofences. With geofencing, IT teams can apply virtual boundaries to physical locations.

remote android from pc

6. Inventory overview

When IT teams manage multiple Android devices remotely, along with the location of the device inventory, they also need to keep a close eye on the other device parameters such as device battery, device data usage, storage usage, and also the security incidents that take place on any of the Android devices in the inventory. IT teams cannot keep an individual check on the devices and this is where Scalefusion Deepdive comes to the rescue.

With Scalefusion Deepdive, IT administrators can have deep insights into device inventory in one go.

Manage Multiple Android Devices Remotely from PC

7. Automated Compliance Checks

IT teams managing a large device inventory are often burdened with multiple recurring tasks that have to be carried out daily, or frequently in order to monitor and maintain the security of the device and the corporate data. To simplify these tasks of the IT admins, Scalefusion offers Workflow. With Scalefusion Workflows, IT admins can automate compliance alerts and schedule security checks on the entire device inventory. The reports of these checks and alerts are made available in the email id of the IT teams. These workflows can be created and pushed remotely from a PC, using Scalefusion MDM.

remote update device

Learn more: Scalefusion Workflows: Automate & Streamline Jobs

8. Broadcasting Messages

One of the critical challenges IT teams face, especially when Android devices are deployed to frontline workers, logistic employees, or last-mile delivery executives is to offer a seamless communication channel. Very often, these employees are out of conventional office areas and/or do not have email ids to communicate, collaborate and engage. Scalefusion extends the NuovoTeam app to facilitate communication between enterprise Android devices. Further, the IT teams can broadcast inventory-wide messages and announcements to multiple Android devices using Eva Channels.

manage multiple android devices remotely

This enables IT teams to manage communication on multiple Android devices remotely from a PC.

Scalefusion MDM extends diverse device management capabilities to manage multiple Android devices with ease. Deploying devices powered with Scalefusion can not only significantly save manual IT efforts but also improve the productivity of the IT teams.

Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops, laptops and other endpoints

Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.
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