Author: <span>Nitin Soni</span>

John, the CEO of FieldForce+ is super-excited because he’s just secured a major win with CellPlus, a game-changer cellular service provider. He’s also nervous: the contract needs FieldForce+ to configure numerous cell sites in time for the Festive Season launch, barely 2 months away. John is aware that, as the entrant in a competitive market, […]

In today’s work-space scenario, more and more employees are working on-the-go, away from the workplace, making physical offices boundary-less. Mobility has enabled working away from the premises with Smartphones and Tablets easier, but, at the same time, businesses realize the need of remote monitoring system as well. A smart and robust process to ensure that […]

Scalefusion got the thumbs up of no less than one of the premier online software review sites. We are proud to announce that our kiosk lockdown system scored 8.0 out of 10 and received a perfect user satisfaction rating of 100% in the algorithmic grading of trusted B2B directory during a recent review. The experts […]

Now-a-days instead of gradual developments, technology is taking leaps. In the past decade, Android devices have captured almost every industry. Smartphones and tablets are transforming the way teachers teach and students learn. The role of Information and communications Technology in education has evolved over a period of time. Gone are the days when mobile phones […]

I am Mrunalini Pawar, Android Developer at ProMobi Technologies. It is said that great products have been built by great teams. I was always intrigued to know what it takes to build a great team and make them stick together. Now I think I know the reason. While working here I felt that great teams […]

Scalefusion helps companies to lock down the devices and enforce policies which make it easy to manage these devices and put them to effective use. Many times users might try to get out of the lock mode. They try to do this by entering different combinations of the Exit Passcode on the devices. In such […]

Table of Contents: Introduction to Scalefusion Why the redesign? Understanding the platform Adapting Material Design to Web The Redesign Team Involved ## Introduction to Scalefusion Scalefusion is the flagship product of Promobi Tech, Pune. The inception of this product happened in December of 2014. It is an Android Kiosk Lockdown software, that allows a user […]

Customer support is and should be the spine for any industry that values their customers and treat them as partners in growth and success. We, at Scalefusion strongly believe that customer’s success is our success and as a start up we are determined to set a decisive support team to resolve their queries and help […]

Online Food Aggregators Overview Online Food Ordering Services or Aggregators is one of the fastest growing industry in today’s era. Satisfying the most basic need of hunger in the simplest & fastest way possible is the critical factor for success in this industry. In today’s world, Customers get their products right at their doorsteps with […]