Leverage Geotechnologies to Better Manage Remote Employees

  • November 13, 2017

In today’s work-space scenario, more and more employees are working on-the-go, away from the workplace, making physical offices boundary-less. Mobility has enabled working away from the premises with Smartphones and Tablets easier, but, at the same time, businesses realize the need of remote monitoring system as well. A smart and robust process to ensure that flexibility & mobility brings an increase in productivity and efficiency rather than affecting work….. from the employers’ as well as employees’ perspective. In the dynamic work allocation scenario, employers need to know exactly where their employees are in real-time, and, if they are present where they are supposed to be? Meanwhile, employees are concerned about the tech and ops support which they may require from the Corporate Office, either personal or official. Again, in many cases, managers are constantly travelling, while his team may be stationed on the office premise. This also brings in challenges for him to monitor his people from a remote location.

Leverage Geotechnologies to Better Manage Remote Employees
Manage your workforce efficiently with Geolocation in Scalefusion MDM

So, the question is, how to address these challenges…

Geolocation and Geofencing technologies are an important advancement, which enables employers to effectively manage their staffs at their fingertips on the mobile devices, by receiving real-time notifications, on their employees’ whereabouts. This brings an improvement in collaboration with remote work-force, as it gives the trail of employees’ movement as well as enforces a virtual work allotment geography.

So, with Geo-technologies, you can turn Android smartphone, tablet, iPad or iPhone to a mobile workforce management tool. You can set up individual tracking and work-site geofencing to monitor employee’s presence on the work site. Thus, it keeps managers informed on their own mobile devices about people, place and time.

Sometimes, initially, it is confusing to understand the difference between geofencing & geolocation and what utilities they provide. To clear that confusion, it is necessary to know that geolocation is a concept that leverages the GPS feature in an employee’s smartphone or tablet. Using geolocation technology, companies can track employees’ activities as it gives both location and time stamp.

Geofencing takes location-based technology to the next level. A virtual perimeter can be set up around an area, for e.g. an office building or work site. Managers can be notified whenever specific employees enter or leave the allotted job site.

After understanding about the latest technology to track the location and set up a virtual perimeter, you must be wondering how do I implement in my organization where there are hundreds of employees, who are using company provided’ mobile devices? And, is it expensive to take advantage of this technology?

There are various solutions available in the market with hundreds of features, which you may not even use it any time…. Hence, for medium and small enterprises, we understand that it is critical to take a call for a mobile device management solution which is compact, easy to use & smarter.

Scalefusion is a complete cloud-based mobile device management solution, which addresses all the challenges of implementing mobility in an enterprise especially medium and smaller setups, where the budget is tight-roped. It has all the features which are required for an organization to efficiently manage devices given to the employees. It is simple to use, user-friendly, cost-effective with a minimal requirement of IT infrastructure and most importantly thousands of mobile devices can be managed from a single centralized dashboard. And, as we are talking here for geotechnology, location tracking and geofencing are one of the features of Scalefusion.

Some Key takeaways of this feature

Remote employees’ visibility – Scalefusion app runs on the employees registered smartphone. Admin can monitor and track the device location and time from the dashboard. And from the dashboard itself, he can set the geofence for each individual registered device or the team’s/group’s devices. He can view the location & geofence of each one on a single monitor showing multiple tiles of devices and a group of devices.

Get Real-Time Updates – Device tracking feature also shows the status of the devices i.e. whether the device is idle, inactive or active. Hence you get to know what steps to take further. And, even if you want to know quickly who’s at their work-site at this moment, how far your employees are from the work site, when did he start the travel from one place to another, etc. can be seen in the dashboard window. Real-time notifications are also sent immediately whenever an employee enters or leaves their geofence. Many times, real-time updates are extremely useful, especially during the time of crisis like an accident. Manager/team can immediately know and can rush for help.

Get location history reports – Considering that it is indeed one of the major tasks, knowing whereabouts of the employees and keeping track of each one’s work-site, you can generate reports of the history of all the devices which will give you insights such as for an e.g. if one of the employees is consistently reaching late on his/her work site or if some employees are taking halts on their way, unnecessarily wasting time. Reports can also be useful in measuring the time required for any employee to reach their work site from their point of origin. It helps to line up tasks according to the time required in commute.

To sum it up, Geotechnologies can be of great help to companies for better remote workforce management. It is a powerful feature, but it depends on the organization how they leverage it for better operations, productivity and efficiency. Moreover, it sets up a good process which makes implementing mobility a cake-walk for the enterprises. Try Scalefusion and see what wonders it can do for you for location tracking and Geofencing.

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