Detection of failed attempts to exit Scalefusion

  • March 22, 2016

Scalefusion helps companies to lock down the devices and enforce policies which make it easy to manage these devices and put them to effective use. Many times users might try to get out of the lock mode. They try to do this by entering different combinations of the Exit Passcode on the devices. In such cases, there should be a mechanism in place which will alert the administrator about the failed attempts made to exit the lockdown mode on the device.

As organizations enforce device usage policies they need to stay informed if any user is trying to break these usage policies. In order to detect these failed attempts and alert the administrator about these attempts, we have included – Security Incidents.

Enter Passcode

If a user tries to exit the Scalefusion lockdown mode by entering wrong Exit Passcode more than 3 consecutive times, the device will automatically capture the image of the user through the front camera and an entry is made in the Security Incidents logs with the captured image and device details.

Once this feature is enabled, it will record the incident in security Incidents log for every failed attempt made by the user to exit Scalefusion lockdown mode on the device.

You can enable the Security Incident feature from our Android MDM dashboard.

1) Log in on our dashboard.
2) Go to Enterprise Store -> Security Incidents.

Security Incidents

3) Click on Enable Security Incidents.

And you are done.

The image below shows the failed attempt to break out of Scalefusion.

Security Incidents

Once enabled the administrator can see the logs every time there is a failed attempt made to exit Scalefusion on the device.

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