Restrict access to unnecessary apps on student mobile devices

  • July 18, 2016

Now-a-days instead of gradual developments, technology is taking leaps. In the past decade, Android devices have captured almost every industry. Smartphones and tablets are transforming the way teachers teach and students learn. The role of Information and communications Technology in education has evolved over a period of time. Gone are the days when mobile phones used to be a big no-no in the school/college premises. Now, educational institutions are fast adopting smartphones and tablets and trying to integrate them into their regular curricula.

The use of such Android devices not only helps in the capacity enhancement of the teachers and streamlining the institute’s e-content development, but also helps the students grab the concepts better as now they have access to the content on a plethora of topics, thereby leveraging AI benefits for improved learning outcomes.

But with technology comes its drawbacks. Allowing such devices at schools and colleges ensure better pedagogy, but at the same time it counts as one of the biggest distractions for students and taints their focus. The students might use them to play games, download unwanted apps, clicking pictures, texting friends, accessing social media websites or surfing the internet just for fun! Such unwarranted use of these devices defeats the very purpose these devices were deployed or authorised in the first place. This not only increases the data usage cost, but also hampers their attention in class.


Scalefusion Restrict the Access to Unwanted Apps

Now, for the schools or colleges that are trying to get to the grips with their information technology systems, that includes tablets and smartphone technology, and its very potential, the Kiosk Lockdown application Scalefusion comes to the rescue. With Scalefusion Mobile Device Management you can control all these Android devices remotely just with a Click!

Android Kiosk mode is a common way to lock down a device where the user experience is dedicated to limited space and a limited activity on the device. In other words, you can access only the tasks/applications that are allowed.

Now, Scalefusion helps you to convert your mobile devices into kiosk lockdown mode and easily monitor them remotely. You can enable only those applications that you want your students to use. You can also whitelist the websites that are required to do the intended work and thus avoid unwanted browsing. Location tracking and geofencing are other pretty cool features of Scalefusion that help you to precisely locate your devices and put a virtual perimeter of interest for your devices such that an email notification is fired whenever a device exits the perimeter in lockdown mode.

So, on one hand, it would ensure that your students or teachers access only allowed applications and not waste their time doing some unintended stuff, on the other hand, it helps to cut down the data usage costs. Whenever you need to send relevant documents to your students, the content management feature of Scalefusion comes handy. You can easily group your students & faculty and manage their device profiles accordingly!

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