Author: <span>Anupam Mishra</span>

Software As A Service – You know what’s really interesting about SaaS? The first S of the abbreviation signifies your product; while the second S defines it as a service. SaaS business owners usually find themselves in a common conundrum of not knowing which S to place their emphasis on. However, this dilemma tones down […]

We are happy to announce hereby that we are now compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforceable from 25th May 2018. We provide a suite of Software-as-a-Service Solution that engages users from the European Union. As per GDPR requirements and standards, we are committed to keep our EU customers’ data protected and […]

Scalefusion now supports remote management of iOS devices and in our endeavour to give you a unified endpoint management, we had to make some changes to Scalefusion Dashboard. In this document we give an overview of these changes. Devices Section We have added icons next to the device to identify the device.  indicates an Android […]

Managing a small business comes with substantial demanding components like efficiency, organization, information management, and most importantly, communication. However, these components often meet roadblocks in the name of time, resources, and location. To add to this, fewer employees, growing responsibilities, and high-stakes curtail a business’ ability to operate and coordinate effectively. A comprehensive strategy working […]

Providing quality education for children and youth is one of the most important priorities of any society. Since information technology is spreading into every aspect of our lives at a lightning speed, it is only natural that educational institutions are willing to evolve and adapt their teaching methods to reach modern standards and go beyond […]

The Cleaning Authority boosts their workforce productivity by implementing Scalefusion into their business.

With Scalefusion’s simple to use and clean interface, FullCarga is now relieved from all the business problems they faced earlier.

Find out how Scalefusion helped IMMERGE in reducing their data cost in a month

Advancement in the internet and mobile technologies have changed the dynamics of the Education sector. In Digital Education, the way children are learning and facilitators are teaching at home, school, colleges, and institutes are way different than 10 years back! It has become highly innovative and creative! This trend will continue to change with emerging […]

In today’s highly digitized business world, it has become imperative for each small and large businesses, irrespective of any industry, to sync it with this revolution. Companies are working beyond the walls of the premises, employees are either on the go or given the freedom to work irrespective of the location, and mobile tech usage […]