How Android MDM Solutions can Help Schools and Universities

Providing quality education for children and youth is one of the most important priorities of any society. Since information technology is spreading into every aspect of our lives at a lightning speed, it is only natural that educational institutions are willing to evolve and adapt their teaching methods to reach modern standards and go beyond traditional ways of education.

It is proven that bringing mobile technology into a classroom improves learning efficiency, dramatically increases student engagement, makes the process easier, faster, and more fun promotes innovation and development and brings teaching experience to the next level. Tablets and smartphones are used to assist in such tasks as homework or class assignments, classroom activities, providing and sharing content between teachers and students.

To incorporate smart education, schools and universities are equipping their classrooms and labs with various devices, or going even further and providing each student with an individual mobile device. Another popular way to integrate new technology is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy. Add to that teachers’ and other staff devices, and you will end up with hundreds or even thousands of devices used in one institution.


Managing such a big scale number of mobile devices can be quite overwhelming for a school or university, which usually have strained IT resources and administrative knowledge.

To solve all arising problems in this situation, Android Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are vital for the successful and effective usage of mobile technology in e-learning programs.

Scalefusion suite supports a very innovative approach in education and provides an excellent interface to assure that students and teachers have a flawless and secure learning experience.

There are various aspects that could be immediately and easily solved by Scalefusion.

Remote management of all devices

Managing all mobile devices at once has never been easier before the Scalefusion solution. No more need for physical contact, 1-to-1 configuration of each device, and confusing operations of multiple systems. This smart Android MDM solution provides you with one simple cloud-based dashboard from which you can securely control all your connected devices, add/remove them over-the-air, organize into groups, track location, conduct necessary updates and maintenance, enable/disable desired features, send mass push notifications and a lot more. As a result – a significant amount of manpower and working hours is saved.

School policies

While equipping your students with tablets or phones for constant usage, first you would like to be sure that students are using their devices securely and for intended purposes. Scalefusion provides a solid guarantee that all institutionally owned devices will strictly comply with the school policies and regulations and it gives you the ability to monitor violation and take action in real-time. Preset features and settings are applied automatically to any new device added to your network. Each mobile device can be assigned to a specific group depending on students’ grades or sections, workgroups or any other criteria, which makes it easy to organize your device distribution according to the institutional plans & policies. There aren’t any chances of misusing mobile devices, all you get is maximum productivity and efficient utilization.

Device configuration & control

Controlled Device management feature helps teachers to keep all distractions away from the classroom and assure that students are fully engaged and focused on the given tasks. Various device configurations can be done through a convenient Scalefusion interface. It allows you remotely batch install/remove/update required Apps and turn off excessive device functionalities such as Camera, YouTube, Social Media, Games, etc. Managed distribution makes it easy to track apps assigned to each device and detect unauthorized activity. In addition, a custom app catalog can be created to block unwanted and malicious apps, which means that students can only install permitted apps.

Nobody likes to carry around heavy textbooks and notes. Here, mobile learning gives incredible capabilities to students. From now on, they have all study material just on one handy device that allows students to continue learning wherever they are, even after school hours. In addition to that, Scalefusion allows distributing all mandatory study material directly onto the student’s device just with few clicks and conduct updates according to necessity. Let it be soft copies of different file formats or Apps, teachers would definitely prefer uploading specific study material for a class rather than printing countless copies of study material. Students, on the other hand, can send their work to the teachers and get quick and easy feedback.

Application deployment

Another extremely useful feature of Scalefusion is the possibility to put your devices in kiosk mode. This mode allows you to lock your chosen devices onto a single app, which will help teachers to maintain student’s focus on one assigned task, which can be a test or a specific project. Non-removable MDM profiles guarantee the expected results and security of each mobile device.

Theft & Losses reduction

Having such a huge amount of devices distributed around school or university buildings, there will be a day when one or a few of them might get lost, unintentionally or not. In this case, Scalefusion offers all the necessary features to eliminate these issues and avoid potential damage. If the mobile device went missing or got stolen, you can instantly track the location and conduct needful measures in real-time. Locking the device will prevent unauthorized access to the phone or tablet, while a full or selective wipe of information will protect confidential data from being stolen or misused.

Black & White Listing

Blacklisting and whitelisting of specific apps and websites ensures that only permitted apps can be installed or only educational websites can be accessed. Scalefusion provides website and app filtering in an easy and convenient way.

Don’t forget about the teachers

Another big group of mobile device users in schools or universities is teachers. Scalefusion can be used on their computers as effective as on students’ devices. Restricting some device features or whitelisting websites/applications might be a good way to ensure that the devices are used for teaching purposes only.

Inventory tracking

With Scalefusion, all your mobile devices will always stay organized and under your full control. Forget the paper forms and time-consuming verification. It is very easy to monitor all devices from a single handy console. Scalefusion Android device management offers a solution to control and secure school-issued Android smartphones & tablets. By tracking the mobile device location, you can conduct remote checkups at any time at your convenience to maintain the whole system in order.

Scalefusion is embracing the integration of mobile learning into the education system and is eager to provide its customers with a high-quality product, which matches all various requirements while staying simple and convenient to use. To enhance your experience with Scalefusion, we are working hard to bring our solution to a wider audience. Very soon, our product will be available not only for Android phones or tablets but also for iOS operating system devices. With our reasonable prices, Scalefusion saves costs and increases productivity.


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Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops & laptops and other endpoints

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Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops & laptops and other endpoints