Introducing iOS and Dashboard Changes

  • May 9, 2018

Scalefusion now supports remote management of iOS devices and in our endeavour to give you a unified endpoint management, we had to make some changes to Scalefusion Dashboard. In this document we give an overview of these changes.

Devices Section

  1. We have added icons next to the device to identify the device.  indicates an Android device and indicates iOS Device.
  2. We have added new filters so that you can quickly filter the list basing on either Android or iOS device type.

Introducing Device Management Section

  1. We have added a new section, Device Management
  2. All the device management options like Device Profiles, Device Groups, Whitelisted Websites, Branding has been moved under this section.

Utilities & Android Utilities Section

We have split the existing Utilities section into 2 parts.

  1. All the common utilities across iOS and Android devices are grouped under Utilities.
  2. All the Android specific utilities appear under Android Utilities section.

Location Settings

The Location Settings has been moved from Utilities >Global Settings to Locations & Geofencing section.

Introducing QR Codes

We have renamed Configuration Files to QR Codes. Enrolling using QR Codes is currently NOT supported in Android devices but it is Coming Soon!!

All your configurations and files are still available like earlier.

Changes to Enterprise > My Apps section

With the ability to upload iOS applications to your enterprise store, the applications can now be easily identified using the logos shown on them. An  indicates that it is an Android application and an  indicates that it is an Apple application.

We are going to add more filters in this section soon!!

About the Author

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