Top 5 reasons why Enterprises need an Android Mobile Device Management Solution

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    Managing a small business comes with substantial demanding components like efficiency, organization, information management, and most importantly, communication. However, these components often meet roadblocks in the name of time, resources, and location. To add to this, fewer employees, growing responsibilities, and high-stakes curtail a business’ ability to operate and coordinate effectively. A comprehensive strategy working in tandem with a productive device management process can help support a small business immensely.

    why Enterprises need an Android Mobile Device Management Solution
    Reasons to instigate Android MDM solution

    With enterprises making massive strides in the direction of out-and-out mobility, Android Device Management is proving to be a force to reckon with. A source of competitive advantage, mobility is slowly becoming the order of the day and is helping businesses of all forms and sizes to expand their work matrix. By adopting this modern, more flexible mobile-friendly work environment, businesses are making sure that the information produced by the company works for them in more ways than one.

    Here are Scalefusion’s Top Five Reasons to instigate company owners to switch to Android Mobile Device Management Solutions for their enterprises–

    1. Security

    Numero Uno on the list is the safety of the diverse company data that is distributed on each employee-owned device. Client databases, trade secrets, organizational technologies – these need to be monitored all the time to prevent misuse or theft.

    Android MDM Solution assures that data access to employees or groups of employees is monitored on a cloud base dashboard so that their actions are recorded and the devices are well protected. Additionally, roles and permissions are thoroughly checked for each user so as to timely customize device passcodes, remotely wipe crucial data, or set an alarm in case of any theft.

    2. Automation

    Second, on the list comes automation through the incorporation of Android Mobile Device Management Software which helps in easing the burden of the IT department. Initiating software updates, distributing applications, broadcasting messages, and clearing data – such tedious tasks in enterprises with strength ranging from hundreds to thousands can be easily be executed through an ADM solution. Automation of tasks also cuts IT overhead costs and saves the company; both time and money.

    3. Productivity

    Corporates are usually bewildered with the thought of the rising internet maintenance costs that come as collateral damage with the usage of smart devices; as employees use these smartphones and tablets for their personal purposes too. There is a massive loss of productivity during work hours which is a matter of concern for enterprises. Android MDM Software has this covered with an extensive range of features that provide limited access to employees on browsers and applications as well as monitors their activity and location.

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    4. Troubleshooting

    Repairing faulty processes in a device and making it operational again is routine for mobile-friendly enterprises, but with Android Mobile Device Management Solutions, one can remotely troubleshoot devices from the dashboard. Getting real-time control and visibility of the device helps one to get a better understanding of the issue and solve it faster. This way, the company’s resources are used efficiently and there are quick resolutions.

    Read more on Scalefusion’s Remote Control Feature.

    5. Content Management

    Every professional establishment has varied employees with different permission levels, sometimes in different time zones as well. To manage a company’s content across geographies, multiple users with a consistent experience is one of the jobs undertaken by an Android Mobile Device Management Solution. Creating, editing, publishing, and seamlessly delivering content on devices remotely.

    The positives of Android Device Management are surely on the elevated end, however, what keeps certain businesses from adopting something like an ADM is the cost at which they come. This is where Scalefusion fits in perfectly; not only does Scalefusion materialize at a matchless cost, it also makes for an exceptional value for money proposition due to its all-round features.

    To know more about Scalefusion’s offerings click here.

    Anupam Mishra
    Anupam Mishra
    Anupam is a digital marketing expert and business optimization professional and author who loves technology and its impact on business. Here to help.

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