We are GDPR Compliant!

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    We are happy to announce hereby that we are now compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enforceable from 25th May 2018.

    We provide a suite of Software-as-a-Service Solution that engages users from the European Union. As per GDPR requirements and standards, we are committed to keep our EU customers’ data protected and safeguard their rights.

    The regulation states that any company and business, irrespective of its location, (whether inside EU or outside) have people of EU as their customers, need to comply with the GDPR as they deal with their personal data. On non-compliance of GDPR, businesses or organizations are liable to pay fine as stated in the regulation.

    ProMobi has modified the processes and procedures to comply with the various provisions of GDPR as follows:

    1. We have generated a new GDPR compliant cookie policy for our website which the user needs to ‘OK’. It explains how do we use cookies, what similar technologies we use to recognize you when you visit our websites, and how can you opt out.

    2. We have revised our Privacy Policy as per GDPR requirements, in simple & clear language, concise and transparent. It explains what information about you that we ask & collect from you, what trusted Third Party tool we use and how we share and disclose to Third Party. It also explains what all updates and information will be communicated with you, at a regular interval, by which mode and how you can opt out of it. Further, Privacy policy, most importantly outlines, your Rights over your Data, Data Security and Policy towards Minors & Children.

    3. We have revised our Terms of Service as per GDPR guidelines and now includes Data Protection Addendum. A new User can confirm it at the time of signup, as well as, from an email sent to them. Existing User will witness a pop-up in their account to confirm with the updated Term of Service. Terms of Service includes – Overview of Scalefusion Services, Provisions, Access, Scalefusion Apps and its Deployment, Scalefusion APIs, to name a few. It explains, Customer Data Rights to Information, Content and Forget, Storage, Customer obligations & Security. If any user wants to exercise the Right to Content or Right to Forget, confirmation will be taken for the same by email. Terms of Service also details the Term & Termination – Cause, Effect & Survival, Support Policy and also about Professional services which will be set forth in SOW – Statement of Work.

    4. As mentioned above, we have Security Policy which describes types of Data collected by Scalefusion app, important permissions asked by Scalefusion App, measures and a set of protocols to safeguard and protect customer data.

    To sum up, our GDPR compliance demonstrates our consistent commitment to data protection, privacy rights, and global compliance. Our team is trained and persistently work on implementing and continuing with the best practices for handling personal data.

    For more information, you can contact us, we will be happy to answer your any queries related to- ProMobi GDPR Compliance.

    Anupam Mishra
    Anupam Mishra
    Anupam is a digital marketing expert and business optimization professional and author who loves technology and its impact on business. Here to help.

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