2023: A Year of Scaling New Heights

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    As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024, here’s a glimpse of how things went at Scalefusion. There were some big releases, some seemingly small but very crucial enhancements, a few achievements that make us proud and, of course, a lot of learnings to reflect upon in the coming year.

    In our 2022 round-up, we spoke about product innovation and going from strength to strength as our 2023 dictum. And we are proud to be sticking to it. 

    The year 2023 at Scalefusion was all about scaling new heights.

    It was the year when we scaled from our comfort zone and treaded new waters—be it the storm caused by GenAI, the stir caused by ChatGPT, or the spirit of being back to working together in in-person.

    It was about making Scalefusion go further and beyond in terms of both capabilities and solution offerings. 

    It was taking what we had and making it better. Our dedication remained unwavering, centered on streamlining device and endpoint management.

    And here’s how we truly scaled…

    2023- a year of scaling new heights

    Linux Device Management

    Though we entered this arena partly toward the end of 2022, one of the highlights of early 2023 was Scalefusion foraying fully and officially into the Linux ecosystem. Why Linux? Simply because over 100,000 enterprise apps (and counting) are created on Linux—so there’s a strong case for managing Linux endpoints. Linux device management by Scalefusion covers Ubuntu and other Debian environments. It supports Linux laptops, desktops, tablets, POS systems, and Raspberry Pi with a feature set that Linux-loving sysadmins admire.

    Read more about how Scalefusion simplifies Linux device management

    Windows App Catalog

    It’s debatable whether Windows is the preferred choice for smartphones or tablets. But there’s no second guess for which OS dominates the workspace. Scaling our Windows capabilities was, hence, a natural progression. And what could be better than providing sysadmins with a Windows App Catalog on the Scalefusion dashboard?

    This year, we introduced the Windows App Catalog, which makes app management and configuration truly simplified and seamless. With over pre-loaded 500 apps, it helps IT admins curate and distribute apps. Admins can discover any third-party app (updated to the latest version) from the vast library and push them to Windows devices as per end-user requirements.

    Patch and Third-Party App Management

    A huge part of any organization’s security posture revolves around creating a robust patch management process—for OS and apps alike. Unpatched vulnerabilities can become gateways to data security mishaps, and Scalefusion addresses it from ground zero. This year, Scalefusion introduced automated patch management, starting with Windows and followed by Mac and Android. 

    IT admins can now leverage the Scalefusion management console to automate the patching process. Scalefusion allows admins to schedule these patches while keeping a close eye on the patch status. Automating the patching process frees up invaluable time for admins and ensures OS and app vulnerabilities are kept at bay.

    AI-powered Scripting

    The launch of Sage AI was one of the most remarkable moments for us at Scalefusion. 

    It was but natural for us to jump on the ChatGPT bandwagon and incorporate it into our solution. Sage AI is the industry’s first GPT-powered scripting tool for endpoint management. With the power of machine learning and natural language processing, Sage AI lets IT admins generate custom scripts for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This helps save IT teams time, effort, and investment in writing efficient codes from scratch.

    Shared Device and User Management

    Another exciting development from the House of Scalefusion this year was the introduction of shared device management (Android) and user account management (Windows & Mac). For organizations with shift-based workforces and 24×7 operations, this feature is an absolute delight.

    Support for shared company-owned devices allows organizations to manage multiple users accessing the same smartphone or tablet. User account management (desktops and laptops) alleviates another hassle for IT admins as they don’t have to add/manage/delete the user accounts on managed devices manually (or via scripts). It’s all at their fingertips from our dashboard. 

    Keeping Up the A-Game with Android: Silver to Gold Within A Year

    In 2023, we added yet another feather to Scalefusion’s Android device management hat—in fact, two feathers! In June of this year, Scalefusion became an Android Enterprise Silver Partner. By October, Scalefusion was an Android Enterprise Gold Partner. Going from silver to gold within a span of a few months was one of the significant milestones of the year. It’s a strong testament to our Android expertise. 

    Elevating from Silver to Gold in the Android Enterprise partnership is more than an achievement; it embodies our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence. We will continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, delivering not just solutions but transformative experiences.

    Sriram Kakarala, VP of Products

    Sriram Kakarala, VP of Products at Scalefusion, was awarded the Outstanding Evangelist by Google at its annual Android Enterprise Global Partner Summit 2023, which makes this win more special for our team!


    The organizational needs around Android device management have been changing constantly. To keep up, Scalefusion empowered organizations and IT folks with the launch of  Android COPE/WPCO and AMAPI BYO management capabilities.

    COPE or corporate-owned, personally enabled (Android 9-10), which was rechristened as WPCO or work profile on corporate-owned (Android 11 and above), balances corporate data security and employee privacy. COPE/WPCO gives organizations control without compromising on the flexibility of employees in terms of device usage. IT admins can now enroll Android devices into Scalefusion with a COPE profile and configure them accordingly. This includes container settings, usage schedules, timelines for personal use, and even the number of days off from work.

    Making enrollment completely agentless, Scalefusion allows admins to enable Android Management API (AMAPI)-based BYOD enrollment. By doing so, Android takes care of the enrollment and management of employee-owned devices. This helps organizations bring BYO devices under their IT umbrella quickly. AMAPI BYO is available for Android 8.0 and above, and the Enterprise setup requires Android Device Manager. 

    OneIdP: Saving the Best for the Last

    Staying true to the year-end revelry that surrounds the world, we saved the best for the last. All rise for OneIdP—an identity and access management (IAM) feature ingrained into Scalefusion UEM. OneIdP is set to level up the security game for organizations as the business ecosystem gets more hyperconnected. OneIdP is available for Android, Windows, and Mac devices. The three core elements of OneIdP are—OneDirectory, OneID, and OneAuth. 

    OneDirectory is Scalefusion’s native, out-of-the-box directory service. It enables admins to create a OneIdP domain or a custom domain on the Scalefusion dashboard and start adding users/IDs to it. OneDirectory stores, verifies, and manages user identities and authentication. IdPs (identity providers) that can be integrated into Scalefusion OneIdP are Google Workplace, Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure AD), Okta, PingOne, and On-Premise AD. 

    OneID is an access management plugin available on the Scalefusion dashboard as an extended verification of OneDirectory credentials. Admins can customize the login screen and set up conditional access parameters like location, IP range, Wi-Fi SSIDs, and day & time. Therefore, OneID cements the fundamentals of IAM—right device, right access, right place, right time. 

    OneAuth, the third and final authentication component of Scalefusion OneIdP, is slated for release by early 2024. We are already elated and looking forward to featuring OneAuth in our 2024 round-up!

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    More Frontiers Ahead in 2024…

    So, what’s next in 2024? We have already hinted at OneAuth! Just like getting better never stops, Scalefusion’s resolve to simplify device management and secure endpoints won’t stop. We are determined to provide more innovative releases and updates for the year ahead. It will be about making the ends of MDM and UEM meet seamlessly for businesses. Ultimately, and as always, it will be about making the lives of IT admins easier. 

    Scalefusion Year In Review: A Year of Scaling New Heights

    See you in 2024! 

    Swapnil Shete
    Swapnil Shete
    Swapnil Shete is the Associate Vice President of Marketing at Scalefusion. He has a passion for design and technology and focuses on optimizing the marketing funnel. When he isn't working, Swapnil loves to evaluate different SaaS solutions that are in the marketing and sales domain.

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