Author: <span class="vcard">Swapnil Shete</span>

Scalefusion, formerly known as MobiLock Pro, is the flagship product of ProMobi Technologies. Over time, the product has gained so much popularity that employees often confuse the product name with the name of the company. But this blog is not about Scalefusion, rather it is about the unique corporate culture driven by the management of […]

One cannot disagree with the notion of having an expansive IT department in an organization and the various facets that fall under its umbrella. Right from formulating strategies that support business objectives to operating a network that deals with effective communication, to collecting, storing, managing and distributing data to employees securely; the IT department usually […]

FileDock is an enterprise application that extends the kiosk feature set offered by Scalefusion, and a gateway into content management on a locked-down device. Think of FileDock as a channel to broadcast multimedia. The objective being, to ensure a single true source of information to those who require it, in a timely manner. Once you […]

Today’s era is a golden time to run businesses, with founders and business owners having achieved incredible growth in work efficiency. Clients and consumers are satiated too with prompt responses and better interaction with this sudden leap in businesses running swifter than ever. All thanks to the introduction of smartphones and tablets at work, portability […]

About Client: The client is a global manufacturer and retailer of cosmetics, known worldwide for changing the face, body, and soul of the cosmetics industry. The client operates in over 50 countries and puts its belief in inventing, manufacturing and selling their products directly to their customers through their own stores. All of the client’s […]

Content… delivered to the right people, at the right time FileDock is Promobitech’s file manager app and a gateway into content management on a locked-down device. In its current avatar, FileDock and Content Management focus on delivering and organising content, and, managing content that is downloaded via the Scalefusion browser. FileDock enables easy management of […]

Safe mode is used in troubleshooting pesky app problems on your Android device. In safe mode, you won’t be able to open any third party apps you’ve downloaded onto your phone, and a “Safe mode” badge will appear in the lower left corner of your screen. You may find safe mode useful if you’re trying to […]

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is the set of people, processes and technology focused on managing mobile devices, wireless networks, and other mobile computing services in a business context. Introduction Small and midsized businesses (SMBs), which traditionally lag far behind large enterprises in technology adoption, are pretty much on par with their larger counterparts when it […]