Restrict Safe Mode Access on Android Devices

  • July 20, 2016

Safe mode is used in troubleshooting pesky app problems on your Android device. In safe mode, you won’t be able to open any third-party apps you’ve downloaded onto your phone, and a “Safe mode” badge will appear in the lower-left corner of your screen. You may find safe mode useful if you’re trying to determine whether an issue you’re having with your phone is due to an app you’ve installed or due to Android itself.

The safe mode is a useful feature in Android devices, but this feature also becomes a nightmare for Enterprises that give company-owned Android devices to their employees. The employees can easily enter the safe mode on the device, make changes in the device settings and uninstall the company app from the device.

Restrict Safe Mode Access

Scalefusion Kiosk Lockdown app has come up with a solution that will help Enterprises to make sure their company-owned Android devices are put to effective use for the intended purposes without any concern about the safe mode.

This Safe Mode protection is not applicable for

a. KNOX/LG GATE supported devices.
b. Encrypted devices.
c. Android OS version 5.0, 5.0.1

Enable Safe Mode Protection

You can activate Safe Mode Password Protection using Scalefusion by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to Utilities.

how to disable safe mode

Step 2: Go to Android Settings and scroll down to Password Protect Safe Mode.

how to put your phone in safe mode

Step 3: A popup appears showing the terms and conditions to enable Safe Mode. Click on I Agree.

what is safe mode on your phone

You have now successfully enabled Password Protected Safe Mode for your managed Android devices.

To check if the Safe Mode feature is enabled on your device and see your Safe Mode password:

Step 1: Go to Devices>View Details.

android safe mode turn on

Step 2: On the next window; Go to Settings Icon (next to device name) -> Full Device Information.

safe mode app

Step 3: On the new window, you can check if Safe Mode Protection is enabled for your device or not and also see the Safe Mode password along with other device information.

safe mode on phone

Once you are done setting up the Safe Mode Password Protection on the device using the Scalefusion

Mobile Device Management Dashboard, the user can no longer make use of the Safe Mode to uninstall Apps or use the device for personal purposes.

How it works on the device?

The user can go to Safe Mode on the device by Long pressing the Power Button on the device. After this, the user will see a device Log screen having an option to Power off the device. Long press the Power Off option on the device and you the user will get a notification message asking for his/her permission to reboot the device in Safe Mode.

remove safe mode

To reboot the device in Safe Mode the user needs to click on the OK button. Once he clicks on the OK button the device will reboot in Safe Mode.

how turn off safe mode

In the Safe Mode, all the third party Apps are disabled. If the user tries to access any App or device settings in the Safe Mode, it is restricted by a password, which only the Admin knows from the dashboard. Scalefusion’s Safe Mode Password Protection will not allow the user to go the device settings and make changes. This will keep your company owned device safe and secure and will make sure the devices are put to use for the intended purpose only.

safe mode turn off

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