Why a Team Communication App Is Better Than Email for Field Contractors?

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    Hiring contract workers has become a norm today. Companies belonging to industries like retail, healthcare, financial services, public service agencies, professional and web designing services choose to work with field contractors over employees for the benefits of reduced overhead costs and other expenses like payroll, insurance, contributions, paid time off, parental leave and other financial benefits. More so, contractors are easily available and are flexible with their work routine.

    This makes it easier to complete processes such as payments which can be done using a special paystub generator, or using the scheduling software for a more organized routine, etc. However, the most crucial aspect that ensures productive and efficient contract management is timely and seamless collaboration and communication. This article will specifically talk about the advantages of having an internal team communication app to converse with your field contractors.

    An efficient communication platform resolves contractor management challenges to a great extent

    Clear, precise and direct communication plays a very strong role in keeping the contractors in sync with their work productivity, timeliness, efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness on the job. Depending on the physical location of the contractors, companies decide on relevant communication methods. For instance, on-premise contractors can be contacted via face-to-face meetings, conferences and WebEx calls, intercoms and coffee-room chats, and so on.


    But in case of remotely located field contractors, companies ideally rely on processes like emails, walkie-talkies, radios, text messages, phone calls, etc. Irrespective of the chosen communication method, companies need to understand that successful management of contractors depends heavily on how well-informed they are about the tasks and how fast they can make the right decision at the right time with minimal assistance.

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    Companies with a strategic and powerful collaboration culture enable their contractors to stay on top of every important information and facts that help them successfully drive and deliver business projects. At the same time, it is important that the information comes from the right source with sufficient credibility. A secure and powerful internal communication app can turn out to be a wonderful collaboration tool.

    Why to choose a team communication app over emails to communicate with your contractors

    Field contractors generally work in demanding situations where they are required to take fast, efficient and accurate decisions for smooth operational works, vendor management, and project delivery. A seamless and hassle-free internal communication app in the form of an instant messaging platform can be highly useful as this will always help them stay abreast of all situations via direct and prompt exchange of information.

    While emails are definitely good for sharing detailed and elaborate information or work files, and they are surely the right way of keeping written records of conversations needed in a business scenario, but when it comes to speed of communication, instant messaging is way better than email communications.

    Check out these professional business email examples if you still prefer using email as a means of communication. Also, emails are susceptible to issues like junk and spam content. In fact, many a time, the recipient is not even aware that he/she has got an email and hence they go unread, leading to communication gap or unnecessary delays.

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    Hence, instant messaging or an internal communication app is preferred over emails when it comes to contractor communication for the following reasons:

    • Quick and real-time conversation: Instant messaging is the best possible way to get and share quick and real-time information on a specific subject or issue by directly sending/receiving a message to the concerned person. It facilitates speedy workflow task completion.
    • Safe and secure communication: Company-backed internal team communication apps or secure instant messaging application like NuovoTeam, support security provisions like message encryption and restrictions in taking screenshots of messages. Moreover, there is no question of malware attacks in IMs
    • Facilitates team collaboration: Instant messaging apps for internal team communication allow teams to collaborate via VoIP calls, conference calls, video chats, voice messages, file sharing, image sharing and so on. Remote screen sharing also streamlines technical support for contractors.
    • Enhances productivity and decision-making: Real-time exchange of information between team members and other stakeholders through instant messaging and peer-to-peer channels ensures greater productivity and faster decision-making, which ultimately leads to improved customer experience.
    • Helps contractors resolve issues faster: Many a time, the field contractors get stuck with a problem at hand that requires a quick and accurate resolution. Instant messaging and group chat options allow them to resolve issues faster through a thorough and quick team discussion.
    • Eliminates clutter and saves time: Most importantly, a powerful and intuitive internal team communication app like NuovoTeam breaks through all the clutter by offering simple, relevant and comprehensive instant messaging platform that will empower your remotely located contractors to save time and effort on reaching out to people on a daily basis.

    Explore Scalefusion’s NuovoTeam and its robust features that will free your company IT team and your field contractors of all team communication challenges. More so, in a secure, focused and controlled manner to drive productivity, workflow efficiency, and improved decision-making.

    Sonali Datta
    Sonali Datta
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