How to Support Communication Between Your Field Force With Eva Communication Suite

  • November 6, 2019
Field Force Communication
Field Force Communication

The remote workforce is a crucial element in the growth path of an organization. This field force or remote workforce is comprised of frontline workers who represent the company to the clients or customers, from shopfloors to retail stores, from support centers to factory workshops. And it is undeniably important for the field force or the frontline workers to have the most up-to-date knowledge of your product and business. Mobile device management for frontline workers can hence help to offer a streamlined flow of latest business resources, while reliable mobile devices. Often, one of the most common challenges faced by these frontline workers is not just a lack of resources but is disengagement. 

The field force operates in diverse geographies, spending months away from the physical offices of their organization. They feel disconnected from the organizational culture, which can further lead to loss of productivity. And hence, establishing a dependable communication channel between remote workforce and frontline workers is crucial, to improve engagement as well as operational efficiency.

While there are multiple ways of communicating with mobile devices, companies need to choose a secure, encrypted and cost-efficient way to enable communication between the remote field force, which also paves the way for improved team collaboration.

Scalefusion MDM for frontline workers and remote workforce ensures that companies and organizations derive optimum business output from the digitization. Scalefusion MDM is enriched with features and capabilities to drive productivity among the frontline workforce and one such key capability is Eva Communication Suite.

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Eva Communication Suite creates an optimal way for businesses to support communication between their field force. Here’s how:

1. Pre-populated Contact Lists

While it is crucial to establish communication between the frontline workforce, it is also important to secure the communication and keep it private between teams or the organization as a whole. With Scalefusion Eva Communication Suite, IT admins can create contact lists and publish them on managed devices belonging to the field force. This enables the remotely working employees and frontline workers to communicate and collaborate with any concerned stakeholders across the team, spread out at different geographical locations without having to search for their contact information. IT admins can manually add contacts on the Scalefusion dashboard or upload a CSV file of contacts and publish it on select devices or device groups.

2. Eva Messenger

Eva Messenger is a secure alternative to any third-party communication tool that you can equip your company-owned devices with. Eva Messenger enables streamlined communication within your field force over text and voice messages, VoIP calls and image transfer in a controlled environment. With Eva Messenger, the remote workforce can send and receive encrypted text messages between the whitelisted (allowed) contact lists. Enabling conversations over text, using Eva Messenger, employees can also send and receive voice messages within their contact lists as well as the Scalefusion dashboard. Further, the remote workforce can exchange image files, attached from the gallery or clicked with a camera on devices with camera features between their contact lists, as well as the Scalefusion dashboard. To enable data privacy on messages exchanged through Eva Messenger, IT admins can disable copy/edit/delete actions.

Eva Messenger also enables the managed devices to connect to allowed contacts as well as the dashboard over VoIP calling. Your field force can make internet-based calls to the dashboard or any other contact available in their device contact lists. 

3. Eva Phone

When the field force is deployed for a job where they need to have a SIM-based device to make voice calls for business, Eva Phone empowers the IT admins to have optimized control over the calls on managed devices. To control excess cellular costs on SIM-based devices, IT admins can not only whitelist contacts but also restrict incoming or outgoing calls to and from the device. 

For instance, for any published contact list on the device, the IT admin can block all incoming or outgoing calls, enable conference calls, enable/disable dial-pad and speakerphone. This can ensure that the device SIM is used purely for making business calls. 

4. Eva Notifications

Along with providing a messaging platform between the entire device inventory allotted to the field force, Eva Messenger offers Eva Notifications that sends alerts and nudges to the Scalefusion dashboard on any security activity on the device that needs the attention of the IT teams. This includes notifications around device lock, unlock, geofence move in/move out, SIM card inserted/removed and failed passcode attempts. The IT admins can select the incidents for which the notifications are to be triggered. Being up-to-date with any security incidents can empower the IT admins to take quick actions to secure the data and the devices. 

Eva Communication Suite facilitates secure inter and intra-team communication between field force, frontline workers, knowledge workers, and IT teams. Efficient communication across teams and frontline workers or field force generates improved processes, productivity and employee engagement.

Explore Eva Communication Suite, a team communication app by Scalefusion on Android devices provisioned with Scalefusion for your field force and expedite efficiency across your organization.

Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.


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