How Kiosk Solutions are Transforming Guest Experience in Restaurants?

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    As more and more companies are rediscovering varied aspects of customer experience and are implementing the same at multiple touchpoints, they are utilizing many ways to make customer decision/purchase journey a breeze. Kiosk Solutions for Restaurants, in this matter, are playing a crucial role in several business sectors by delivering delightful experiences to customers who find using kiosks easier and more convenient than waiting for individual assistance.

    Kiosk Solutions for Restaurants
    Kiosk Solutions for Restaurants

    This blog will particularly talk about kiosks’ role in transforming guest experience at restaurants and will also throw light on how to seamlessly manage and secure these kiosks, so they continue doing what they do best – drive excellent guest experience.

    What is a Restaurant Kiosk?

    A restaurant kiosk, which is also known as a self-order kiosk is a touchscreen computer/tablet that helps restaurant visitors/customers to place an order by themselves without any manual assistance. Kiosk solutions at restaurants can also appear as a digital signage wherein important information in the form of images, price menu, etc. is displayed in a loop.

    A remotely located kiosk lockdown solution is used to manage and monitor these restaurant kiosks. Recently, the fast-food industry has witnessed a steady growth in restaurant kiosks for the kind of experience they provide to customers who find using them convenient, flexible, and engaging.

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    Why Kiosk Solutions for Restaurants are gaining momentum?

    Whether you are trying to find directions or looking for specific information or trying to take a particular action – a kiosk can prove to be highly useful. Especially in restaurants, kiosks are being used to foster a customer environment marked with ease, flexibility, convenience, and faster delivery time. Before going through the use cases of kiosks in restaurants, let’s first understand what the customers seek when they enter a restaurant, ideally, one located in a busy area.

    Ninety percent of restaurant visitors seem to be in a hurry, and they dislike waiting in a crowded queue to collect their food. Hence, restaurants that take extra efforts in streamlining and fastening the entire process of food-ordering and on-table delivery make more business than their competitors. Kiosks for restaurants can be availed for so many benefits if used strategically.

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    More than placing orders digitally, kiosks for restaurants are used to help customers interact with the restaurant staff to exchange meaningful information that ultimately improves brand engagement and perception.

    Some interesting researches and studies also confirm that kiosks are not just a millennial-thing. In fact, restaurants could be missing out on a large chunk of customers if they focus to use kiosks only for younger visitors. This is because the convenience offered by kiosks appeals to customers of all ages who find using self-service restaurant kiosks easier and less confusing.

    Kiosk Solutions for Restaurants
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    Kiosk at Restaurants imply shorter response time

    Long wait-time with extended queues do not only frustrate customers who visit restaurants looking for a better experience but also drive them away to nearby competitors with shorter lines. On top of that, most customers nowadays look for quick and efficient service with minimum delay in food delivery. Especially in restaurants that sell food under the quick-service category, customers face brutal rush-hours, which leads to an unmanaged and unsatisfied crowd, inaccurate billing, and error-prone restaurant operations and overall chaos.

    Usage of restaurant kiosks do not only allow customers to help themselves with fast and efficient self-service but also enable them to shape their experience by using kiosks for purpose like leveraging gift cards, using discounted rates and loyalty programs, checking out available items, faster food ordering and so on.

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    Apart from helping customers save on time and effort by expediting the food ordering and delivery process, the rightly placed self-service and interactive kiosks for restaurants can actually shape up CX in several ways.

    • Help customers to go through the restaurant menu in a hassle-free way by allowing them to check the availability of the food item.
    • Help customers with the options of personalizing/customizing their food items and preparation.
    • Enable customers to use discounted rates, loyalty programs, and gift cards to improve brand engagement.
    • Faster and cashless payment transactions to avoid crowded cash-counters at restaurants.
    • Kiosks for restaurants can also help visitors to book tables and make online reservations beforehand to avoid unnecessary rush.
    • Kiosks for restaurants can be used to exhibit automated price changes in the available food items to help customers make informed choices.
    • Kiosks in restaurants can also be used to display table availability and approximate wait time to let customers know about the service delay.
    • Customers can use restaurant kiosks to provide special feedback/reviews/ratings about a particular food preparation/item. 

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    The ubiquity of technology has already introduced us to several advancements, and mobile devices have just added to this array of discoveries. Kiosk solutions at restaurants simply empower customers to explore an improved and effortless way to interact with the brand without being introduced to meaningless conversations, which allow them to have an experience that suits their requirements. And the best aspect is, restaurant kiosks are widely accepted across all customers irrespective of their age and gender.

    When it comes to managing and securing your restaurant kiosks, ensure to rely on a holistic Kiosk Lockdown Software. A kiosk lockdown solution that offers the right mix of features and functionalities to effectively monitor, secure, troubleshoot, and manage your kiosks along with the content and apps, from a remote and unified dashboard, can be your best pick! 

    Sonali Datta
    Sonali Datta
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