Team Communication and Collaboration Among Remote Healthcare Executives

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    Technological advancements in mobility have enabled several businesses to work with a remotely located workforce and the healthcare sector too has adopted the telecommuting trends as more and more NGOs are sending across their healthcare executives to serve patients at far-off locations. When it comes to successfully managing and optimizing the availability of healthcare executives, it is important to check how to collaborate effectively if your team is remote.

    Aspects like efficiency, on-time service, productivity and patient data security should be taken rather seriously to avoid any sort of privacy breach or service inefficiency. One of the most crucial factors that play a significant role in ensuring the effective management of remote healthcare teams is remote team communication and virtual collaboration.

    Check out this secure and unified team communication app that can drive effective business collaboration amongst your remote healthcare executives.

    There can be multiple departments within a healthcare organization wherein officials work from remote locations and these roles include:

    • Patient services manager: These officials are responsible for evaluating patient service processes, managing patient databases and engaging in hiring healthcare volunteers.
    • Telephone triage nurses: These are licensed nurses who are well-trained to answer on-call health queries and provide guidance for specific patient care and treatment procedures.
    • Clinical quality analyst: These executives analyze and identify areas of medical facilities and recommend solutions based on their findings for overall process efficiency.
    • Field care manager: These officials conduct patient assessment programs, and also take part in wellness recommendations and patient healthcare promotions.
    • Customer service executives: These executives manage patient appointments, schedule physician visits and manage the absence of services due to vacations and holiday time.

    Now, one thing that keeps all these remote healthcare executives on the same page is effective team communication and real-time collaboration.

    Collaboration using team communication app

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    Need for a secure and remote team communication platform

    Let’s think about a scenario where an NGO employs 200+ healthcare professionals who are assigned different tasks, most of which are done from remote locations. Their work operations and interactions with varied vendors, partners and patients can require them to access important business content in real-time on their handheld devices. Usage of mobile devices takes care of one part of the problem, that is, to access important content and apps on-the-go to take important and timely decisions and to effectuate service operations.

    In certain cases, they might need to converse and collaborate with the team members or seniors, while exchanging critical patient data and sensitive information within the team for easy and fast decision-making. Using public/open instant messaging apps like Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, SnapChat, WeChat, Telegram, etc. to share data and crucial information with the team should be strictly avoided as they can lead to higher risks of data breaches. Without any corporate vigilance, the open messaging platforms can be pretty distrustful and distracting that can lead to serious work errors, inaccurate information, device and data misuse and so on.

    Using these open and public messaging apps like Skype, WhatsApp, SnapChat, WeChat, Telegram, etc. has multiple drawbacks. For instance, these platforms allow the user to talk to anyone from the personal contact list without any corporate vigilance, apart from that, these open platforms don’t populate any specific and readily usable contact list. Not to mention, the multiple communication options would often give way to distractions, errors, inaccurate information, device and data misuse and so on.

    Facilitate healthcare workforce management with unified team communication. For remotely operating healthcare officials, nothing works better than mobile devices that are powered with all the necessary apps and features, especially a functionality that will enable them with real-time team communication and collaboration within a secured and controlled business environment. After all, healthcare organizations and NGOs need to take necessary measures to protect patient health information and maintain data privacy to comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. This is where an MDM solution for Healthcare with a secure and unified team communication tool can play a pivotal role! Communication is key when it comes to keeping any business working efficiently, for instance, email is the most commonly used communication method in many businesses, but again, when selecting your email provider, a HIPAA compliant email provider solution should be selected.

    Secure and remote communication tools can not only drive easy, quick and effective team collaboration and better decision-making, but it can also ensure that data and information is shared within control and secure platform within IT vigilance.

    Scalefusion NuovoTeam Communication Suite can be a boon for remote healthcare professionals

    For NGOs and healthcare organizations, it is imperative to have a grip on team communication meant for business purposes for data security’s sake. At the same time, they need to ensure that remote healthcare officials do not face any challenge or delay in communicating with the team as that would lead to service delays and loss of business. How NuovoTeam Communication Suite can help with:

    • Seamless VoIP calling: Allow your healthcare executives to have seamless conversations with their team members and managers over VoIP calls without any cellular charges.
    • Incoming/outgoing call blocking: Reduce distractions and improve remote healthcare executives’ productivity by blocking unwanted incoming and outgoing calls.
    •  Conference call functionality: Enable your remotely operating healthcare professionals to have a secure team conference calls to discuss critical issues and gain faster resolution.
    • Effective Two-way chat: Your healthcare officials can experience a WhatsApp-like instant messaging app to share text messages, voice recordings, URLs, images and emoticons.
    • Powerful contact management: Allow your remote workforce to utilize a pre-published and easy-to-use contact list on their managed devices, simplifying team communication.

    In short, NuovoTeam team communication app can prove to be the most effective, quick and intuitive solution that drives efficient and secure remote team communication. For healthcare executives who telecommute to manage and provide healthcare programs and services, Scalefusion MDM powered by Eva is the best answer to all communications-related issues and challenges.

    Sonali Datta
    Sonali Datta
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