22 Best SaaS Tools For Businesses in 2023

  • October 6, 2020

Most SaaS companies comprise several moving parts, and it can be challenging for professionals to keep track of everything in the company. SaaS founders and executives often rely on a variety of tools to help them streamline operations.

top saas tools in 2023
Make your business work for you with these impressive top SaaS tools

That said, with so many different tools available out there, it can be challenging to decide which ones to choose. To gain that competitive edge, you must be careful in choosing the right products for your company that provide Saas loans. Moreover, these tend to be paid products, so you must research them before investing. This is why detailed product research is essential to your SaaS business growth. Alternatively, you can just look through this list to make your decision.

Here’s the List of Best SaaS Tools for Business

1. Hubspot CRM – CRM Software

Hubspot produces some of the most popular tools used by millions of SaaS Marketplaces around the globe. The Free plan for CRM Software is available in general, but to unlock its true potential, go with the subscription-based package, which costs around $50 per month. It is aimed directly at medium to small businesses and is highly scalable.

The user interface is one of the best and works beautifully with other HubSpot products. The CRM integrates various email marketing and sales solutions into one package and offers integration features for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, among others.

There are several plans to choose from, and this is one of the best tools that you can use for marketing automation in your SaaS startups.

2. Scalefusion – UEM Software

Scalefusion is a leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) vendor that provides businesses with the security and management they need to keep their mobile devices safe. With a powerful, intuitive interface, Scalefusion enables companies to secure their mobile devices while also providing complete control over device usage.

The Scalefusion platform supports a variety of industry-leading operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. It allows businesses to enforce corporate policies on all devices in their network with ease. In addition to standard MDM features such as remote lock/wipe and app deployment, the Scalefusion platform provides advanced capabilities like single sign-on for enhanced security. It helps users simplify the management of their credentials for access to device provisioning. Companies can also use it to set custom alerts & notifications for improved compliance monitoring.

3. DeskTrack – Best Employee Time Tracking Software

India’s best time tracking software, DeskTrack. It is a fully-functional and easy to use time tracking software that helps you track your employees’ working hours, calculate their daily wages and calculate their overtime pay. The software also allows you to generate real-time reports about your employees’ working hours and wages every day, week or month.

Best employee time tracking software that helps you to automate your employee time and attendance tracking. Desk Track is basically a Work Time software which maintains the accurate time record and helps to manage your resources in improving the efficiency of your business.

DeskTrack has been designed with the knowledge of industry’s best practices. It helps an organization more towards success  as well as for getting insights about productivity. It will definitely be a worthy investment for any business looking to track their employee’s time efficiently.

4. Intercom – Customer Communications Platform

Some of the world’s largest SaaS organizations, including Shopify, Mailchimp, and Atlassian, use Intercom to deliver personalized consumer experiences. Intercom is a marketing platform that combines email marketing, A/B testing, lead generation tools, live chat software, knowledge base tools, and a series of marketing automation tools.

Intercom can save a great deal of time for your SaaS enterprise and helps you both generate and nurture a series of new leads. It’s a subscription-based service, but its sheer plethora of features makes it a very suitable choice for your SaaS enterprises.

5.  EasySendy Pro –  Email Marketing

EasySendy Pro is a hybrid email marketing platform designed for small to mid-sized businesses. It is one of the best tools for SaaS companies, as it helps them send personalized emails to their customers.

The user interface is very easy to use, and it has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it very easy to use. It also comes with several features that help you manage your campaigns and track their performance.

The pricing is also very affordable, and the plans start from just $19 per month. This is one of the best tools for SaaS companies, as it helps them track the performance of their campaigns and improve their marketing strategy.

6. Cloudways – Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that allows you to manage the hosting of all your websites through a simple, user-oriented interface. It also allows you to choose cloud hosting from five leading IaaS providers: AWS, GCE, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode. 

You can deploy multiple cheap dedicated servers, install web apps, and track performance seamlessly through an easy-to-use platform. The platform also offers a trial period without adding a credit card, which is a significant plus point for first-time users. 

Cloudways make it easy for SaaS startups founders and web agencies to resell hosting to clients and grow their websites instead of worrying about the technicalities associated with web hosting. The company offers 24/7 support and lets you launch a server with a single click. It’s highly scalable too, ticking all the right boxes for SaaS startups.

7. G Suite – Document Collaboration Tool

G Suite is a must-have saas tool and one of the most powerful document collab tools out there. Both paid and free versions are available and are designed to make it easy for companies and teams to work with each other. It includes a presentation tool, a word processor, a spreadsheet program, and several other tools.

It offers unparalleled security and allows team members to remain up to date with all the tasks, regardless of where they are. The Suite syncs flawlessly on all iOS and Android devices, thus making it easy for everyone to remain connected all over the globe. Also, many third-party integrations with apps and databases are available. Like transferring GSheets to BigQuery, exporting data to CRMs, and more. It is an essential tool used by SaaS organizations in this day and age.

8. Slack – Communication Tool

Slack has become the de-facto communication tool used by professionals all over the globe. The application helps break down conversations into multiple channels, allowing users to remain up to date with whatever’s going on. Think of it as a more convenient replacement to email that lets you remain connected all the time.

You can also integrate other apps quickly with Slack to ensure that all of the information business needs is available at a touch to you. Slack’s functionality makes it one of the more popular tools out there, used by SaaS startups and companies in various other sectors. 

9. forms.app – Form Builder Tool

forms.app is one of the must-have tools for small businesses and large companies. With forms.app, users can create forms. surveys and quizzes in a short period of time, thanks to its over 1000 ready-made templates. Collecting feedback, creating interactive quizzes, and measuring satisfaction are some of its most successful features. That’s why forms.app is a tool that facilitates the process of converting leads into loyal customers.

By using forms.app, you can collect data about your product or service and obtain the customer portfolio that will enable your company to grow even more. With more than 500 third-party integrations, you will automate your work even more and spend extra time. In order to get the best results in your forms, surveys, and quizzes, you can also use forms.app advanced features such as calculator, conditional logic, customization option, collecting e-signatures, and accepting payment free of charge.

10. Google Analytics – Website Metrics and the Analytical Data

SaaS product owners and executives need to stay on top of the metrics and the analytical data behind the campaigns that they are running. Google Analytics is one of the best tools that can help you track performance. It offers insight into attribution data and helps you track and create comprehensive reports on website performance and incoming traffic.

On top of that, you can easily measure your return on investment (ROI), your flash or social networking sites, and any applications. With considerable ease, you can run tests and experiments on your websites and then track their success or failure through this Saas analytical tool.

11. Social Status – Social Media Analytics Tool

Social Status is the best social media analytics tool providing deep insights for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The tool also tracks Facebook and Instagram ads, LinkedIn paid campaigns and TikTok ads. You can benchmark your brand performance against competitors and understand what content works best. Social Status can export reports automatically in a range of different file formats. If you work with influencers, you can also use their Influencer Analytics tool to track and report on your influencer campaigns.

12. Billdu – Invocing Software

Billdu is a cloud-based billing and invoicing software for small businesses and freelancers that helps create, send and manage invoices. It offers features like customizable invoice templates, automatic payment reminders, and expense tracking. The software is accessible through a web browser or mobile app, and all data is securely stored in the cloud.
Main goal of the Billdu is to simplify the invoicing processes, allowing users to focus on their core operations. Billdu offers numerous advantages to your businesses. Its user-friendly interface enables efficient invoice management, inventory tracking, recurring invoice scheduling and on-the-spot card payments. The mobile app makes it easy to manage your business on the go. These features make it a comprehensive and convenient solution for businesses to manage their operations effectively.

13. Quickbooks – Money Management Software

Money management is the key to a SaaS startup, and you need to use a robust tool to ensure that your books are balanced. Quickbooks has been around for a long while, helping users ensure their accounts remain updated.

Quickbooks syncs seamlessly with all departments and can also be linked to your bank account, updating you on all money matters. From invoicing to budgeting, Quickbooks integration presents everything in an easy-to-use interface. There are three pricing options, so you can always scale upwards or downwards whenever possible.

14. Stripe – Money Management and Invoicing

Stripe is one of the world’s largest online payment infrastructures, allowing businesses worldwide to receive payments online. Users don’t need to worry about setting up merchant accounts with Stripe, and it allows them to receive payments via credit cards or other payment processors.

When it comes to money management and invoicing, Stripe is far ahead of the competition. It is used by companies like Google, Lyft, Amazon, Slack, and many others, making it the most popular choice for those who need an integrated set of payment products for their company. Its powerful APIs can be easily integrated into your site, and you will also find tools for virtually every stack.

15. SendX – Email Marketing Software

SendX is an Intuitive, Affordable & Feature-rich Email Marketing Software for marketers & business owners. SendX prides itself on enabling marketers with one of the simplest UIs in the industry. SendX provides unlimited email sends with every plan, powerful automation capabilities, and best-of-breed email deliverability. 3000+ companies worldwide trust SendX for their Email Marketing.

Customers can easily integrate SendX with the following saas applications Zapier, WordPress, Upscribe, SumoMe, Slack, WooCommerece, Medium, Getsitecontrol, Thrive Leads, Optin Monster, Stripe, PayPal, Facebook, Google Analytics, Click Funnels, Instapage, and many more.

16. Scribe – Screen Recording Tool

Scribe is a desktop app and browser extension (Chrome and Firefox) that automates the creation of how-to guides. Simply click “Record” and complete the task you want to show a client, and Scribe automatically writes the instructions, takes the screenshots, and highlights your clicks. You can add extra instructions, delete steps, modify screenshots, and redact information. Gone are the days of hopping on a Zoom call to show a process or manually creating guides in Word documents. You can also reuse standard guides with your clients, saving time over the long run.

17. Teamwork – Remote Team & Project Management Tool

Teamwork is a team management app and project management software ideally positioned to help you manage your SAAS organization. Useful for both in-house and remote teams, Teamwork can help you run every department, from Software development to marketing teams.

Teamwork can help you create a single source of truth, helping teams stay organized with better collab and communication. Teamwork integrates with many popular apps, such as Slack, Hubspot, and Google Drive. It is also super easy to use, with no steep learning curve.

18. Chameleon – Product Adoption Platform

Chameleon is a great tool for managing all in-product engagement. For product people to control the software experience. What do you get with Chameleon? A suite of customizable, no-code tools, ready to blend into your site, drive success, and take you through three pieces of product management software to help you plan, launch and maintain user-centric products.

19. Picreel – Lead-generation Tool

Picreel is an easy-to-use lead-generation tool for marketers and business owners. The software helps you display targeted popups to potential customers that result in a guaranteed increase in leads, sales, and conversions. It is one of the best tools to push your site visitors down the conversion funnel.

Picreel is equipped with a huge template library that contains SaaS-oriented popup designs, and with a user-friendly popup editor, you can get started with high-converting popups in minutes. You also get a powerful dashboard to measure the performance of your campaigns in real time and an A/B testing engine to test multiple variants of popups. Picreel also supports seamless integration with over 700 sales and CRM tools to smoothly sync captured leads.

20. Hypercontext – Collaboration Tool

SaaS enterprises rely on high-performing teams to propel the business forward. And high performing teams rely on great managers. Hypercontext is a saas solution to help managers streamline quarterly priorities, recurring meetings, and engagement measures into one workflow so you can focus on leading your team without all the admin work. 

The meeting agenda software allows you to build shared agendas for one-on-one, team, and cross-functional meetings so you consistently meet purposefully. Within the app, access hundreds of tailored conversation starters, exchange feedback, document decisions, and track goals. Hypercontext helps ensure you’re focused on what matters: making meetings more effective so your team’s more productive and engaged.

21. Recurpost – Social Media Management Tool

RecurPost is a “One-click Share all” social media scheduler that helps marketers to plan, schedule, and manage social media posts on all platforms. With Recurpost, you can publish posts at the “best time” to gain maximum engagement and create recurring schedules to attract your blogs. Our Library feature helps social media managers to manage their content efficiently. It is one of the most demanding Social media marketing tools that help various SMM streamline their tasks. Besides bloggers, RecurPost, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn post scheduler is ideal for startups and small businesses to delegate their clients using the Workspace feature. The Inbox feature helps users quickly reply to messages and align their team members with replying to them.

22. FreshBooks – Cloud-based Accounting Software

Freshbooks is top saas cloud-based accounting saas software that helps businesses manage their finances. It offers a variety of features, such as invoicing, time tracking, and expense tracking. Additionally, it integrates with popular third-party apps like Google Drive, Slack, and Salesforce. This makes it easy for businesses to keep track of their finances and collaborate with their team. Freshbooks is available as a subscription service and has a free trial option. You can download free templates from Freshbooks, like invoice templates, time tracking templates, profit and loss templates, and many more.

23. LitCommerce – Multi-Channel Selling Tool

If you want to fast raise your sales revenue, sell through several channels. Consider connecting your eCommerce store to Amazon to benefit from this marketplace’s large customer base. For example, if you wish to sell on Amazon using WooCommerce, a multichannel selling platform like LitCommerce & amazon seller tools may help you quickly create a WooCommerce Amazon integration and manage everything from a single dashboard. (Extremely simple to use; no code necessary)

23. Writesonic – AI-based Writing Assistant Tool

Writesonic is an AI-based writing assistant tool that helps you create better and faster content. With this intelligent tool, you can easily create engaging and high-quality content without worrying about the time and effort it takes. Whether you’re writing a blog post, an article, or a website landing page, Writesonic will help you create content that stands out from the rest. With this business intelligence tool by your side, you can create content that is SEO friendly too. 

Just enter your content into the tool and watch as Writesonic automatically generates a draft for you to edit and improve. With Writesonic, you can create high-quality content in no time – so you can spend less time writing and more time focusing on what matters most: your business.

24. Zonka Feedback – Customer Experience Management

Zonka Feedback is a customer experience management and SaaS survey tool that allows businesses to create various surveys to analyze and improve customer experiences across multiple touchpoints and channels, such as websites, mobile, emails, SMS, QR codes, and more. To help speed up the feedback collection process, the platform includes 500+ industry-specific ready-to-use survey templates.

The platform’s survey allows SaaS businesses to easily measure CX metrics such as NPS, CSAT, and CES. The survey builder enables intelligent survey creation with features like as skip logic, personalization, hide logic, white labeling, and so on. The platform’s built-in automated workflows set it apart from other SaaS feedback tools. You can easily keep your team members in the loop with real-time alerts and auto-tagging responses to close the feedback loop faster.

Wrapping Up

This article highlighted some of the most popular tools used by professionals for managing their SaaS companies. Because of the dynamic nature, it is essential to use sophisticated technology to remain up-to-date and to establish a foothold in the industry. Of course, there will be many powerful tools apart from the ones highlighted here, so if you are working in a SaaS organization and have some insights to share, we’d love to hear from you! 

Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops, laptops and other endpoints

Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.
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