Speed-Based Locking of Apps: Restricting Mobile Phone Usage While Driving Using Scalefusion

Mobile devices and vehicle-mounted devices are widely used in the trucking, transportation and logistics industries owing to the ease of operation they usher in. Replacing paper-based documentation, latent resource sharing and conventional methods of shipment tracking, mobile devices have found a permanent place within the driver fleet across diverse industries throughout the globe.

Speed-based App Locking
Speed-based App Locking

One of the primary concerns however, is the distractions that can be possibly caused by the use of mobile phones on the road. It is an extreme safety hazard, not to mention the use of mobile devices for purposes other than work to lead to additional data costs and hindrance to the overall driver efficiency. The value of using mobile devices by drivers has huge benefits but nothing compares to the loss that can be caused if the driver is distracted while driving because of a mobile device.

To smartly mitigate the risks involved in drivers accessing mobile devices while driving, Scalefusion offers speed based locking. The mobile devices used by the driver fleet are managed extensively by a mobile device management solution that helps in maintaining device performance, tracking the device, sending across business documents and resources, ensuring efficient communication with the drivers and also remotely troubleshooting the device if it runs into an error. To make the solution completely driver-friendly and ‘made for the road’, Scalefusion’s speed based locking of apps is incremental.

Here’s how it works:

Using speed-based app locking, IT teams can now set a speed limit for every device and lock the phone while driving. Once the speed threshold is reached, the application access on the mobile device is blocked so that the driver can no longer be distracted by the use of a mobile device. These settings can be selectively applied to a specific set of applications, the ones having a high susceptibility of use by the drivers when hitting the road. By doing so, access to essential applications, for instance, GPS apps can be continued while applications for video streaming or communication can be blocked.

How to configure speed-based locking of apps on Scalefusion

Navigate to the Scalefusion dashboard. Start by editing the device profile to which you need to apply speed-based app locking.

Scalefusion Dashboard- Image 1

Click on the restrictions section within the profile. You can find a list of ‘Access conditions’ settings on the left sidebar.

Scalefusion Dashboard- Image 2

Now, start configuring the settings for speed-based access. You can enter the speed limit post in which the applications are to be locked. Use the checkbox to get started and enter the speed limit in kms/hr or miles/hr. Please note the minimum speed limit that can be entered in 10.

Scalefusion Dashboard- Image 3

Next, you can configure which apps are to be locked based on the above mentioned speed threshold. You can choose to block access to all apps- where all the applications on the device will be locked or you can choose to block the access to selected apps- where access to only certain applications will be blocked. 

Scalefusion Dashboard- Image 4

You can then configure an optional message that will be flashed on the device screen when the speed limit is reached, alerting the drivers to slow down.

Scalefusion Dashboard- Image 5

Once you are done configuring the settings, you can save and update the profile and push it on the devices. The speed based locking of apps will now be activated.

Closing lines..

The speed based locking of apps is available for Android devices managed with Scalefusion MDM. The devices that are to be locked need to have GPS always enabled. These settings can also be configured from the device profile section.

Ensure a streamlined driving experience to your driver fleet, enhance safety on the road while leveraging the power of Android devices.


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Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops & laptops and other endpoints

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Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops & laptops and other endpoints