Scalefusion users can now receive notifications in lockdown mode!

  • July 25, 2017

Understanding our clients’ requirements and market trends, it has been our continuous endeavour to innovate and add the utilities to our products, for not only the existing but for the prospective clients as well.

In a step further, we have just released Scalefusion (v2.0.0) version. The updated version which is available both on the Google PlayStore as well as on the Scalefusion Enterprise Store has features, which eases the usage and management of mobile devices in locked down mode.

The most striking feature of this version is the Notification Center, with which Scalefusion users will now get App notifications. So far, when the devices are locked down in Scalefusion, the default notification bar of the device is disabled. Users do not receive notifications for any allowed Apps. But now, in Notification Center, when the Admin enables the settings given for a particular device profile or the group profile from the Dashboard, the devices with that profile will be able to receive the notifications. But, if any of the settings are disabled, devices will get a notification at the bottom of the screen that this feature is not available. For an e.g., if the Flashlight is not enabled in a particular profile and any device belonging to that profile taps on the flashlight to turn it on, it will get a notification that this feature is not available.

User can launch the respective application by tapping on the notification itself. For an e.g. if there is an incoming call, a notification will be displayed which will have ‘Answer’ & ‘End’ buttons. When a user taps on any button, a respective action will be performed and when the user is on the call, it will show as “Call in progress”.


What is Notification Center?


Notification Center is the settings under the Profile section of Scalefusion dashboard. Admin can enable/disable the settings for the devices or the group of devices in that particular profile and accordingly the user can or cannot access it from the Notification Panel on the device(s).

Settings in Notification Center which can be enabled/disabled

Screen rotation/orientation – Admin can disable or enable the user to change the orientation of the device from the notification panel.

Flash Lights – Setting to allow the user to turn ON/OFF flashlight from the notification panel.

Time zone – Setting to launch the time-zone screen where the user can set a time zone for the device.

Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi can be either turned ON or OFF if this setting is enabled.

Hotspot – If it is enabled then the user can turn On/Off from notification panel but if the hotspot is not configured then the user will get the notification about it.

View Background Apps – This feature is On by default. It will show the list of recent apps running in the background. To switch to any app, the user has to click on its icon.

Kill Background Apps – By this setting, the user can kill the background apps.


What will be seen in Notification Panel?

On first swipe down from the status bar, you will see a small notification panel, which includes

– Recent apps
– Clear recent apps
– Screen rotation/Change orientation
– Wi-Fi status


On the second swipe down, a bigger notification panel is seen with,

– Brightness control
– Enable/disable Flashlight
– Screen rotation/change orientation
– Time zone
– Wi-Fi status
– Hotspot
– View background app


Other important features of Notification Center

– Max 50 notifications will be shown. If the number of notifications exceeds 50 then in that case, the old notifications will be deleted from the list.
– Users can scroll up/down to view the notifications.
– Users can remove any notification (except non-removable notifications) by swiping it to right.

As described above, by now, you might have got insight up to a certain extent about how this feature adds value and helps the device users as well as Scalefusion Admin.

In addition to Notification Center, Scalefusion has added various other features to enhance its utility. To know more about our product modifications and enhancements, visit our website,

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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