Mobile devices and Apps are Transforming the Healthcare industry

  • September 26, 2017

Healthcare industry is fast changing with the change in technology. In recent times, you might have witnessed a paradigm shift in healthcare services. It is because of the rapidly advancing mobile technology and use of smartphones & tablet by the healthcare professionals, many aspects of medical practices have been transformed.

As per researchers, the use of mobile devices in healthcare is fast increasing, and it is projected to reach $58.8 billion by 2020. Research done by a leading consulting company, in the UK, forecasts mHealth market as shown in an infographic.

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Use of mobile devices by healthcare professionals

It is inferred from various surveys, that most of the healthcare professionals use mobile devices in clinical practices and education. Initially, desktop and then laptops were being used by HCPs who need fast access to information, but now powered by cloud for real-time data storage and updates, they are replaced by smartphones and tablets. These mobile devices have proved to be more handy, light and multifunctional with various support applications, where traditional PCs or laptops would have many dependencies on other third-party hardware components for similar tasks. Infographics below will give you an idea about the percentage of physicians using mobile devices, the purpose of their usage and what are their sources of information –



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Healthcare professionals require utilities with the help of mobility,  

  1. Communication capabilities – voice calling, video conferencing, text and email
  2. Hospital information systems
  3. Informational resources – textbooks, guidelines, medical literature, drug references
  4. medical software applications or the Apps
  5. Support Apps for taking pictures, scanning documents, and file sharing.

Role of Mobile Apps in healthcare

The rapid incorporation of mobile devices into medical practice has driven the development & availability of medical software applications or Apps. These Apps facilitate HCPs with various critical tasks like – easy health record maintenance and access, patient management and monitoring, communications and consulting, reference and information gathering. Besides these, there are various Apps available for different supporting tasks also, like, prescriptions, coding, and billing, medical calculators, clinical guidelines etc. Today’s patients are also increasingly using mobility and explore opportunities to get more benefits from health care and hospital experience using mobile devices. Even many health care services now, provide Wi-Fi access on their premises given to patients as well as doctors and administrators.

In a nutshell, mobile tech provides a simple platform where both the health care units offer their services more effectively where the patients avail it with more ease and timely manner. Who cares about a paper written a prescription and additional efforts to store them, when everything is in the palm of your hands!

Ensure security and effective usage of Mobile devices with MDM solution – Scalefusion

In order to leverage mobility, hospitals provide mobile devices to HCPs and in-house patients. These devices need to be secured from any misuse for personal purpose, in other words, they are to be used for the defined purpose only. The hospital can achieve this, with the help of Mobile Device Management Solution for healthcare.

Scalefusion is a Cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. It enables to remotely manage, control and secure mobile devices given to healthcare practitioners and patients in the hospitals. It ensures that the devices are used only for the purpose for what they are meant, by whitelisting only the hospital relevant websites and apps. But, that does not mean that medical practitioners cannot take advantage of other medical services’ Apps. They can have all the healthcare services related Apps on their own Enterprise App store, have all the critical content in Mobile Content Management and track the devices in real-time by Location Tracking.

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Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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