Ensure your remote employees stay updated with latest information with Mobile Content Management

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    What do doctors serving in remote rural areas, teachers educating away from campus, sales reps showcasing your products to clients, and taxi & truck drivers, have in common?

    Distribute mission-critical content with Scalefusion

    They are knowledge & dynamic workforce who are using mobile devices remotely for their work. And, often we don’t realise how smartphones and tablets have transformed their work.

    Why is Mobile Content Management (MCM) critical for enterprises? 

    Doctors may need to access patients’ information remotely, school teachers need to distribute study material to students, sales reps need to give a presentation to a client in another city or country, drivers need access to various kinds of documents for efficient transportation. The common challenge for all these people working remotely in different industries is access to important content easily and without much manual effort.

    Mobility provides the biggest advantage of transferring business-related content from the premise to employees, working remotely on their mobile devices. Studies indicate that it increases the productivity, profitability and efficiency by 30%! But, with the advantage, it equally becomes extremely critical that content is circulated within the enterprise devices only and the devices are secured.

    What is Scalefusion?

    Scalefusion is a Mobile Device Management Solution which enables our customers to remotely manage, monitor and control their enterprise mobile devices over the cloud. From big enterprises to SMEs achieve so, by locking the devices in kiosk mode and avoids any misuse by the employees for playing games, irrelevant surfing, downloading stuff etc. Scalefusion Solution offers Mobile App Management (MAM), Mobile Content Management (MCM), Geo-Fencing and Location Tracking, Security Features, Monitoring Bot (EVA) among various other useful features. Admins can publish business critical content and apps and track all the devices in real-time, from a cloud-based dashboard.

    How can Scalefusion help business with Mobile Content Management?

    With MCM, an administrator can manage all the content on a dashboard and remotely distribute on the devices or the group of devices. It supports various file formats like docx, pptx, xlsx, pdf, avi, mkv, 3gp, mp4, mp3, wav, 3ga, m4a, aac, ogg, amr & gif files.

    Employees can access different types of contents, required by them for the necessary task at hand. These files can be organized swiftly in different folders and then further publish those folder/s on a single device or group(s) of devices. In addition to that, unwanted files and folders can be wiped clean remotely as well.

    What makes Scalefusion and it’s MCM different from other solutions?

    In order to manage the content and its distribution well, ideally, when the devices are in locked down mode by an MDM solution, the end user should not get the access of the files/content if there is no proper file system. Most of the MDM solutions integrate with any 3rd party file App which the MDM solution is not able to control completely and hence, employees can exploit it to share and view the media files even when they are in the locked down mode. However, Scalefusion has its own file manager App – File Dock, which manages the distribution of all the contents from the dashboard to the registered devices. And from there, the user can access the content directly and no access to other parts of the device’s storage.

    Since, all business relevant content is uploaded to a central platform – Scalefusion Dashboard in the cloud, a central source of truth is created, as well as, a system for controlled content distribution.

    Patient data, educational material, sales material, logistic paperwork and any industry-specific crucial content can be accessed from the tablets anywhere and anytime via Scalefusion mobile app. With app, all content is correctly displayed on a tablet/smartphone and becomes accessible even without an internet connection. When a new version of a certain document is available, uploading it once to the platform is enough to make sure all remote employees are working with correct and up-to-date content.

    The benefits of having Scalefusion Mobile Content Management platform:

    • Centralised remote content management and control
    • Access to the latest and approved content, hence there is no disparity in the content to distribute to the employees.
    • Easy to update content.
    • No confusion about which version of a document to use as it will be maintained only by admin.
    • The existing content within an organization is used to its full potential because field employees carry it with them at all times.

    Would you like to learn how to set up a Mobile Content Management for your business?

    It’s very easy! Even for a non-IT person. Effortlessly maintain critical content in three simple steps from a single Scalefusion dashboard.

    Upload – Easily upload and organize various content format in different folders on the dashboard.

    Publish – Remotely publish the files as well as folders, seamlessly, from the dashboard to the devices or the group of devices.

    Manage – Remotely manage & control content which includes adding, copying, deleting, publishing and unpublishing the files & folders from the devices as well as from dashboard.

    For field employees, the ability to access content instantly and on the go is vital. With reduced screen space in smartphones, the admin needs to give them access to the most relevant information so that they can easily use the content needed in their jobs every day.

    So whether your business is using only a couple of mobile devices or is having thousands of mobile devices, Scalefusion can work the best for you. As your business scales, we scale with you. So, you don’t have to start the fresh search in the market for new technology every time and whenever you add a few new devices because we continuously innovate and work with new technologies.

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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