Android Digital Signage: Why You Need an MDM Solution

MDM for Android Digital Signage
Mobile Device Management for Android Digital Signage

Modern businesses are evolving, thanks to the arrival of accessible technology. Today, conventionally non-tech enterprises including retail and agriculture are making use of technology to streamline processes, improve customer service and accelerate the productivity of the workforce. In this article, we will have a look at Android-based digital signage for business and how this modern tech can help transform businesses when coupled with an MDM solution.

Digital Signage: An Overview

Digital signage is one such commonly used technology in several industries- from retail to hospitality, transportation to entertainment. 

Digital signage is a digital device placed strategically within places that garner large footfall for:

  • Displaying product/service information
  • Advertising
  • As way-finders in zoos, malls, museums
  • Displaying up-to-date information about transport schedule
  • As a part of interior decor in hospitality
  • To play entertainment content in public waiting areas
  • In hospitals to display patient-room info
  • In schools and universities to display updates

Android Digital Signage

Android devices are known for being user-friendly and cost-effective and hence find a popular place for personal as well as enterprise use. Android digital signage kiosks are used at various places, in retail malls, at the airports, at hotels, resorts, at the hospitals, in school, in museums, Android-based digital signage is widely used in industries like retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, travel & tourism. They are used for displaying advertisements, maps, traveling information like interactive videos, the map of a museum or shopping mall, flight status, information about a historical landmark.

Android digital signage is used very conveniently for various purposes as people get interested in displays that are eye-catching and dynamic and offer a great deal of flexibility.

However, the bottom line is that while digital signage offers a great deal of flexibility and capabilities, the way you remotely manage will determine how effective it will become, as there will be a number of signages deployed at various locations. The IT admins/business owners managing a fleet of Android-based digital signage have to consider the following challenges:

  • What if something goes wrong with Android devices that are used as signage? 
  • What if the app running on all the signage needs an update? 
  • What if some additional content is to be urgently uploaded on the signage at a remote location or there is some change in the existing content and updated one needs to be shared? 
  • What if you need to install the digital signage solutions’ app remotely on the number of signage at various locations? 

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IT admins should be able to integrate digital signage solutions’ app with mobile device management for digital signage and remotely update the app, update & push the content & support the devices with any issues. So, all the signage stays functional and the right information is displayed on the right screen at the right time.

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Scalefusion MDM for Android digital signage

Scalefusion is an Android Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for digital signage, enables retail malls, hotels & resorts, schools, and other services as well to have content management on devices while offering extensive remote management capabilities to centrally control and manage all the signage across multiple locations.

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Over the air provisioning

With Scalefusion support for Android zero-touch, businesses can configure their Android digital signage devices such as tablets, Android screens and Android TV boxes over the air and directly ship a provisioned device to the end location.

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Kiosk lockdown mode

Using the Scalefusion Kiosk lockdown mode, any Android tablet/TV can be turned into digital signage. The applications other than the app to be displayed are blocked and the device serves as a display screen. Admins can also control the screen orientation, brightness and hardware keys.

Remote Content Management

With Scalefusion content management for Android digital signage, IT teams can push content files, folders, videos and presentations on the digital signage remotely. They can switch between two presentations, update or change the content remotely.

Remote location tracking & security alerts

Scalefusion offers location tracking for Android digital signage and IT admins can also set geofences to ensure that if the digital signage is moved from its location, the IT is alerted. IT admins can also configure security alerts if end-users try to factory reset the device or attempt several wrong passcodes. This can help in ensuring device security.

Reports & Workflows

IT teams managing Android digital signage can automate security alerts, compliance checks with workflows and obtain detailed reports of the device activity and performance. IT can schedule downtimes, reboots and this comes in handy since Android digital signages are mostly unattended. The IT teams can keep track of data usage, battery usage of the Android-based digital devices and keep a close eye on the entire inventory remotely.

Remote Support

The Android digital signage devices are unattended and if a device is down, the IT teams have no option but to physically examine the device. But with Scalefusion Remote cast and control, IT teams can not only remotely mirror the device screens but can also take control of the screen, navigate folders, push or delete files and record the device behavior for further support escalation

Web-based dashboard

Scalefusion MDM enables businesses to simplify their Android digital signage management from a web-based dashboard that can be accessed on any computer. This gives the IT teams the flexibility to manage and control all the digital signage at a different location from a single dashboard. Create robust security configurations and control access, schedule remote app updates on rooted devices and get health stats of all the signage.

Business benefits of MDM for Android digital signage

  • Enhanced inventory management
  • Easy content updates for better customer engagement
  • Improved device security
  • Reduced costs for deploying and troubleshooting remotely operating devices

Scalefusion Mobile Device Management for digital signage provides you with all the capabilities you need for the remote central management of the deployed digital signage.


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Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops & laptops and other endpoints