Content Management Solution for Digital Signage Kiosks

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    Digital Signage kiosks are electronic displays mostly found in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, airports, offices, corporate conferences and various other public places where information needs to be shared by the display. It is the centrally controlled platform to showcase digital content to one or multiple displays at a single or multiple locations.

    With the mobile device revolution, Android tablets are also used by many as digital signage kiosks as they give cost advantage and convenient deployment. However, before these devices are deployed, they need to be properly set up and locked into a kiosk mode so that they are not tampered with, and the content has to be uploaded on those devices. How all these things can be achieved. The answer is very simple, and that is a Cloud-Based Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution, aka digital signage content management solution.

    Digital Signage Content Management System using Scalefusion Presentations

    Scalefusion MDM extends its solution a step further. It has come out with a new feature of Presentation mode as a part of the Mobile Content Management (MCM) Solution. This feature is specifically for your requirement wherein you need to you use your content as a screensaver. You may have tried it but might not have been successful, as it needs some settings to be done.

    However, Scalefusion makes it easy for you to meet your requirements, firstly by setting up the devices in a single-purpose Kiosk, enabling the FileDock application to ensure that you are subscribed to Mobile Content Management (MCM) and thereafter, by using Scalefusion Presentation mode feature you can easily publish, update the content of digital signage.

    Here, in the following video, you will understand very quickly how one quickly does it…

    One of the very remarkable properties of using digital signage content management solutions is that you can display your content as a screensaver with your conditions. For e.g.,

    • You can display the presentation in the landscape.
    • You can continuously display presentations without any user interaction. If you do not wish to, you can very well do so and have a play button to restart the next loop.
    • You can choose the definite interval time among different videos or images. In short, it gives you much flexibility in how you want to display your content. IT admin has all the power to set it right. It enables you to Edit, Publish, Unpublish and even delete the presentation.
    • You can display various types of content, including images in a presentation mode or a video, using an online video maker, i.e., .jpg, jpeg, png, gif, and mp4. Or you can integrate the published videos on YouTube if you’re considering recording longer videos.

    It can be published on the selected devices or the group of devices all at once. However, a few points to take care of –

    • Digital Signage and Screensaver consume considerable battery and internet bandwidth.
    • It is suggested to use it on those Android devices that offer you a good screen resolution and screens which are optimized for digital signage kiosks.


    When a business needs to deploy kiosks, it becomes imperative to go for the digital signage content management solution by which a streamlined presentation can be displayed to convince the customers.

    For more information on how to set it up for your digital signage kiosks, go to Scalefusion Presentation Mode for Digital Signage Kiosks

    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch
    Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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