Android TV Kiosk Mode: How to Turn a TV into Digital Signage

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    Known for their versatile displays and functionalities, smart TVs running on the Android operating system transformed how the world perceived televisions. The ‘idiot box’ got smarter, the screens got bigger and better, and the hardware got chic and sleek.  In the commercial environment, to communicate with your audience, we can observe a surge in the use of Android TV boxes for multiple use cases.

    turn tv into digital signage

    From displaying advertisements to working as a way-finder, from streaming entertainment and sports to timetables and specific applications, Android TVs find their place in diverse industries as digital signage. Thanks to their high resolution and 4K displays, they are also deployed as wall decoration, displaying attractive motion pictures, graphics, and designs. Android TVs can also be used in educational institutions like schools to display educational & informative images and videos. 

    With a 40% year-on-year growth in the Digital Signage market, it is obvious that deploying Android TV as digital signage is a wise choice. To effectively manage Android TVs without physically visiting the device location, you can opt for the Scalefusion Digital Signage software.

    With Scalefusion, remote management of Android TVs is simplified. IT admins can easily publish dynamic content, lock the Android TV to run only specific applications, and troubleshoot device issues without examining the devices physically.

    how Android can boost your business

    Benefits of Running Android TVs as Digital Signages

    Android TVs can serve as excellent branding touchpoints for businesses across industries–both internally and externally. In addition, from an IT admin standpoint, Scalefusion-managed Android TVs offer plenty of benefits when used as digital signage.

    Content Management System

    IT admins can manage Android TVs remotely. The digital signage content can be changed or updated as per business requirements. This includes running digital signage displays as branded slideshows, videos or pictures in a loop. A major advantage here is that content can be changed or fixed based on the situation or customer footfall. For example, a liquor store can run a BOGO slideshow during certain times of the day as happy hours. 

    Complete Security

    Android TVs running as digital signage are essentially unattended kiosks. Thus, IT admins can be on top of their security as these TVs run only dedicated apps in the background. Nobody can tamper with such Android TVs as almost all functionalities, such as HDMI ports, are disabled. Only authorized personnel can access them.

    Remote Troubleshooting

    Suppose an end user reports certain issues or malfunctions in an Android TV digital signage; there is no need for an IT admin to visit the physical location of the digital signage. IT admins can leverage the Scalefusion MDM dashboard to troubleshoot the issues remotely. The primary benefit of this is that the downtime of the Android TV is minimized.

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    How to Turn a TV into Digital Signage Using Scalefusion Android MDM

    Step #1:

    To configure the Android TV in kiosk mode, you can directly navigate to the device profile, which is applied to the managed Android TV. In the profile section, allow the application that is to be set in single-app mode.

    turning a tv into digital signage

    Step #2:

    Now, navigate to the Kiosk/Launcher settings in the Device profile section. Select the application as the default application to run always. This will set the Android TV in Kiosk mode.

    How Can You Push Content Remotely to an Android TV Box?

    If you want to deploy Android TV as digital signage, you can enroll the Android TV box into the Scalefusion kiosk lockdown and publish content on it remotely. Make sure that your admin account has the Content Management feature enabled. On the managed TV box, publish the File Dock Application, a native app by Scalefusion.

    Step #1:

    Navigate to the Content Management section on the dashboard. Click on Add New (Upload File) to add content to be published on the Android TV box.

    how to turn a tv into digital signage

    Step #2:

    Create a presentation with the uploaded content on the Scalefusion dashboard. Publish the created presentation on the Android TV box. 

    turn tv into digital signage

    Step #3:

    Move to the Device Profiles & Policies section. Click on the Device Profile Section. In the kiosk/launcher settings, choose FileDock as the default application and update the Device Profile.

    Android TV kiosk mode

    Your Android TV box will now be configured to run a single application, playing the Digital presentation on the TV screen. You can configure and edit the presentations remotely and push the content on the Android TV box. 

    You can also configure Android TV kiosk mode using Scalefusion. With the Digital Signage Solution, the Android TV is set to run in single app mode, and one chosen application runs continuously on the TV device.


    With Scalefusion Android MDM, configuring Android TV boxes and Android TV as digital signage is eased out. From waiting for areas to hospitality lounges, from huge office spaces to transport hubs, businesses can leverage Android TVs’ versatile, high-quality display and make the most out of them with the help of Scalefusion.

    To explore how Android TVs can run as digital signage, book a demo with our product experts or start a 14-day free trial today!

    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane
    Renuka Shahane is an avid reader who loves writing about technology. She is an engineering graduate with 10+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for web-based startups.

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