Business-Critical IT Policies: The Role of Scalefusion MDM in Maximizing IT Productivity

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    Being heavily dependent on technology and digital devices, most businesses today have an IT team with IT administrators who look after the management of their diverse digital devices and set ground rules for the usage of these devices in sync with the organization’s requirements. Being an IT administrator is not an easy chore considering the ever-evolving landscape of the business world. Businesses change their work models constantly and sometimes abruptly to stay ahead of their game. However, it is the IT administrators who are drowned with the execution of an overwhelming amount of course changes and innovative ideas.

    To accommodate the pouring service requirements and implement strategies for efficient digitalization, it is imperative for IT admins to set clear guidelines in the form of IT policies to meet various business needs.

    What are IT Policies?

    IT policies are guidelines set by the organization’s IT admin for the usage of the company’s assets. With strong IT policies in place, admins can take control over various vital aspects of the organization including data security, device governance, detecting security breaches, etc. for business continuity and minimal operational damage.

    How Does Scalefusion MDM Play a Role in Enhancing IT Productivity?

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are designed for IT admins to streamline their operations and save time on tedious tasks with automation and comprehensive usability. Scalefusion MDM offers diverse functionalities for IT admins to create extensive policies for their organization, all from a single unified console.

    No matter how diverse your organization’s device types and operating system are, Scalefusion MDM helps IT admins manage, monitor and secure various aspects of a multitude of Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 devices. 

    Let’s have a look at the diverse offerings of Scalefusion MDM to effortlessly construct the most efficient IT policies:
    Scalefusion presents extensive capabilities to help IT admins manage and secure their diverse devices efficiently. Right from enrolling the employees’ devices with Scalefusion, to provisioning and securing devices. Scalefusion helps IT admins unburden themselves and enhance their productivity levels. As an IT admin, you can leverage the following from the Scalefusion dashboard.

    1. Easy device enrollment

    IT admins can enroll their organization’s devices and push enterprise-specific policies on them even before your employees start using the device for an out-of-the-box policy initiation. Furthermore, enrolling corporate or BYO-devices on Scalefusion requires minimal end-user intervention with various device enrollment policies to speed up device onboarding such as:

    • QR-code based enrollment
    • EMM-token enrollment (#AfW)
    • Serial number based enrollment
    • IMEI based enrollment

    Scalefusion also supports the device enrollment programs presented by the various OS for easier onboarding of bulk devices.

    • Android Zero-touch Enrollment
    • Apple DEP Enrollment
    • Windows Autopilot
    • ROM-based Enrollment

    2. Over the air App Provisioning

    Scalefusion understands that provisioning employees’ devices with the right tools and tech stack is of utmost importance. To help IT admins simplify the process of app distribution, Scalefusion enables over-the-air app management. You can simply create diverse device profiles for your diverse teams and push applications on them at once. You can deploy public apps from the Google PlayStore, Apple App Store, Windows Business Store or even in-house apps from the Scalefusion Enterprise Store. This capability goes a long way in enhancing IT productivity as it not only enables remote device provisioning but also saves IT time.

    3. Remote Support

    Being erudite in the field of technology, IT admins are frequently approached by employees to resolve their device issues. Scalefusion presents the Remote Cast and Control capabilities for IT admins to reach out to their employees, no matter where they are and help resolve device errors quickly. This not only prevents IT admins from paying frequent on-site visits, but also helps employees get back on track quickly without extended downtime. IT admins can also record casting sessions, take screenshots and generate support tickets from various integrated ITSM platforms.

    Amongst the numerous tasks managed by the IT admins, ensuring the security of the organization’s assets and business information is one of the most critical tasks. Especially since remote working has taken over and various remote working trends such as BYOD have taken shape, it becomes imperative for IT admins to devise strong security policies.

    4. Security Policies

    Scalefusion offers a plethora of security features that can be configured on employees’ devices straight from the dashboard. Whether you want to configure device security-related policies such as Passcode Policy, Blocking Hardware Buttons and navigation, Remote Device Lock, etc. or you want to configure data security-related policies such as Conditional Email Access, Factory Reset Protection, data encryption, etc. you can leverage it all, from the Scalefusion dashboard.

    You can also monitor and control what your employees can and cannot browse. Enterprises end up paying hefty fines for security breaches and accidental data loss. IT admins can create network security policies such as configuring the VPN or blocking malicious websites on the employees’ devices to ensure corporate data security.

    5. Automating Tasks with Workflows

    Barring the critical tasks related to security and troubleshooting, IT admins are responsible for several other minute tasks such as ensuring compliance with the set IT policies, running routine OS and software updates, executing device reboots, ensuring the device vitals stay optimized and much more. Although these tasks are important, they are tedious and consume a lot of working hours. Scalefusion lets you create various Workflow to automate routine IT tasks. You can create multiple workflows for various mundane IT activities to be executed at a predefined time. Once scheduled, your Workflow executes itself automatically at the given time and frequency.

    6. Remote Content Sharing

    Whether you want to push business resources and documents on your employees’ devices in bulk, or you want to push videos, media and presentations on unattended devices such as kiosks, you can do it straight from the Scalefusion dashboard. Scalefusion lets IT admins push content files of diverse formats to specified locations instantly, over the air. 

    IT admins can also configure Remote Commands from the dashboard which helps them create automated commands for a variety of content management tasks such as installing files, deleting files, launching files, sending broadcasts and much more.

    7. Integration with Third-party Tools

    Besides the numerous device management features that Scalefusion offers, IT admins can also integrate best-in-market third-party solutions. You can integrate the solutions that you love with the Scalefusion dashboard to gain extra capabilities from a single console. Conversely, you can also leverage an extensive set of APIs to integrate Scalefusion with the solutions of your choice to create customized management platforms for your ease.

    The duties of an IT admin do not just end here. Besides provisioning and securing devices, offering instant troubleshooting and routine device maintenance tasks,  IT admins also need to constantly keep a check on their devices, their whereabouts and their performance. Scalefusion MDM helps IT admins monitor their organization-wide inventory with several features such as:

    1. Location Tracking

    You can track your dispersed mobile devices in real-time straight from the Scalefusion dashboard. IT admins can leverage GPS-based or IP address-based locations of their entire device inventory in real-time. Further, IT admins can also create area-specific Geofences to define a virtual boundary for the devices. Scalefusion alerts you in case the device leaves the defined Geofence. To ensure location-based compliance, IT admins can also configure Geofence-based Profile Switching, which automatically changes the device profile and along with it, the policies set on the device too.

    Location monitoring capabilities are crucial since several industries have on-field and constantly moving workforces. This way, IT admins can be aware of their inventory’s whereabouts and keep a close eye on it.

    2. Device Reports

    How do you stay updated about the hundreds of devices that you have assigned to your employees? IT admins are required to stay fully updated about their device inventory in terms of their usage and performance. Tracking the device vitals of bulk devices can be a cumbersome task. With Scalefusion, IT admins can generate extensive reports based on diverse device vitals such as battery usage, data consumption, account activity, device inactivity, app versions, SIM swap history, unlock attempts and much more.

    To further simplify analyzing the devices, IT admins can leverage Scheduled Reports, which can be scheduled for a particular time and frequency. Obtaining insights on device health, analyzing device behavior and making important decisions related to devices can be made effortless.

    3. DeepDive Analytics

    Talking about device health, reports are a way to dig deeper and analyze matters at the individual device level. How about obtaining insights on an inventory-wide level? Scalefusion’s DeepDive analytics presents a very detailed overview of all the devices in the organization based on their usage patterns and their performance. You can obtain real-time visibility of your devices including platform summary, inventory snapshots, compliance violation data and much more.

    Closing Lines

    They say “change is the only constant” and growth comes at the cost of frequent re-evaluations and changes. IT policies define the way an organization uses its digital assets which forms the basis of every major operation. Scalefusion MDM helps IT admins define guidelines for various aspects of their organization using a simple and feature-packed platform with an ultimate intention to simplify the IT operations and enhance IT efficiency.

    Shambhavi Awate
    Shambhavi Awate
    Shambhavi is a Senior Content Writer at Promobi Technologies with prior experience in commercial writing, creative planning, product cataloging, and content strategizing. She is a "Biotechnologist turned writer" and believes that the inception of great ideas happens over coffee.

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