Product Manuals

Detailed instructional guides to use Scalefusion

Lockdown Tablet in Classroom and Educational Institutions

Advancement in the internet and mobile technologies have changed the dynamics of the Education sector. In Digital Education,…
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Lockdown Android devices into Single App Kiosk Mode

Single App Kiosk Mode means to set an app as the default and make it run all-time on…
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Remote Cast Installation Steps

What is Remote Cast? Remote Cast works by mirroring the active screen that is being viewed on the…
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Safe Mode on Android Devices

Restrict Safe Mode Access on Android Devices

Safe mode is used in troubleshooting pesky app problems on your Android device. In safe mode, you won’t be…
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Restrict access to unnecessary apps on student mobile devices

Now-a-days instead of gradual developments, technology is taking leaps. In the past decade, Android devices have captured almost…
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Block incoming/outgoing calls in Android

How to block incoming and outgoing calls in Android Phones?

Driving efficient communication between teams in an organization is essential to drive collaboration. While companies extend mobile devices…
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Detection of failed attempts to exit Scalefusion

Scalefusion helps companies to lock down the devices and enforce policies which make it easy to manage these…
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How Online Food Aggregators are Benefiting from Mobility Management?

Online Food Aggregators Overview Online Food Ordering Services or Aggregators is one of the fastest growing industry in…
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