Product Manuals

Detailed instructional guides to use Scalefusion
How to Block Specific websites on iPhone

How to Block Specific Websites on iPhone or iPad

It is no surprise today that Apple is dominating personal users as well as enterprises. Since 2007, when…
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How to Block Websites on Android phone or Tablet

How to Block Websites on Android Phone or Tablet?

With a variety of smartphones and tablets flooding the market, Android mobile devices are used by all for…
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Eva Communication Suite

Ensure Simplified Business Communication with Eva

We have recently launched Eva Communication Suite-  a team communication app for our Mobile Device Management Solution, Scalefusion.…
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Apple Enterprise Mobile Device Management for iOS Devices

Apple Enterprise Mobile Device Management for iOS Devices

The blog describes the varied aspects of Apple MDM solution for your iOS devices and how an organization…
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Digital Signage Kiosks

Content Management Solution for Digital Signage Kiosks

Digital Signage kiosks are electronic displays mostly found in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, airports, offices, corporate conferences and…
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Importance of iPads in Healthcare and Ways to Secure Them with Scalefusion

The paper clipboards remained healthcare industry’s mainstay for a long time, but today, many of the hospitals have…
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Lockdown iPads for Business

Lockdown of iPads for Business Use

No time to read? Listen to the audio blog, on-the-go! iPad is Apple’s remarkable technological innovation. Since its…
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How To Setup iPad Kiosk Mode

Lock iPad to One Website to Deploy it as a Kiosk

iPhones and iPads are used by organizations for the official purpose to showcase the product or service offering…
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5 Benefits of Lockdown iPad in the Classroom

Lockdown iPad in the Classroom

iPads and iPhones are used widely in education today because of the ubiquity of the mobile devices and…
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