Lockdown of iPads for Business Use

  • September 3, 2018
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Lockdown iPads for Business

iPad is Apple’s remarkable technological innovation. Since its entry, it has created a benchmark of how it can be useful to consumers as well as businesses.

iPad has powerful features which nor the consumers or the businesses are using them all. If at all they leverage, It can be a powerful work tool with the right apps and an Apple Device Management solution by which an IT administrator can configure corporate or user-owned iPads for business. The lockdown of iPad for business use by MDM allows you to have centralized control and management of corporate devices.

Corporate-owned iPads can be easily configured by IT administrators even if in bulk and can enforce restrictions on them and distribute the right apps required for enterprise work. Many organizations in the retail and education sectors turn the iPads into the kiosk by using Single App Mode to restrict the corporate iPads to one app and disable various other capabilities with iPad Kiosk Software. In this way, only the authorized people get access to the designated apps. But, generally, in companies, where mobile devices are provided to the employees for the work purpose, they require more than one apps and they need to be locked as well.

[Note: Pls refer this if you want to Lock your iPad to One App]

MDM can help companies mitigate security risks by applying device profiles to enrolled devices, which will turn iPads from consumer-friendly devices to business-savvy tools. Also, when companies give people the control to work the way they want, with the right tools which they find comfortable, they are motivated to work at their level best. Hence, employees and employers both prefer, iPads as they empower them to be more productive and collaborative. In addition, today’s modern business world is fast embracing mobility and in turn, they are witnessing increased productivity. Again, it is simple and cost-effective for IT to deploy iOS devices in the organizational setup.

However, before deploying iPads, organizations must have a business aim for deploying these devices and this aim will thereafter drive the device allocation and its management strategy.

Mobile Device Management strategy includes –

1. Employee-centric experience
2. The solution should have a flexible pricing strategy
3. Latest technological provisioning
4. Employee/team specific setup
5. Real-time support

How to lockdown iPad for business use?

Scalefusion for iOS is a cloud-based MDM solution which enables various industries and small to large enterprises to effectively manage corporate-owned mobile devices for different use-cases.

Here are the few of the many features which it offers –

1.The powerful set of security and management features

  •  Single App Mode/Kiosk Mode
  • Autonomous Single App Mode
  • Multi App Kiosk Mode
  • Blacklist/Whitelist specific websites and restrict access to unwanted web content
  • Network Management by Remotely create & configure Wi-Fi and hotspot settings of iOS devicesAsset Tracking by tracking the location of all the devices in real-time

Device Restrictions by disabling devices features like volume buttons, auto lock and system apps such as iCloud, Siri, Camera, etc.

iPad & iPhone Single App Mode

2. Scalefusion iOS MDM for supervised devices allows you to have enhanced control over the device. It provides additional configurations and restriction options for iOS devices.

  • Customize the home screen by arranging and hiding apps
  • Change wallpaper of home screen & lock screen
  • Recover lost devices using Lost Mode without an Apple ID.
  • Disable hardware keys such as Volume Buttons and system apps like Camera, Siri, etc.

3. Application Distribution & Management

  • Seamlessly search and distribute apps from the Apple App Store to iPads and iPhones
  • Equip people with apps they need
  • Enable your employees with apps that keep them productive. Our integration with the Apple App Store enables you to find and silently distribute the public apps on iPads and iPhones.

4. Fast iOS Device Enrollment

  • Supports Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
  • It provides a fast & seamless way for large-scale deployments of corporate-owned iOS devices that are purchased directly from Apple or through participating Apple Authorized Resellers.

5. Content Distribution & Management

  • Seamlessly distribute content to iPads and iPhones with Scalefusion Content Management for iOS from the dashboard.

iOS Content Management


For the companies which are contemplating implementing mobility in the organization for various business functions. If you don’t have a Scalefusion account yet, sign up for your free account today and start using your iPads for strict business purposes.

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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