Lockdown Tablet in Classroom and Educational Institutions

Advancement in the internet and mobile technologies have changed the dynamics of the Education sector. In Digital Education, the way children are learning and facilitators are teaching at home, school, colleges, and institutes are way different than 10 years back! It has become highly innovative and creative! This trend will continue to change with emerging technologies.

As a part of the change, education is becoming more and more fun, interactive, and innovative. We come across various multimedia educational content, highly informative educational websites, and even apps for managing the whole learning system of institutes. It is beneficial for both students as well as teachers.

Kiosk lockdown solution for Educational institutes

To adapt to these changes, more and more schools and other educational institutes have inculcated mobile devices like Android phones, tablets, and laptops in their education system. Students use tablets in the classroom and at home for learning purposes not only from the electronic textbooks but also from approved educational websites and apps. In addition, teachers can interact well with their peers and teachers related to their curriculum and projects. As every side has two coins, technology has definitely improved the learning process but there are pitfalls like students misusing the devices for other entertainment purposes. For e.g. playing games, watching irrelevant videos and movies, listening to songs, accessing websites other than educational, etc. So by locking down tablets in schools and institutions can be more productive for both teachers’ and students’ practices.

Benefits of Lockdown Tablet in Schools and Educational Institutions

No Misuse of Data

Misuse of device data by the students can be stopped by monitoring multiple devices with the help of an efficient and alternative to Mobile Device Management solution for education. It has a Kiosk Lockdown feature. Thereafter, control of data on the device is possible, by keeping a check on what the student can access on their devices. At this point, institutions must rely on a better Kiosk Lockdown software for education like Scalefusion, as they provide you with better control and management features of the device, remotely.

Easy Access

Students get an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and thought process by incorporation mobile devices within the classroom as well as at home. It facilitates children to learn conceptually and practically.

Helps Teachers

Kiosk Lockdown Software solution makes teaching very convenient and favorable for teachers too. Students work collaboratively in a team and this encourages the students to share their knowledge digitally.

Learning under Supervision

Students’ devices can be monitored remotely for proper maintenance and efficiency, providing a seamless and advanced learning experience by approving only relevant curriculum related to educational websites and apps.

How Scalefusion Achieves Best Education Solution?

To explain in brief, Kiosk Lockdown Software – Scalefusion manages a wide range of devices remotely, using a single web-based dashboard.

The device settings can be configured and monitored remotely by the administrator.

Name the device as per the student’s name. This will be easy for the admin to identify which device the student was accessing.

Remotely sharing educational contents with students- Educational contents include videos, images, audio clips, pdf, etc.

Whitelisting websites- This will allow the student to access only those websites which are chosen to be whitelisted for the help of students. All other websites are disabled automatically. Hence, it keeps students away from irrelevant content online and stays focussed on learning.

Allowing only those apps which are selected by the admin. This will help the student to focus more on the classroom and not get involved in other time and concentration dissipating activities.

Location tracking and Geofencing will track the student’s device that goes outside the area (a specific position where a virtual radius is formed). It also alerts the administrator with the timings and duration of the student’s device outside the pre-defined territory. This helps teachers as well as parents to locate their children in case of absence.

Device data – that includes media data: audio, video & images along with app data (if any) i.e. branding images, website icons & so on can be removed remotely from the dashboard by the administrator.

The administrators can install, delete, and update files or apps on multiple devices at any time from the dashboard very conveniently.

Teachers can take online quizzes by allowing those specific apps dedicated to that particular service from the Scalefusion add-on Enterprise App feature.

No additional IT staff required for implementing educational software in tablets in institutes.

Scalefusion is one such solution that provides the Best Mobile Device Management. It allows the institutions to manage the devices remotely from a web-based dashboard. This will help the institutions in controlling and making the effective use of the devices for innovative learning. Scalefusion gives a complete Kiosk Lockdown solution to the educational sector.

With the rapid growth in enterprise devices, it’s necessary to manage and secure their devices more effectively using Device Management software. Manage Devices more relentlessly not only for Android & iOS devices but also for Windows using our Windows 10 Kiosk Mode solution.


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Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops & laptops and other endpoints

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Thousands of businesses rely upon Scalefusion for managing their mobile device, desktops & laptops and other endpoints