Introduction to Kiosk Browser Lockdown for Windows 10

  • October 24, 2019

Configuring Windows 10 devices for business is an excellent idea. Windows 10 devices enjoy the position of being one of the most preferred computer devices in the world with a market share of more than 48.86%. Windows 10 devices are not only user-friendly but are also familiar to a diverse set of users, making it a preferred choice as kiosk devices. Deploying Windows 10 devices as kiosks aids in improved productivity of your employees and invites more footprint to your single-purpose kiosks.  One of the most popular use-cases of Windows 10 kiosks is a kiosk browser. 

Turn Windows 10 devices as kiosk browsers
Windows Kiosk Browser

In this article, we’ll be shedding some light on Windows 10 Kiosk browser, but let’s start with a few basics…

Kiosk Browser: Introduction & Benefits

When a device is locked to only a single purpose- as a browser, it is known as a kiosk browser. A kiosk browser is used for browsing websites for work, business as well as education. It is a customizable browser used for accessing the internet in a controlled and managed environment. 

Deploying devices as kiosk browsers help in maintaining safe browsing, limiting access to malicious, hurtful and unnecessary websites and controlling data costs.

Where are Kiosk Browsers Used:

  • Airports
  • Waiting areas 
  • Hotel receptions
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Retail stores

Kiosk Browser Lockdown on Windows 10

Windows 10 devices are extensively used as Kiosk browsers. A kiosk browser lockdown solution is used to configure the company-owned Windows 10 devices as a browser in the above-mentioned use-cases. Scalefusion Windows 10 MDM offers the capability to configure a Windows 10 Kiosk browser for business as well as education.

Using Scalefusion, IT administrators can create device usage policies and configure the Windows 10 devices into single-purpose devices extensively used for browsers.

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Types of browsers that can be configured on Windows 10 devices using Scalefusion

  • Microsoft Kiosk Browser
  • Google Chrome Browser

Microsoft Kiosk Browser

Developed by Microsoft kiosk browser especially for Windows kiosk devices, the Microsoft Kiosk browser can set into single-app mode on Windows 10 devices using Scalefusion. 

With Scalefusion, the following settings can be configured on Microsoft Kiosk browser:

  • Allow or block websites
  • Display/hide forward, back and address bar
  • Display/hide home button
  • Display/hide end session button
  • display/hide session restart dialogue

Google Chrome Browser

Chrome browser is the most preferred browser for desktops with a market share of around 70%. With Scalefusion, businesses, as well as educational institutes, can leverage the extensive capabilities of Chrome browser without compromising on security.

Scalefusion offers customization of the following features of the Chrome browser on managed Windows 10 devices.

  • Configure startup settings and home page
  • Allow/block bookmarks
  • Allow/Block pop-ups, javascript and flash plugins
  • Disable cookies, browsing history, password manager
  • Enforce incognito mode
  • Control network & proxy settings
  • Set default search engine
  • allow/block printing 

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You can also publish private browsers on managed Windows 10 devices with Scalefusion, but to make the most of kiosk browsers, it is recommended to use Microsoft Kiosk browser or Google Chrome browser.

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Choose Scalefusion to convert any Windows 10 device into a kiosk browser. Try the kiosk browser lockdown on Windows 10 by Scalefusion, today!

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