Windows Kiosk Browser App vs Chrome Browser for Managing Browsing Experience on Windows 10

  • October 16, 2019
Microsoft Edge Vs Chrome Browser

Windows 10 devices are preferred by organizations to be deployed as browser kiosks, to offer internet access to multiple stakeholders and users, thanks to their familiarity and ease-of-use across all user types. Controlling the browsing environment on these devices without impacting the user experience is crucial and hence, managing the Windows 10 kiosk browser devices with a Windows MDM solution is essential. 

Scalefusion MDM helps in managing Windows 10 kiosk browser devices secured with company-specific policies & restrictions. Scalefusion supports Windows Kiosk Browser app as well as Chrome browser on managed devices for controlled browsing. With Scalefusion, IT administrators can enforce single app mode on Windows 10 devices and configure Microsoft Kiosk browser or Chrome as the browser, leveraging the features of each for desired business benefits.

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As both Windows Kiosk browser and Chrome browser are rich with capabilities to extend a secure browsing environment, it is crucial to know how each of these can be effectively managed for optimum business outputs.

Scalefusion helps businesses in unleashing the true potential of Google Chrome by extending granular Chrome configurations for Windows 10 devices. In this article, we will have a look at the comparison of Windows Kiosk Browser app vs Google Chrome (Windows Chrome browser) for managing the browser experience on Windows 10 devices.

Windows Kiosk Browser App vs Chrome Browser Management Comparison Table

Scalefusion Management
Kiosk Browser
Allow/block websitesYesYes
Control Forward, Back & Address BarYesYes
Control Home ButtonYesYes
Control Session Restart Dialogue displayYesNo
Control End Session buttonYesNo
Select User AccountYesYes
Default Home PageNoYes
User Experience SettingsNoYes
Content settingsNoYes
Security SettingsNoYes
Network SettingsYesYes
Windows Kiosk Browser App vs Chrome Browser Management
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As the fast-paced world relies more and more on accessing the web, it becomes imperative to have consistent access to the internet for various business as well as leisure purposes. Organizations deploy digital devices with coherent access to web apps to drive business operations. Retail stores make use of retail kiosks for streamlining purchases and offering an improved buying experience. The hospitality industry focuses on providing internet kiosks at spaces with large footprints such as airports, transport hubs, waiting areas, and shopping malls. 

With Scalefusion, managing Windows Kiosk Browser App as well as Windows Chrome Browser is streamlined. Organizations can leverage the capabilities of these kiosk browsers coupled with the popularity of Windows 10 devices to drive business growth, user engagements while up-keeping device security & user privacy.

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