Improving Employee Engagement with Corporate Digital Signages

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    To stay ahead of the game in an ever-competitive corporate world, businesses must maintain high levels of productivity. High-performing businesses would agree that active employee engagement is crucial to the success of the company. An engaged employee is enthusiastic about his work, is aware of the company goals and is committed to achieving those goals.

    Improving Employee Engagement
    Digital signages for employee engagement

    Every enterprise talks about the importance of employee engagement, but very few conjure up the right strategies to make it happen. According to a report, only 20% of the employees globally are well engaged in their workplace. It is the need of the hour for businesses to think of actionable strategies to improve their employee engagement.

    It is known that digital signages are effective in engaging consumers. Businesses are experimenting with this trend to improve their internal communication. In this blog, we will throw light on how digital signages can help businesses engage their employees better.

    Why Is Employee Engagement So Critical?

    Employee engagement is an underrated aspect that can make or break a business’s profitability. A report suggests that businesses with high employee engagement displayed a 21% increase in their profitability.

    Let’s understand the business benefits of a highly engaged workforce:

    1. Greater Productivity

    Engaged employees are clear of the company goals and work in a much more focused manner compared to unhappy and disengaged employees. A workforce that is enthusiastic and has a common goal displays greater output and higher productivity.

    2. Better Employee Retention

    Employees lookout for other jobs when they are not entirely satisfied with their workplace. Streamlining internal communications, engaging employees with updates and feedback and giving employees recognition for their contributions leads to healthy work culture. Employees tend to stay longer at workplaces that offer a healthy work environment.

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    3. Improved Customer Satisfaction

    Good customer service and satisfaction are the key elements to a company’s growth. Engaged employees care about their work and the outcome. Having a well-engaged workforce results in enhanced customer service.

    4. Enhanced Brand Reputation

    Happy employees are the best brand advocates. When you take efforts to keep your employees engaged and improve their employee engagement, they reciprocate by word-of-mouth marketing. Your employees are the voice of the company and they form the basis of your company’s reputation for being a good workplace.

    Digital Signages: Their Role in Boosting Employee Engagement

    In today’s fast-changing business environment, digital technology plays a vital role in streamlining operations. Digital signages are actively used by several industries such as retail and hospitality to engage their customers. This technology is now finding applications in offices and corporate environments as well.

    Explore how digital signages help businesses enhance their employee engagement:

    1. Improved Way-Finding

    Locating various departments in an enormous office space can be a cumbersome task, especially for new employees. Large organizations that have a massive campus, or smaller businesses renting out spaces in large co-working arenas can present such challenges to their employees. Having digital signages that display the map of the campus makes it easier for employees to find their way through the campus. The ability to visualize buildings and spaces makes the process of locating places faster and easier for employees.

    2. Direct Company Updates

    Most enterprises run on hierarchical management. The top management tier makes business-critical decisions which are then passed down to the managers of various teams and ultimately to the executives. Even if a company’s communication strategy is seamless, passing the information down the funnel can create silos, leading to disengaged or uninformed employees. Digital signages displaying all new company updates or critical decisions can ensure that every individual in the organization is aware of the company’s happenings.

    3. Cross-Department Collaboration

    Implementing digital signages is an effective way to keep your teams informed about the performance, achievements and updates of each department. Large organizations generally face the challenge of information being siloed and teams being unaware of what other teams are up to. Displaying updates about the company-level happenings with the help of digital signages can keep your employees well informed.

    4. News & Entertainment

    Digital signages are a way to engage employees and grant them recognition for any achievements even beyond office work. Your employees’ talents and achievements such as an award won in sports, art or music, an employee being featured on a prestigious platform, etc. can be shared with the rest of your employees. It also helps organizations keep the work environment light and refreshing with the help of short games, quizzes or quick entertainment videos for the employees.

    5. Enhanced Training

    The implementation of digital signages in every room can turn it into a potential training space. Digital signages are easy to use and can help managers display versatile content such as videos and presentations to enhance the training experience for the new employees. Managers need not wait for a conference room to be vacated in order to commence with the training sessions, they can simply plugin or remotely share the content like training template to any digital signage for uninterrupted training.

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    6. Simplified Meeting-Room Bookings

    All employees at some point have found themselves searching for a meeting room, only to find all of them already occupied. The contest between various teams trying to occupy limited meeting rooms often leads to important discussions left pending. Implementing digital signage outside meeting rooms with a content management app that helps employees book the meeting room for various slots helps to streamline the process. The digital signage can openly display the slots that are already booked and the ones that are available.

    7. Interactive Display for Feedback

    A healthy workplace takes its employees’ opinions and feedbacks seriously. Interactive digital signages can be a great way to run surveys and collect employee feedback about their peers or specific processes in the company. This way, businesses need not roll out organization-wide emails or paperwork, they can simply use their digital signages for their employees to fill out forms, feedback and surveys with just a few screen taps.

    8. Crisis Communication

    Businesses have a dynamic work environment. Achievements and downfalls are all a part of the journey. However, having a quick internal communication plan is a crucial element of crisis control. Emails, phone calls or circulars are slow and ineffective means when a crisis hits. Digital signages offer a quick and efficient way for businesses to circulate critical updates throughout the organization in the form of clear and concise messages.

    Digital Signage Management With Scalefusion MDM

    Implementing digital signages in corporate spaces certainly helps to improve employee engagement. However, it is not an easy task to deploy multitudes of employee-facing digital devices. To successfully implement digital signages, businesses have to consider adopting efficient digital signage management solutions that help them secure, monitor and manage their unattended devices. Scalefusion MDM offers a powerful feature set for businesses to simplify their digital signage security and management on an organizational level.

    How does Scalefusion simplify digital signage management?

    • Company IT admins can push content in diverse formats such as videos, presentations and images remotely on their digital signages.
    • You can leverage the Kiosk Mode to configure your digital signages in a single-app presentation mode.
    • You can brand your digital signages with your company logos, wallpapers and screensavers.
    • You can configure a fixed volume, screen layout and brightness settings remotely on all your digital signages.
    • You can prevent employees from changing the pre-configured settings by blocking hardware buttons and device peripherals.
    • You can keep a close eye on your dispersed digital signages and constantly monitor their performance, device vitals and usage patterns via the Scalefusion dashboard.
    • You can leverage a comprehensive inventory overview, as well as detailed reports of every digital signage based on device vitals such as the battery, data usage, etc.
    • You can configure compliance alerts for storage space, data usage limits, screen inactivity and security incidents.
    • You can remotely troubleshoot your digital signages with Remote Cast & Control, screenshots, screen recordings and generate context-aware ITSM tickets.
    • Scalefusion also lets you automate manual IT tasks such as routine device rebooting, OS and app upgrades, etc.

    Closing Lines

    Digital signages have proven benefits for industries when it comes to engaging clients and customers. However, with the right implementation strategy, you can also use digital signages to create a big difference in your corporate workspaces. Engaging employees is as simple and effective as it gets with digital signage.

    Shambhavi Awate
    Shambhavi Awate
    Shambhavi is a Senior Content Writer at Promobi Technologies with prior experience in commercial writing, creative planning, product cataloging, and content strategizing. She is a "Biotechnologist turned writer" and believes that the inception of great ideas happens over coffee.

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