How to Enroll macOS BYO Devices on Scalefusion

  • July 24, 2019
Enroll BYO macOS device
Enroll BYO macOS Devices

Mac machines are preferred by professionals across all verticals, thanks to its minimalistic yet classy design, easy user interface, and inbuilt, robust functionalities that offer an unmatched experience across diverse purposes. From designers to photographers, developers to sound engineers, from offices to schools, mac machines are preferred and loved. And while schools opt for distributing MacBooks for educational purposes, there is a large number of students who prefer using their personal MacBooks for school. In offices and businesses, empowering employees-owned mac machines with business resources and apps helps achieve better efficiency and also significantly cuts down the cost of inventory.

And while more and more companies want their employees to engage employee-owned mac machines for business use, the biggest challenge lies in securing the business data on the BYO (Bring your own) devices without hampering the user’s personal data on the BYO devices. The huge influx of BYOD mac machines raises a significant concern for IT teams to enroll, secure and facilitate the use of these devices.

Scalefusion BYOD mac management aids IT to streamline device enrollment for BYO devices. With Scalefusion, IT can enroll BYO devices, publish business-specific content and apps on the employee-owned mac machine and remotely secure the device without accessing user’s personal data.

Let us have a look at the step-by-step enrollment process for mac BYO devices:

On the dashboard side:

1.Start by creating a mac profile on the dashboard. Navigate to the device management section and click on the device profiles. Here, you can find all the previously created profiles.

Enroll BYO Mac device

2. Start by creating a new profile. Choose Mac operating system and add profile name.

Enroll BYO Mac device

3. Configure restrictions and preferences. Save your changes. Your profile is now created and ready to be applied to devices and configurations.

Enroll BYO Mac device

4. Navigate to the Device & User Enrollment section on the dashboard. Here, you can find all the previously created QR code configurations. Click on create new. Add configuration name and choose the type Persona (BYOD). You can also add a prefix or suffix to regulate the device naming.

Enroll BYO Mac device

5. Apply macOS device profile that we created in step number 4. Click on Next to proceed. Add license and save your configuration.

6. You can now start inviting users to the BYOD configuration. Choose mac option before you start sending out email invites.

Enroll BYO Mac device

7. You can configure the invitation email or use the default template provided by Scalefusion.

8. You can now start adding users for the configuration. You can also add multiple users and send invitations to multiple users.

Enroll BYO Mac device

On the device side

9. The user receives the invitation email on the work email id. User has to click on the enroll button to proceed.

Enroll BYO Mac device

10. The user is redirected to the enrollment page and has to confirm the enrollment process to be initiated on the mac device.

11. An OTP is generated and sent to the registered work email id.

12. User can enter the OTP and finish the enrollment confirmation process. The user can read the terms of use declared by the company IT and accept to continue.

13. Once the user accepts the terms of use. Profile installation is initiated on the mac machine. To continue, the user has to click on the install button.

14. User can complete the profile installation in simple steps.

15. Once the profile is set up, the device is managed by Scalefusion. The device details are now visible on the dashboard. Administrators can remotely delete the device and secure the business data on the device.

Enrolling employee-owned mac machines in Scalefusion Mac MDM is straightforward and doesn’t require specialized IT. Empower your employees to work from anywhere while securing the critical business data on mac machines with Scalefusion.

Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.


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