Benefits of Using Mobility Management for Hotels

  • February 17, 2016

The Hospitality industry is growing rapidly and adopting mobile technology to give their customers the best user experience. Given the advantages of using mobile technology in Enterprises, Hospitality industry is in transformation phase and is swiftly moving towards using smartphones and tablets. Even though this transformation in the industry has various advantages, it also comes with certain challenges. Hotels are using mobile devices to optimize their operations and logistics as well as improving customer satisfaction. Some tech-savvy restaurants are using tablets so that the customers can place an order easily. The tablets are placed on tables or are handed to customers through which they can place an order.

Major hotel chains are simplifying their check-in process by using tablets. Tablets are placed at the reception and guests can enter the details, select their preferences and required in-house services. They are also improving their in-room experience with the help of mobile devices allowing customers to place orders, request room service, control room environment etc.

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Mobile Device Management Challenges in Hotels

Growth in the hospitality industry and the adoption of mobile technology makes it difficult for management to manage the devices manually. The hotel owned devices can be used by the employees for personal purposes to install non-business related apps like games and social networking apps which can result in increased data cost and decreased productivity. This is why devices need to be secured with effective mobile device management (MDM) tool.

Scalefusion Advantage

Scalefusion is a Mobile Device Management Solution which locks down devices by turning them into kiosk mode. The Android kiosk mode allows the administrator to remotely access the device through our web-based Device Management dashboard. Scalefusion – Kiosk Android App must be installed on the devices in order to enroll them in the device management dashboard.

Once setup, the admin will see all the registered device(s) on the dashboard. The users won’t be able to exit or stop the Scalefusion application. The kiosk mode then allows the admin to enable/disable the apps on the device. Blocking non-business related apps will restrict users to use devices only for its intended purpose. The admin can remotely track the device(s) and get the real-time location of the device(s) on the dashboard. Scalefusion also allows the admin to send messages to the registered device(s) via a dashboard. By using Scalefusion Kiosk Browser, the admin can whitelist websites from the dashboard. The user can only access the whitelisted websites through Scalefusion browser.

Using the dashboard the admin can group the devices according to its use, which makes it easy to manage the devices. Scalefusion also offers content management feature which allows the admin to share files with the device(s) or device group(s) remotely via the dashboard. These shared files can only be accessed through Scalefusion File Explorer. The admin can also publish/update any app on the device(s) remotely via dashboard using Scalefusion’s Enterprise Store feature. The user gets a notification on their device and then the user can install/update the app. This feature reduces the downtime of the device and hence increases productivity.

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