As the number of mobile devices and time spent on them increases, mobile technology is reaching new levels of sophistication and advancements. One such technology is the Global Positioning System (GPS) which has evolved to be more precise since its inception. GPS has powered up two significant features in today’s mobile devices: Geofencing and Location […]

Present workspaces are on the brink of organizational upheaval in terms of technology and generation-shift in decision makers. With the baby boomers set to retire, millennials taking on powerful management positions, and Gen-Z set to join the workforce, a modern workspace will see a dramatic change in how revenue drive is highly influenced by technology […]

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is steadily making inroads in a mobile work environment. Now a mobile enterprise ecosystem is no longer limited to smartphones and mobile devices. It includes an army of desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers, scanners, wearables, and now IoT devices too. Thus, a unified approach is required to consistently configure, manage, secure […]

The exponential rise in the number of mobile devices, IoT devices making inroads in the enterprise ecosystem, is empowering organizations to formally adopt and accept employee personal devices for corporate use. BYOD is known for its various advantages, viz. employee agility to work from their preferred locations and using their preferred (personal) devices, improved user […]

Android has steadily gained popularity in recent years and has made inroads in an enterprise environment. It is thus critical for every business to identify personal devices used for business purposes, equip them with layers of security, and ensure consistent deployment, updates, and management in a scalable manner. Google launched Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) in […]

Apple announced the general availability for Apple Business Manager in June 2018, which is now available in 65 countries (or regions). It was launched to ease IT teams’ efforts for managing devices, content distribution, and employee roles in an organization. Here is a quick roundup on Apple Business Manager and how it can impact your […]

Companies are empowering the employees to use Apple devices like iPhones and iPads for enhanced user productivity – Apple devices have especially upended the industries like telecom, gaming, entertainment, healthcare, and education. There are some specific factors that drive successful iOS device usage within enterprises, out of which the most important is to achieve a […]

Unified Endpoint Management is the buzz-word in enterprises that support and manage a full-fledged mobile work environment with corporate-owned and employee-owned devices controlled from a single console. The modern-day workforce is tech-savvy, connected, aware, and hence more demanding when it comes to ‘choosing’ the kind of devices they work with. Thus, enterprises have to look […]

With the rapid adoption of BYOD and cloud-based services, the use of applications and services that are outside the purview and control of the corporate IT department has spiralled. Employee engagement in technology or systems for business use without the knowledge or approval of the company’s IT department is known as Shadow IT. So, let’s […]

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solutions are fast gaining traction in most digital enterprises. The UEM approach provides a secure and centralized platform to control and manage a diverse set of devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital signages, rugged devices, wearables, printers and many more. UEM benefits also include user flexibility wherein employees can work […]