5 Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for Android & iOS

  • August 26, 2022

Modern-day businesses rely a whole lot on efficient communication, especially since enterprise mobility has picked pace. If you have a mobile workforce that migrates frequently and works from remote locations, then you must agree that cellular phone calls or formal emails are not the best way to keep communications flowing seamlessly. And of course, in a mobile-first world, no one is expected to carry bulky radio-based walkie-talkies for communication. Thankfully, businesses now have powerful walkie-talkie apps at their disposal which they can integrate into their employees’ smartphones. That’s right, you can turn your smartphone into a walkie-talkie just by installing a walkie-talkie app on it.

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps for Android & iOS

Why Use a Walkie-Talkie App?

If you are wondering how walkie-talkie apps help, for starters they work on cellular networks which are much clear and lack the static noise created by radio communication. Also, there are walkie-talkie apps for Android and iPhones which can be easily installed on multiple devices, without the need to buy expensive licenses and permissions. Most modern-day walkie-talkie apps offer encrypted communication to their users, unlike traditional walkie-talkie radios which could easily be intercepted.

What’s more? Your workforce need not always be in close proximity with each other to connect using the walkie-talkie app. You can connect with anyone, anywhere with just the push of a button. This also means, that your employees do not need to spend excessive time dialing phone numbers, dealing with network errors, or typing long text messages. They can leverage instant push-button connectivity using walkie-talkie apps which is not only time-saving but also much safer given the labor-intensive tasks that the bottom line is generally engaged with.

Who Can Benefit the Most From Walkie-Talkie Apps?

Who doesn’t like instant communication? It is a necessity to stay updated with versatile business operations. However, there are a few industrial sectors that involve deskless workers and cannot do with regular modes of communication. These deskless workforces benefit the most from the instant push-button connectivity delivered by walkie-talkie apps.

Here are some examples:

  • Construction workers
  • Mine workers
  • Workers at Manufacturing & Production plants
  • Fleet drivers
  • Police & security forces
  • Ambulance drivers
  • Firefighters
  • Facility managers

Top 5 Walkie-Talkie Apps for Your Business

To successfully pick the best walkie-talkie app for your business, you must first be aware of the particulars and characteristics of the software solutions available in the market. If you are on the fence about implementing a walkie-talkie app for your mobile workforce, let us help you out.

Here’s a list of 5 powerful walkie-talkie apps that every business must know:

1. NuovoTeam Walkie Talkie App

NuovoTeam is the best walkie-talkie app for Android and iOS, as well as rugged smartphones and custom-built devices. It is easy to use and allows users to turn their smartphones into walkies. With end-to-end encrypted communication and minimal latency, NuovoTeam allows users to leverage 1-1 or 1-many push-to-talk calls over cellular networks such as 3G, G4 or WiFi.

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps 1
NuovoTeam PTT Walkie-Talkie


  • Simple user interface
  • 128-bit encryption for secure information exchange
  • Ultrafast push-button connectivity
  • Multi-media messaging
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Text messaging, VoIP and video calling
  • Location sharing
  • Live voice playback
  • Corporate directory integration
  • MDM integration for faster deployment
  • Comprehensive analytics for employee monitoring
  • Configuration of geofence-based clock-in and clock-outs
  • Public and private channels for group-specific communication
  • Web-based PTT to make direct calls from desktops and PCs


Business Plan – $5/user/month

Free trial – 14 days

Download: NuovoTeam for Android and iOS.

2. Modulo PTT Walkie Talkie

Modulo PTT Walkie Talkie is a team communication app that allows you to add users and create unlimited channels for group communications. It can be easily integrated with Android and iOS smartphones, as well as enables connectivity using a web browser. The free version allows you to add up to 10 users and create unlimited channels. There is also a Pro version for professional purposes in which you can connect with 500 users.

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps
2. Modulo PTT Walkie Talkie


  • Walkie talkie functionality
  • Text messaging, media and file sharing
  • Location sharing
  • Unlimited channels
  • Desktop web PTT dispatch app
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Low bandwidth Integrations with pro devices and accessories
  • Replay past messages


  • Complicated to setup


Modulo Free – No charges

Modulo Pro –  $1.99/user/month

Download: Modulo for Android and iOS.

3. Two Way Walkie Talkie App

Two Way is a walkie-talkie app for iPhone and Android smartphones, which does not need any registration to use the app. It mimics a traditional walkie-talkie radio and allows users to select a channel number or a location on the map to connect with anyone on the channel. It also does not collect or store user information and all channels created are open for all. Anyone within the channel can join or intercept an ongoing call.

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps 3
Two Way Walkie Talkie App


  • Walkie talkie functionality
  • Open channels for group communication
  • Simple user interface
  • Works longer due to minimal energy consumption


  • All channels are open or public which means conversations aren’t confidential and can be accessed by anyone.
  • Unclear audio, echoing sounds and unstable frequencies.
  • Channels do not stay after the app is closed or the phone is rebooted

Pricing:  Free
Download: Two Way Walkie Talkie App for Android and iOS.

4. VoicePing Walkie Talkie App

VoicePing Walkie Talkie app allows users to leverage connectivity beyond voice communications. You can send text messages, images, videos and live locations. It offers easy integrations with Android and iOS smartphones, as well as push-to-talk connectivity using desktops. All you have to do is enter a 4-digit channel ID to start communicating with your group of friends or colleagues.

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps 4
VoicePing Walkie Talkie App


  • Long distance push-to-talk
  • Text messaging, media and file sharing
  • Location sharing
  • Group and private channels
  • Desktop web PTT app
  • Support for PTT Bluetooth headsets


  • Poor audio quality
  • Lack of cross-platform interoperability


Family plan – Free

Enterprise plan – $6/user/month
Download: VoicePing for Android and iOS.

5. WalkieTooth App

WalkieTooth is a walkie-talkie app that functions over WiFi, mobile data, shared WiFi, as well as Bluetooth networks. This means you can connect with anyone even if there is no internet connection. Users can make both audio and video calls using this app. It is multi-functional and can be used on Android smartphones as a walkie-talkie, baby monitor and much more.

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps 5
WalkieTooth App


  • No internet required
  • Works on WiF, hotspot, mobile data and Bluetooth
  • Support audio and video calling


  • Works only on Android smartphones and lacks compatibility with iPhones.
  • Connects only 2 phones at once and does not offer group connectivity.
  • Lack of long-distance connectivity.

Pricing: Free
Download: WalkieTooth for Android.

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Closing Lines

Modern-day smartphones are super-efficient and have replaced several bulky and stationary devices including computers, cameras, alarm clocks and much more. The new-age walkie-talkie apps now also enable your phone to replace bulky push-to-talk radios and enable businesses with a fast and reliable mode of communication. If you haven’t implemented a walkie-talkie app for your business, then we hope that our top picks are helpful in bringing your closer to your ideal walkie-talkie solution.

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