5 Best Push to Talk Apps for Your Business

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    Smartphones have added numerous ways for individuals to communicate like texts, voice calls, and video calls. However, it might not be the most reliable option for one to connect over a voice call in some instances. These situations include the necessity of old-school communication methods such as emergency and natural calamities relief campaigns, construction sites, hospitals, and similar places or verticals where quick and short communication is needed like push to talk app.

    push to talk app
    Guide to best push to talk apps for your business

    With evolving technologies, the replacement of the hardware technologies like walkie talkie has to be modernized such as our smartphones. But can your smartphones deliver the functionality of push to talk (PTT) for short and quick vocal conversation? Or, be as helpful to initiate a group conversation centered around the emergency over a specific geographical area?

    Yes, with the installation of the best push to talk app, your smartphone can turn into a modern walkie-talkie. We have compiled the best 5 push to talk apps that you can download into your smartphone and connect to your known as well as unknown contacts anywhere across the globe.

    1. NuovoTeam Push to Talk App (PTT App)

    Price – $5/month/device

    Connect and communicate with your frontline workforce virtually despite the location barrier with NuovoTeam Push to talk. With faster end-to-end communication exchange and minimal latency period in comparison to any of its competitors, NuovoTeam PTT is designed to empower the frontline workforce to yield optimum productivity and streamlined communication.

    NuovoTeam push to talk app
    Source – NuovoTeam

    NuovoTeam smoothens the communication gap between the organization and its workforce at distance through Push to talk (PTT), privacy-focused location tracking, unified corporate directory, VoIP calls, file exchange, video calls, read receipts, voice notes, end-to-end encrypted text exchange, and content collaboration so that the operational activities don’t fall under the level of contingencies.

    The organization can add up to 200 organizational workforces in a single channel to embrace the PTT feature, delete and forward any voice texts to anyone within the organization. The organization can also monitor their remote workforce by tracking their location, access to the logs of clock-in and clock-out, as well as enable access to the directory of organization-wide unified contacts for streamlined contact management.

    NuovoTeam facilitates the flow of communication with VoIP calling, instant text messaging, video calling as well as group chats. To keep the workforce engaged or to effectively communicate during an HR crisis, it also has the additional interface of Newsfeed and broadcast messaging. This application can be best suitable for verticals across diversified domains such as Logistics & Transport, Healthcare, Construction, Manufacturing, Remote Teams, First Responders, and Oil & Gas Industry.

    Pros of NuovoTeam Push to talk :

    • End-to-end encrypted Instant Messaging
    • VoIP Calls
    • Real-time clock in/out of the workforce
    • Web-based Console
    • Unified corporate contact management
    • Workflow management
    • Location Tracking
    • Public and Private Channels

    One can download/Sign-up the NuovoTeam app from the links below:

    Try NuovoTeam Push To Talk now

    Download NuovoTeam on iOS

    Download NuovoTeam on Android

    2. Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

    Price – $6 per device/month & $72 per device/year

    Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger is an amalgamation of a messenger application as well as the functionality of a walkie-talkie application for the remote workforce. The messenger portion of this app supports the exchanging of texts either to individuals or as well as a group of people. The walkie-talkie portion of the app supports the powerful initiative of the push to talk feature wherein a user can access the saved voice records received with the ability to listen later at one’s convenience.

    Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger
    Source – Voxer

    This application can be downloaded on iPhone and Android and can function over WI-FI to EDGE (cellular data). Additional functionality of this application includes sharing messages despite location barriers and exchanging photos with other contacts,  is seamlessly enabled through our custom mobile app development services.

    Pros of Voxer:

    • End-to-end encryption of data exchanged
    • Creation of group with up to 500 contacts
    • Trial period for 30 days with limited functionality

    Cons of Voxer:

    • Add-on purchases to access the full functionality of the application
    • Messages will only be stored during the trial period of 30 days
    • Limited admin functionality like removing a contact from a group or recall messages in the trial version.

    One can download the Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger app from the links below:

    Download Voxer on iOS

    Download Voxer on Android

    3. HeyTell

    Price – $2.99 per device/month

    HeyTell has designed itself to bridge the gap between the old school communication method into a modern one with the utilization of smartphones. HeyTell facilitates the cross-platform criteria through its voice messaging service along with the modern push to talk functionality as similar to an old-school walkie-talkie.

    Source – HeyTell

    With additional features such as voice changer, push-in notifications, low data usage, block listing contacts, and similar other add-ons, it has initiated to better itself with on-market feedback. The scary yet confronting part of this application is capturing the user’s location as a mandatory framework and security.

    Pros of HeyTell:

    • Simple to use
    • Real-time text exchange
    • Referral to invite contacts and connect
    • Offers three-level of privacy

    Cons of HeyTell:

    • Mandatory location tracking for security
    • Add-on purchases or upgrades to use maximum functionality

    One can download the HeyTell app from the links below:

    Download HeyTell for iOS

    Download HeyTell for Android

    Download HeyTell for Windows phone

    4. AT&T Enhanced Push to Talk (EPTT)

    Price – $20 per month/user

    AT&T’s Enhanced Push to Talk (EPTT) application aims on easing the communication spectrum by eliminating the dialing and ringing steps in the modern cellphone. The push to talk feature in this application instills a modern walkie-talkie attribute for emergency calling and alert with 3GPP MCPTT standards. This application also has streamlined administrative features such as management of corporate contacts and delegation of roles of responsibilities so that the workforce productivity is retained.

    AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT)
    Source – AT&T Enhanced Push to Talk (EPTT)

    Adding to the list of features, At&T has integrated dispatch for its organization wherein they can manage the workforce’s daily operations, track them, instantly call them on application, exchange texts and messages, and content collaboration despite the location barrier.

    Pros of AT&T Enhanced Push to Talk:

    • One device for all the communication needs between the workforce and organization.
    • Location tracking and delegation of tasks as required.
    • Streamlined mode of communication at low costs.

    Cons of AT&T Enhanced Push to Talk:

    • Complicated user interface
    • Poor customer service for application downtime assistance

    One can download the AT&T Enhanced Pushto Talk (EPTT) app from the links below:

    Download AT&T Enhanced Push to Talk (EPTT) for Android

    5. WAVE mobile app

    Price – $8 per device/month

    WAVE application empowers the non-desk workforce with enhanced collaboration and simplified quick communication tools such as PTT for any smart devices being used within the team. With the mission of becoming the modern and reliable PTT, the WAVE app transforms the smartphones of the remote workforce into a multi-channel communication device that can interoperate within the network frequency of any team member for quick message transfer.

    WAVE mobile app
    Source – WAVE mobile app

    An end-user can stay connected with the peers or the organization personnel despite the location barrier by fulfilling these prerequisites only – Internet connection and web browser. Administrative and organizational dispatch features ensure workflow management and rapid communication in events of emergency, customer service, events, and any other similar incidents.

    Pros of WAVE mobile app:

    • Instant PTT communication
    • Multimedia messaging
    • Location and mapping
    • Contact management
    • Communication history

    Cons of WAVE mobile app:

    • Limited time tracking 
    • Lack of project management and advanced administrative feature
    • Limited storage of chat history 

    One can download the WAVE mobile app from the links below:

    Download WAVE PTT mobile app from Motorola office site

    Closing lines…

    Walkie-talkie might have become an old-school method of communication, but the advent of cell phones has modernized the technology and functionality before getting prevalent. No matter if you are aiming to enhance the productivity of your remote workforce or willing to utilize rapid communication during event management, emergency, or even corporate verticals, push to talk streamlines it all. Let your smartphone mimic a modern walkie-talkie with NuovoTeam and rationalize push to talk communication in real-time.

    Ayush Maskara
    Ayush Maskara
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