5 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android in 2024

    Screen mirroring technology has become an indispensable tool in our tech-savvy era, seamlessly integrating our digital experiences across devices. It enables users to project the content from an Android device onto larger screens, making it invaluable for both personal enjoyment and professional presentations. 

    For personal use, it means sharing photos, videos, or games on a bigger display for a more immersive experience. Professionally, it aids in presenting reports, conducting meetings, or even troubleshooting technical issues remotely. 

    best mirroring app for android

    This blog focuses on the best screen mirroring apps designed specifically for Android devices, catering to both individual and business needs.

    What is Screen Mirroring?

    Screen mirroring is a technology that allows you to mirror your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen to another display wirelessly. It involves sharing the screen of your device in real time, enabling others to view your actions on a larger display. Common uses include presenting work projects, sharing media with a group, or enhancing the gaming experience by moving it to a bigger screen.

    Distinguishing screen mirroring from casting is crucial:

    Screen MirroringCasting
    Displays everything on the device’s screen.Streams specific content or apps.
    Requires the source device’s screen to stay on.Allows the source device to be used independently.
    Mirrors the display in real-time.It may not display content in real-time.

    Key Features to Look for in Android Screen Mirroring Apps

    When selecting a screen mirroring app for Android, consider these essential features:

    • Compatibility: Look for apps that support a wide range of devices, ensuring seamless connection regardless of the hardware.
    • Latency: Low latency is key to a smooth experience, especially important for real-time activities like gaming or live presentations.
    • Resolution: High-definition support is vital for clear, crisp visuals, whether you’re sharing photos, videos, or professional graphics.
    • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface simplifies the process, making it accessible to users of all technical levels.
    • Connectivity Options: Diverse connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB, offer flexibility for different situations.
    • Additional Features: Look for apps that offer extra functionalities like screen recording, customization options, and more to enhance your mirroring experience.
    • Security: Encryption and robust data protection measures are critical, particularly for business users, to safeguard sensitive information.

    5 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android Phones or Tablets

    #1. Scalefusion UEM

    Scalefusion UEM empowers organizations to manage and secure a variety of endpoints, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, POS systems, and digital signage from a unified dashboard. It supports multiple operating systems, providing IT admins with a comprehensive solution. 

    With Scalefusion, screen mirroring is simplified through its Remote Cast & Control feature, enabling admins to remotely view and control device screens in real time, troubleshoot issues, and support devices deployed across different locations. This feature is especially useful for devices used by agents in the field or set up as standalone kiosks.

    best android screen mirroring app

    Key Features:

    • Remote Cast & Control: Admins can remotely mirror your Android devices in real time, offering step-by-step issue resolution over VoIP calls. For supported devices, admins can also take control of the phone’s screen.
    • Comprehensive Device Support: Scalefusion supports screen mirroring for Samsung KNOX-supported, Sony, LG, Lenovo, and rooted devices running Android version 5.0 and above.
    • Integrated ITSM Tools: Enables the creation and management of quick support tickets with device and issue information, facilitating a streamlined support process.


    Supported Devices and OS Versions: Scalefusion’s Remote Cast & Control feature is compatible with Android devices running version 5.1 and above. It offers full remote control capabilities for Samsung, Sony, LG, and rooted devices, as well as those from OEM partners.

    User Experience:

    • Scalefusion has received positive feedback for its ease of use, with users appreciating the instant online chat support and the flexibility it offers in managing devices, pushing new apps, and providing remote assistance.
    • G2 Rating: 4.7/5


    • Plans start at $2 per device per month (billed annually) for endpoint management across various platforms.
    • 14-day free trial 

    #2. TeamViewer Remote

    TeamViewer is a comprehensive remote connectivity software that facilitates secure access to devices from anywhere, making it an invaluable tool for remote management and online collaborations. It integrates fully with online conference solutions for audio and video communication, enabling interactive screen sharing and remote access features. 

    Screen mirroring with TeamViewer is straightforward, allowing users to connect to any device, at any time, and from anywhere, which simplifies remote support, access, and troubleshooting processes.

    best android casting app

    Key Features:

    • Remote Access and Support: Secure access to devices from any location, providing instant, reliable, and efficient support.
    • Engineered for Security: Offers conditional access, two-factor authentication (2FA), and Single Sign-On (SSO) to keep connections safe.
    • Universal Compatibility: Works across almost any device and operating system, ensuring wide applicability.
    • High Performance: Promises smooth remote access with minimal latency, making operations seamless for the user.


    TeamViewer is compatible with a vast array of devices and operating systems, underscoring its position as a versatile tool for remote connectivity. Its platform-agnostic nature ensures users can provide or receive support across different hardware and software ecosystems.

    User Experience:

    • Highlights from user feedback include appreciation for its secure connection, fast and reliable performance, and the chat feature. However, some users have mentioned challenges with Mac agents’ installation, particularly lost functionality following OS upgrades.
    • G2 Rating: 4.4/5


    • Starts at $24.90 per month (billed annually) for single users

    #3. AnyDesk

    AnyDesk is a leading remote desktop application that offers a fast, easy, and secure solution for remote support, access, and collaboration. It allows users to access and control desktops, servers, machines, and devices from anywhere, providing a smooth screen mirroring experience. AnyDesk’s performance, driven by its DeskRT codec, ensures near-instant response times, making it an efficient tool for remote access needs.

    screen mirroring app for android

    Key Features:

    • High Performance: Thanks to the DeskRT codec, AnyDesk provides high-speed screen mirroring with low latency, even in areas with poor internet connectivity.
    • Cross-Platform Support: Offers full mobile support, allowing access and control via smartphones or tablets across different operating systems.
    • Security: Emphasizes security with features like banking-standard TLS 1.2 encryption and two-factor authentication.
    • Customization: Users can create a personalized version of AnyDesk tailored to their branding and specific needs.


    AnyDesk supports a wide range of devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. This cross-compatibility ensures users can seamlessly mirror screens across different platforms, providing flexibility and accessibility regardless of device or operating system.

    User Experience:

    • User reviews and ratings for AnyDesk highlight its reliability, speed, and ease of use. The general consensus in the industry points toward a positive user experience, appreciating AnyDesk for its efficiency and performance in facilitating remote work and support.
    • G2 Rating: 4.5/5


    • Plans start at $14.90 per month (billed annually) for single users

    #4. Vysor 

    Vysor is a tool that mirrors iOS or Android devices onto a desktop, allowing users to operate their mobile devices from their computers. It’s designed to be simple, providing a straightforward way to interact with mobile apps, play games, and control devices directly from a desktop application or web app compatible with all operating systems. 

    Screen mirroring with Vysor is made easy through a direct USB connection or wirelessly, making it accessible for a wide range of users, including developers who might prefer physical devices over emulators.

    best screen mirroring app for android

    Key Features:

    • High-Quality Mirroring: Ensures a clear and responsive display of the mobile phone screen on your desktop.
    • Keyboard and Mouse Control: Offers the ability to type and interact with your mobile screen using your computer’s input devices.
    • Vysor Share: Allows for screen and ADB access to remote devices, making it possible to share your device across the office or globally.
    • Developer-Friendly: Provides features specifically designed for Android developers, including the ease of using a physical device instead of an emulator.


    Vysor supports screen mirroring for both iOS and Android devices, with a desktop or web app compatible across all operating systems. The emphasis on broad compatibility ensures most users can utilize Vysor regardless of their device or computer’s operating system.

    User Experience:

    • Vysor is known in the industry for its practicality, especially among developers. Users appreciate the seamless integration and the convenience of controlling their mobile devices directly from their computers.
    • G2 Rating: 4.6/5


    • Plans start at $2 per active user per month 

    #5. Ditto by Squirrels

    Ditto is a comprehensive screen mirroring and digital signage software that transforms any display into a collaboration powerhouse. It enables wireless screen mirroring of iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Chromebook, and Windows devices with ease. Ditto is designed for simplicity and efficiency, allowing users to share screens, apps, tabs, or windows to display quickly, enhancing collaboration in any space.

    best screen mirror app for android

    Key Features:

    • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Supports a wide range of devices, including iOS, Android, Chromebook, Mac, and Windows.
    • Digital Signage: Beyond screen mirroring, Ditto offers digital signage capabilities, allowing users to educate, inform, and engage audiences with dynamic content.
    • Ease of Use: Ditto is accessible through a desktop or web app, compatible with all operating systems, making screen mirroring straightforward for users of any skill level.
    • Multi-Device Support: Enables multi-display and multi-device screen sharing, content moderation, and annotations for interactive presentations and meetings.


    Ditto’s versatility is evident in its wide device compatibility, supporting screen mirroring for multiple device and OS types. This broad compatibility ensures Ditto can be integrated into virtually any environment, from business meetings to educational classrooms, without compatibility concerns.

    User Experience:

    • User insights and ratings for Ditto highlight its effectiveness and ease of use in facilitating screen sharing and digital signage. Ditto is generally appreciated for its reliable connection, straightforward setup, and comprehensive feature set, making digital collaboration accessible and efficient for users across various sectors.
    • G2 Rating: 4.3/5


    • Plans start at $99 per receiver per month
    • 30-day free trial available

    How to Choose the Right Screen Mirroring App

    Personal vs. Professional use

    Choosing the perfect screen mirroring app for your Android device involves a thoughtful analysis of your specific needs and the features that different apps offer. For personal use, you might prioritize ease of use, the ability to stream high-quality media, and compatibility with your home devices like smart TVs or gaming consoles. On the other hand, professional use, especially from an IT admin perspective, demands robust security features, low latency for real-time troubleshooting, and extensive device compatibility to handle a wide range of scenarios.

    Device Types

    Consider the types of devices you aim to connect. Some apps excel in cross-platform connectivity, making them ideal for environments where diverse operating systems coexist. Resolution and latency are pivotal; high-resolution support is a must for presentations and media sharing, while low latency ensures real-time actions, like gaming or live demos, are smooth and synchronized.


    The budget also plays a crucial role. While free versions of screen mirroring apps provide basic functionalities, paid versions often offer enhanced features such as advanced security, higher resolution, and dedicated support, which might be crucial for professional settings.

    Try Exploring the Best Android Remote Access and Control Apps

    Tips for Improving Screen Mirroring Experience

    Network Connection Optimization

    To enhance your screen mirroring experience, starting with a strong network connection is key. A stable and fast Wi-Fi connection minimizes latency and prevents disruptions during mirroring. For the best performance, consider connecting both the sending and receiving devices to the same network bandwidth, preferably 5GHz over 2.4GHz, to handle high data rates.

    Device Settings for Better Performance

    Adjusting the settings on both your Android device and the receiving screen can also significantly improve the quality of your mirroring experience. Lowering the resolution can reduce latency in high-demand situations, whereas adjusting aspect ratios might better fit your content on the receiving screen.

    Troubleshooting common issues

    Encountering issues are common, but many can be resolved by restarting the devices or the app, ensuring both devices are on the same network, or updating the app to the latest version. Regular maintenance and updates of both your device and the mirroring app ensure smoother performance and fewer interruptions.

    Closing Lines

    Selecting the right screen mirroring app for your Android device is a balance of understanding your needs—whether personal or professional— and matching them with the app’s features. High-definition support, low latency, user-friendly interfaces, and robust security measures are essential factors to consider. 

    Additionally, enhancing your mirroring experience by optimizing your network and adjusting settings can make a significant difference in performance. With the right app and a few adjustments, screen mirroring can seamlessly integrate your digital life, bringing your small-screen content to the big screen with ease and efficiency.


    Why is low latency important in screen mirroring apps?

    Low latency is crucial in screen mirroring apps because it ensures the actions you perform on your Android device are mirrored to the larger screen almost instantaneously. This is particularly important when you’re sharing dynamic or interactive content, such as videos or presentations, where a delay can disrupt the flow of information. A screen mirroring app with low latency enhances the experience, making it smoother for you to share your screen with others or mirror your Android phone to a larger display without noticeable lag.

    How does device compatibility affect screen mirroring?

    Device compatibility significantly impacts the efficiency of screen mirroring. When an app for Android to PC, or any other device combination, is designed with broad compatibility in mind, it enables users to connect their Android device wirelessly to a wide range of receivers. This universal compatibility removes barriers, allowing more people to share content from their Android devices or start mirroring their Android to larger screens without worrying about hardware constraints. The best free screen mirroring apps are those that support a multitude of devices, ensuring users can easily mirror their Android phone’s screen, regardless of the specific models or brands involved.

    How can I manage screen mirroring apps across multiple devices in an enterprise environment?

    Managing screen mirroring apps across multiple devices in an enterprise setting can be streamlined with the use of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions. These platforms allow IT administrators to deploy and control Android mirroring apps from a central dashboard, ensuring all devices have the appropriate app installed. By utilizing Google Play for Work, admins can select the best app or free screen mirroring app suitable for their organization’s needs, ensuring compatibility and security across all devices. This centralized approach simplifies the process of updating apps and managing permissions, making it easier to share your screen or control their Android devices effectively within a corporate framework.

    How can I troubleshoot screen mirroring issues remotely on managed devices?

    MDM solutions offer a variety of tools to troubleshoot screen mirroring issues remotely on managed devices. IT administrators can use these platforms to diagnose connectivity problems, app malfunctions, or compatibility issues without needing physical access to the device. By remotely accessing logs or even taking control of the device, administrators can identify the root cause of the problem—whether it’s an issue with the screen mirroring application, network settings, or device hardware. This capability ensures employees can quickly resume sharing content from their Android or cast Android screens to collaborate effectively.

    Can MDM policies automatically configure screen mirroring settings on Android devices?

    Yes, MDM policies can automatically configure screen mirroring settings on Android devices, making it easier for users to connect their Android devices for screen-sharing purposes. By pre-defining settings such as preferred devices or networks and security protocols, the MDM software streamlines the process for end users. This automated configuration minimizes setup time and reduces the likelihood of user errors when attempting to share the screen or mirror it. The ability to enforce these settings through an app on your phone ensures all screen mirroring activities comply with corporate policies and security standards, facilitating a seamless and secure mirroring experience.

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