5 Best Remote Control Apps for Android Devices

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    Managing mobile devices remotely is one of the most challenging parts for companies even before remote work became normal. According to recruitment and staffing firm, Ladders, 25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022 and remote job opportunities will continue to rise through 2023. In this unprecedented reality, the chances of physically troubleshooting a user’s mobile device are less likely. Fortunately, there are a few handy apps for IT teams to remotely control Android smartphones and tablets.

    Remote Control Apps for Android
    Remote Control Apps for Android

    What is Remote Control on Android?

    Android remote control allows IT admins to remotely access Android devices. Implementing remote control apps expedites the troubleshooting process, thereby decreasing device downtime. Administrators can detect and fix issues from the comfort of their home or desk at work as they can remotely operate Android devices from PCs. Beyond sheer convenience, remote access significantly reduces IT support and maintenance costs.

    Best Remote Control Apps to Access and Control Android Devices

    1. Scalefusion


    Scalefusion’s remote control app capability enables IT admins to remotely view and control Android devices under management. The remote cast feature lets an admin monitor the screen of an Android device in real time. The remote control feature lets an admin take real-time control of the enrolled Android device and performs necessary work without relying on the end users. Scalefusion allows screen-mirroring of Samsung KNOX supported, Sony, LG, Lenovo, and rooted devices that run on Android version 5.0. The remote cast & control capability is bundled with the mobile device management solution.

    Key features:

    • Communicate with your users via voice call during an active session. Offer remote assistance and sync files for troubleshooting. 
    • Schedule alerts and cast Android device screens in real-time to manage device issues.
    • Remote management of mPOS systems, kiosks, and digital signages.
    • Create and manage support tickets with the device and issue information on integrated ITSM tools.
    • Remote control and management of unattended devices.

    2. TeamViewer

    Teamviewer QuickSupport is a popular remote control app for Android smartphones. The app has a sense of personal admiration and affection among tech professionals and enthusiasts alike. The tool provides all the necessary functions for remote control – screen sharing, launching and accessing files and server administration. Users can also use Teamviewer’s Android app to manage several activities related to remote support and access.


    Key features:

    • Allows remote control of PCs, Android devices, or iOS devices.
    • View a device’s list of apps.
    • Secure connection with 256 Bit AES encryption algorithm.
    • Simultaneous display of the device’s screen.

    3. Vysor

    Vysor provides solutions for remote control as well as synchronization of smartphone devices with users’ computers. The app mirrors Androids on PCs using Chrome for users that need to access Android devices. Users can employ the Vysor app to share one Android device with multiple users in a work environment.


    Key features:

    • Capture screenshots.
    • Access high-quality mirroring.
    • Full-screen mode.
    • Drag and drop files.

    4. Anydesk

    The Android version of the Anydesk Remote Desktop App seamlessly integrates with mobile devices. The app claims to provide latency-free desktop sharing, fast and secure data transmission between devices, and stable remote control.


    Key features:

    • Manage data and files between two devices parallel to the regular remote session.
    • Turn devices on from sleep mode during a remote connection.
    • Access remote devices via password without having to accept the remote session manually.

    5. APowerMirror

    ApowerMirror is a handy tool designed for mirroring Android devices to PCs. The application works on different brands of Android smartphones without the help of a USB-type C cable. ApowerMirror has the ability to display high-quality screencasts with built-in functions such as screen recording and full-screen mode. The app comes with a smartphone-like interface, making it more intuitive.


    Key features:

    • Mirror multiple devices simultaneously and control Android devices from PCs.
    • Record Android device screen from PC in one click. 
    • Whiteboard – draw or take notes in presentation mode.

    Wrapping Up

    Effective IT support depends on various factors. One of these factors is to get the right app. Not only should remote control apps for Android devices be easy-to-use and intuitive, but secure and accessible. Choose a remote control app for Android phones that does more than just remote access.

    A comprehensive tech solution like Scalefusion MDM has an in-built feature of Remote Cast and Control which can alleviate your challenges in managing remote Android devices.

    Rajnil Thakur
    Rajnil Thakur
    Rajnil is a Senior Content Writer at Scalefusion. He’s been a B2B marketer for over 8 years and applies the power of content marketing to simplify complex technology and business ideas.

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