Top 12 Remote Working Tools That Make Work From Home A Breeze

  • June 9, 2020

Enterprise mobility and digital transformation, along with mobile penetration has truly transformed workspaces. The unprecedented times that pushed the world into the new normal of remote working has highlighted the importance of online tools and software. The shift has been easy for the enterprises that were already making use of these on a day-to-day basis to simplify tasks and for the ones that weren’t the shift is urgent and inevitable. 

Best Remote Working Tools
Best Remote Working Tools

But what can be the holy grail for remote working, which are the top 12 software/tools that enterprises love and we recommend? Let’s find out!

1. Scalefusion – Remote Working 101

Scalefusion suffices the most elemental need of remote working- managed mobility. With Scalefusion, enterprises hesitant to enable remote working, use of personal devices at the workplace or shying away from leveraging digital devices for enhancing business operations can be assured. Scalefusion MDM enables IT teams to provision devices remotely- brand new devices can be directly shipped to the employee or employee’s devices can be made ‘work-ready’ with security, business apps, remote troubleshooting and more. Scalefusion essentially serves as the first elemental effort for making remote working possible.

Further, Scalefusion Eva communication Suite enables remote teams to have consistent communication and collaboration over text messages, VoIP and cellular calls and group chats. 

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2. Zoom – virtual meetings

No brainers- Zoom has been probably the most popular app that the world has used during the times for social distancing, remote working and remote learning. Working or not- everyone has attended at least one zoom call during the first half of 2020. For enterprises, Zoom is a great way to host virtual meetings, helping employees connect, engage and discuss, face-to-face. The meetings can be attended from a phone app or computer and are secured with a unique meeting ID and password. The enterprise version of zoom doesn’t have a cut off time for the meetings and also offers the brand new Zoom Virtual backgrounds to make backgrounds look pretty in the meetings to add a splash of color to an otherwise mundane, make-shift ‘home office’.

Best Remote Working Tools
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3. Calendly – meeting scheduling

Wasn’t catching up with someone for a work discussion or a coffee break a lot easier when you were working under the same office space? You could know who’s in, then drop a message on your internal communication suite or simply walk up to their desk and schedule a meeting. With remote working and flexible work timings, meetings can often overlap with other meetings or personal commitments. With Calendly, the meetings can be scheduled in the available time slot- be it with your coworkers or with your customers. Calendly helps in reducing the cognitive load caused by overlapping meetings, helps plan meetings across time zones and connects the schedule with other work apps. 

4. Fellow – team and meeting management

While we are at meetings, one of the most important traits of agile teams is the SCRUM or daily standups. These meetings can help in deriving an overview of tasks accomplished, progress achieved and is a great space to discuss any roadblocks. Fellow helps leaders and team managers achieve more with these meetings. Managers can have 1-1 meetings, create to-do lists with reminders, list down talking points, record action items and assign tasks to team members. All of this without Fellow, is honestly easier said than done! 

5. Google Drive – collaboration and file sharing

When it comes to remote working, file exchange and collaboration is one of the most important elements that heavily defines productivity. Employees need to have quick access to resources and Google Drive helps in quick file sharing without putting a cap on file size, unlike email. Sharing can be strictly controlled, edits can be prevented or tracked and documentation can be fully done online- without depending on native tools like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Open Office. 

Scalefusion Content Management enables enterprises to leverage the capabilities of Google Drive where IT teams can enable resource sharing on remote devices by publishing Google Drive links on the devices.

6. Teamwork – Project Management

Maintaining business continuity during remote working is critical. Productivity can see a huge slump, impacting project completions and adhere to deadlines. Teamwork project management brings visibility and accountability to remote teams, helping to stay on the schedule, from planning to delivery by centralizing project information, customizing workflows, collaborating effectively and tracking results. Teamwork helps accelerate productivity no matter where your teams are working from! 

Best Remote Working Tools
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7. Miro – project conceptualization 

Creating better products- who doesn’t want that? Miro is that tool for innovative teams, budding entrepreneurs and startup enterprises that are continuously brainstorming new ideas and want a canvas to put them in perspective, while working remotely. With Miro, telecommuting innovators can quickly sketch blueprints and ideas virtually, collaborate with teams and discuss business models and challenges, make use of ready-made templates, test out value propositions and set things in motion for agile teams. Remote working should clearly not stop innovation! 

8. JIRA – Ticketing and Tracking

JIRA is a well known and loved issue tracking software that is used by enterprises across the globe. It can be used for sprint planning, progress tracking as well as issuing support requests- to upheld efficiency across the organization. Scalefusion Remote Cast that empowers IT teams to remotely troubleshoot devices for reducing device downtime also enables JIRA ITSM tool integration on the Scalefusion dashboard to create context-aware support tickets. Combining the power of these two remarkable tools ensures IT productivity, without a doubt.

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Best Remote Working Tools
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9. Mural – digital whiteboard

Be it creative tasks such as design, development or agile working styles- a lot depends on whiteboards! Mural helps in remote teams working and collaborating on a whiteboard virtually just like they would, in a conventional office environment. It is a great tool that helps teams come together- plan, brainstorm and prioritize tasks on a visually appealing online whiteboard. They also have extensive ready-to-use templates for mind-mapping, design sprints and more. 

10. Keka – everything HR

One of the most undervalued enterprise warriors that help in facilitating remote working is the HR team. While the entire workforce moves to ‘work from home’ the HR teams have to continue monitoring of employee attendance, work timings, leaves and time-offs, facilitating timely payouts and documentations. Keka HR helps in achieving all this along with providing HR teams the functionalities to drive employee engagement, celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays and other work milestones- virtually!

11. Milanote – Organize ideas and projects into visual boards

Milanote is a tool for organizing creative projects into beautiful visual boards. By design, it feels a lot like working on the wall in a creative studio – visual, tactile and sometimes a bit messy – Milanote is a great fit for designers who work in teams remotely. Milanote is filled with hundreds of built-in templates to help you get started with a variety of different projects, from creating a mood board to writing that perfect creative brief. Milanote also offers a free version with no time limit.

12. Xtensio – The business communications platform

Presentations are vital for everyone especially when running a business it helps convey messages with full confidence and clarity. This is where Xtensio can be handy as it allows your team to remotely collaborate on creating effective presentations with ease. The tool is great for creating pitches for your potential clients, creating strategies, launching a product and managing projects in one place.

The global remote working phenomenon was sudden and unforeseen. But it has also made enterprises realize the power of technology to continue even in adverse times. With these 12 remote working tools, sailing through these times is possible while also being future-proof!

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Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has a 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web based startups.
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